What sort of alternative society or culture do you want?

| I want one that's not at war with itself constantly. One that doesn't poison the air. Doesn't poison the land. Doesn't poison the sea. One that has enough respect for each other and the planet we live on and all the other lifeforms that share this planet that we live on.

When there's enough respect for all of that to live in a way that's completely sustainable. That is beneficial to all of life.

| So that mankind becomes a symbiotic life-form that's supporting the life of its host planet. Instead of being a parasitic life-form that's devoiding its host planet with its ability to support life.

At the moment, I'm sat on a train going to Auschwitz and I know that there's gas and ovens at the end of the line and I can't think of anything that makes me happy on this journey. There's nothing to celebrate.

| >>736495
Why are you getting gassed bro? Are you jewish?

| Its so utopical and delusional that it hurts.
With the current understanding of the universe and technology the society you describe is impossible, you cant "respect and benefit all lives" and "sustainably consume things". If we were at a point that we coul mechanise all work and freely manipulate matter to create food without harming life and if we managed to create means of transportation and recycling that wete 100% efficient there would be no poison, that that world will esist.

| >>736516 *exist

To make that world at seem at least possible we first would need to make a world that is more focused on developing technology and researching new and inventive ways to manage society. A world of ideas and not ideals, estimulating the criativity, researching, building and more jobs that improve society.

I would also drop the idea of non conssuming from nature because its scientificaly impossible, we should focus moderate conssumption and better sources of energy

| I love sex.

| >>736517

We would also have to end wars among countries and globalise even more, in order to do that we would need to find a way to drop the pride and the ideas of countries(not culture tho), and find ways to reduce crime and corruption, also stop with the whole left right political bs. Focus on solving problems insteado of finding groups to blame

| >>736519 the biggest problem would be that unification, since intolerance, pride, greed and "historical debts" are the things keeping the world separated right now.

Theoreticaly with these advancements and a couple hundreds of peaceful year OPs utopia would be at least a possibility, but it is still a bit delusional to expect the world to just stay like that.

Focusing on the journey instead of the goals is the best way to progress any society.

| >>736516
Well, sadly the utopia I'm describing is nothing but wishful thinking. I never claimed anything else. But I agree we should all point our feet towards that utopia.

| >>736516
>you cant "respect and benefit all lives" and "sustainably consume things"
I never said this. Who the hell are you quoting? Do you need help understanding my original post?

| >>736517
>I would also drop the idea of non conssuming from nature

Again, I never said anything of the sort. If you're gonna write several paragraphs at least know what you're talking about beforehand. Everything that you respond to comes from your own head...

| >>af4529 >>717125
Lacking basic reading comprehension much??

| >That is beneficial to all of life.

>Doesn't poison the land. Doesn't poison the sea.

>That is beneficial to all of life.

>So that mankind becomes a symbiotic life-form that's supporting the life of its host planet.

| You very much said those things

| I said this before and I'll say it again. This place is so anti-intellectual that people can't even understand the English language without confusing themselves.

| >>736542
Bruhh... That's not what those words mean. Look up the words "symbiotic" and "sustainable" and you'll learn that they don't mean what you claim they do.

| A nice, well thought out motive that we should all strive for. Also completely impossible. You should've posted this in /u/ because nu-/new/s regulars are so dumb they grind every thread to a halt with their inability to understand very basic concepts. As proven by this fagget >>717125

| >>736548 why are you even making such a big deal of it?
If you said thats not what you meant than its not what you meant.no need to mock, no need to be disrespectful and no need to insult.

| >>736551 and this applies not just to>>3ec715, yall too rude and quick to judge damn.

| >>736551
Bruhh... I never insulted you. It's all in your head. That post is nothing but an evaluation to correct your misunderstandings of my posts. If you take being corrected as a personal slight it's all you.

Now, unless you want to get back on topic I'm done with you.

| >>736555 as I said this doesnt just apply to you,>>3fc0d4 and>>8c86aa were insulting

| >>736550
Yeah, thanks. I might do that.

| >>736550 Yeah but nobody takes the time or effort to really explain and help those people understand. Honestly I think the bigger problem is that people assume participants like>>717125 are unable to understand or aren't willing to ensure they have mutual understanding. Instead of responding to hostility or saying "look it up," explaining what you meant and trying to understand what they think you meant will clear it up and reduce hostility.

| >>736561 thank you. People jump the gun too quick.

| They see one thing they dislike and already assume there is no solution and dissmis the intire post as wrong, than they start focusing on the person posting rather than the post itself and than they complain about how every thread becomes a turd flinging fight.

I literaly said that we should care more more about finding solutions and solving problems, but people dont seem to enjoy a healthy debate

| >>736562 Honestly I think you did a bit of the same in>>736516 . You pretty much started by listing problems you had with the OP. I think that's part of the reason why it everyone wanted to counter what you said right away. Maybe you could try asking clarifying questions or writing out a response to the title before trying to point out what is wrong?

| >They see one thing they dislike and already assume there is no solution and dissmis the intire post as wrong
I don't think this is what you meant to do, but I think it is the way your first response came across.

| >>736564 I was more focusing on the idea op presented not op himself and people noticed it my intention and even agreed to it>>736535 >>736550 they seemed to get it

| >>736571 still, starting off with pointing out problems instead of asking questions or saying your own ideas is easy to see as hostile.

| >>736603 pointing problems is a way of questioning

| But I do get what you mean

| >>736611 right, the point is not that one or the other is better for you, but that they'll lead to different reactions

| >>736612 I wish it didnt, telling a person what you see as a possible flaw is way faster than asking question and slowly leading the person to see the flaw, Im not a very social person to begin with so I prefer to be blunt instead of not being able to get my point while trying to lead people onto it and jumbbling the whole thing into a mess

| While this is more of a reflexion of my lack of social skill I think that me trying to just give my point is more honest than trying to lean the person into seeing it by asking many questions.

| Tho this could just be me just refusing to adapt to people.

| Something like the venus projects resource based economy or star treks federation. Through in real life youd need a well thought out plan and system to transition to something like that over time.

| star trek alike federation

| communism as it was intentioned by its most important and original inventors marx and engels.
>From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs

| >>736908 only possible because they have replicator technology, if humany somehow managed it in the future, it could be more science fiction

| >>736563
Except that's not what we did. You did indeed misunderstand my post and derailed the entire thread for it and now you're simply trying to shift the blame to other people, which is a really petty move btw.

At least stand for your own mistakes instead of dragging yet another thread completely off-topic with your ignorant actions.

| >>736563
In fact, you haven't learned anything. You still, right now, keep utilizing strawmen in order to convey your message because both of us know that your point doesn't stand on its own.

You keep talking about other people but you never admit or recognize your own mistakes. Which in this case is failing to understand some very basic English and derailing the entire thread because of it.

If you want to talk meta please make another thread about it. Don't derail any more ffs.

| >>736938 you are derailing right after it got back on track

| >>736571
I can assure you that I wasn't agreeing with your post. Why would you even think that I did?

| That kind of society require high-tech,such as cheaper and safer nuclear power.To be honest,that is quite difficult to do,even though the major country are working to develop it.

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