Political compass memes are time eater

| Recent 24 hours i'm watching memes related about political compass... Why am i watching now so a lot memes about AnCap thematic? xd

| same

since the wake of the coronavirus, meme addiction has ravaged the earth.

| Dude what the fuck translator did you run that first post through

also political compass memes are usually mad cringe

| Is this news for you, op?

| >>738401 BrainTranslateā„¢ it's pretty awesome, right?

>>738490 it's political meme.. and /u/ is seems as weird place

| >>738511 this board is called news AND POLITICS, so idk why people insist it has to be about news

| >>738513
BOTH SUCK... let's have some fucking fun already...

recommend futanari political compass

| >>738544 thats too political

| The political compass is stupid and only morons think in "left vs right" bullshit.

That being said, I'm obviously a genius Messiah for realising that and you should all listen to my political compass.

| The mods are faggots

| >>738112
because ancap is a meme

| I just wanna grill

| >>738558 honestly i would say that it is acceptable in some way, at least libertarians aren't on top, and people supporting dictators aren't down.. it can little show about opinion of person i think.. left is about thinking to society, right is about individualism.. i wouldn't say that it's bullshit..

>>738661 yes, but little bit i found sympathy for this ideology xD it is a neo-populism what may works on me? xd

>>738786 vote for lew/d/ party, we have tights and ropes! ^^

| Welcome to AnCapistan
Where every man can be a king!
Welcome to AnCapistan
Where your worth as a man, is the worth that you bring!

| >>738908 no, in AnCapitalism we are equal g/u/rls and femboys xd

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