Incels kill yourselves 2021 challenge

| actually tho, they whine about being blackpilled so just do us all an evolutionary favour and end it already

| Hey come on, calm down a bit, would you tell people to kill themselves just because they have a trauma?
Most incels are just very hurt people that feel oppressed by certain aspects of society, some are just despressed and other form more bitter attitudes as a self defense mechanism,they feel excluded and isolated from society, how qbout we be inclusive and just let them be?
Love can harsh depending on who you are.

| >assholes wants to be let in so they can shit on 50%+ of us and slowly but surely turn this place into a misogynistic echo chamber fantasy world

| >>737455 if you are gona generalize them as misogenists than dont complain when they generalise the oposite sex as evil.
Double standards are what cause the cycle.

| >>737459
>Assholes who always behave like assholes throws a tantrum when referred to as assholes

Calling a jerk a jerk isn't generalizing lmao. in b4
>b-but originally incel meant something else!!

| >>85d5c9 I think all girls are evil and that's YOUR fault because you labeled me a misogynist for thinking all girls are evil

I swear this place keeps getting dumber and dumber for every passing day

| >>737459
The only cycle here are the logical loops you have to go trough to reach such as conclusion

| i read thread... now i'm misogynist

| Lmao incel spotted lmao

| >>737459
Imagine thinking that women calling incels incels (a name they adopted for themselves and which does indeed encapsulate their expressed sexless identity) is the equal opposite to "women broadly, as a gender, on a fundamental level, are evil"

Like lmfao that isnt how it works and that isnt what double standards are. You are 1000% the type of person to call it a "hate crime" because you hated it.

| ahhhh /new/... truly a bastion of civility and discourse

| Im a woman, i read the thread and even i am mysogynist now

| >>737626 not all incels are men

| People are not even thinking before posting, they just go incel = bad women hating man

| These are people who are isolated atomtized which has allowed grifters to sell them snake oil. These people need help and efforts to pull them away from radicalization

| >>737680 yep, put them back in society be nice and inclusive

| >>737672

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