Maybe this could make things better

| https://youtu.be/Sxe8ZF_p3yk

Food printer technology might getting closer to being a reality.

I think we might have a future where we have less and less people will need working and society becomes more about selling ideas(if ai doesnt steal that too lol) and working will be a more elite thing

Making a positive thread here for a change, so whats your opinion on this future or how do you think the future will be?

| And I know kinda silly to base a whole future on a mat pat video but hey we never know what might blow up into a new industry or a societal revolution.

| We're just gonna be terminated to reduce populational numbers and enslaved, that's it.

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Cheer up, doomercoomer.

I have been thinking about this a lot for several years. When we can cheaply produce nutrients using machinery we have basically solved the entire worlds problems. I think 3D-printing is the next big thing that will change the world just like the Internet did. We have a pre-internet era and a post-internet era and once 3D pringint matures it'll be the same.

You can already download a car.

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It's already happening.

| Food supply has never been the issue. What is at stake is the lopsided distribution and overt consumption from the Global North.

| With fusion under the control,we can got a great number of clean energy.Once we got it,many problems can be solved easily.

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