I wonder what's everyone's reaction to seeing Gamestop Stocks rising?




| Everybody hates corps, if we can meme, get money and expose the corps we are profiting.

Go people, fight the power!

| Row row, fight the powah!

| AOC, Doland Jr, Cruz and mnany others across the political spectrum siding with wsb reddit.

| It's fun to watch.

| Thet lost 7billion lesgoooooooo!!!!

| im wondering how many people understand how stock shorting works
but yeah this is a nice demonstration of how market manipulation works and why maybe the idea of imaginary money is fucking dumb

| Well I think the people are not doing it for money, as many people have been saying "its not just about the money" this exposes a lot of the relationships between companies and the fact that apps like robinhood are doing straight up illegal things and some big people are siding with the companies while the some articles are trying to call it a "far right attack" just shows how colluded the companies are and that we should seek to take them down and separate them

| I used to be poor. I can be poor again. I'm not selling since despite earning tons of money from Tesla I have nothing to lose.

Eat. The. Rich.

| I'm stupid, can someone explain me what's happening? Or link a video that explains it?

| Well, the maids might be able to explain it to you in detail. Looks like they own GME stocks.

Will leave the reddit here.


| I only got in for 50 dollars at 330 before Robinhood shut me down but I'm glad to be at least involved. I'm having more fun watching r/WSB member count go up infinitely than the stock though lol

>>734502 A simple explanation is that a hedge fund took a risky position, assuming they wouldn't be challenged. Then a lot of individuals became a group with the ability to challenge them. If the group stays coherent long enough they could make the company pay them through the nose.

| >>734519

This Kaiji fan parody also helps explain/simplify what's going on:


| Some things to note:

"Shorting" is when you bet on a company failing and making money if your "bet" turns out to be right.

"Melvin," the name of a particularly greedy hedgefund, has been torturing Gamestop and others for years in this manner, literally profiting from their slow descent into bankruptcy.

This time, they shorted Gamestop for over 140% of their actual available stocks, which is illegal but was not stopped by the Securities Exchange Commission at the time.

r/WSB discovered this and bought Gamestop stock en masse, ballooning the company's value from 10 USD a share, to reaching over 420.69+ at one point.

Melvin began to hemmhorage money, and continues to do so. https://www.investopedia.com/short-sellers-lose-usd5-05-billion-in-bet-against-gamestop-5097616

For many participating, the money isn't as important or as fun as watching the "elite" suffer violently, and the best part is, it appears to be bipartisan- both AOC and Ted Cruz among others have expressed support for the activity, even as brokerages and NASDAQ have attempted to stop the bleeding.

This week has been glorious.

| Other positives: some of the participants visited other failing companies too to boost their share worth, which has had the affect of pulling AMC Theaters straight out of bankruptcy- once again, to the chagrin of short sellers whonwere trying to profit from AMC's seemingly impending demise:



| Rage from the rich: https://twitter.com/jangelooff/status/1354846320494784515

| A simplified explanation:


| I just hope this teaches people that "apes togheter strong" and that current ways of politics should burn away.

Lets unify ourselves not against reps or dems but against the corrupt.

| Now, read that with wathever voice you think Stella has.


| https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/740343259729100872/804493161241116672/CXeW4tS.png


Probably one of the first or last times we'll ever see these people agreeing with each other, lmfao.

| >>734545 yeah, but hey lets hope the cronnies screw up like this again many times in the future.

| >>734548

True dat.

| >>734513
What? The maids are in on this?

| >>734580 who isnt?

| the political spectrum is united against the corrupt rich. stock wars


| >>734580 First ones to reply, tell us to hold the line. Enough to know they own at least one stock each. Wouldn't surprise me if everyone in /staff/ is on this.

| >>734630
Well I mean they could just be... ya know. Although if Pref made an investment then that would hopefully help with keeping the site up

| >>734632 The thing is, no one will sell, at least not anytime soon.

Would have to explain a lot but basically, RobinHood made a dick move, you can't buy the stocks, which stopped the price of the stock. If people start selling, the price drops.

| Markets lack of transparency, not only but especially the stock markets. This won't change as long the big shots keep their influence on politics, while regular people are distracted with minor important issues and massive misinformation (which has become an issue on its own).

| For most people stock trading is nothing but gambling in a casino. Only a few know roughly what's going on and most of them are just very successful, professional liars. And the few who aren't are often blamed for the mess, caused by exposing those lies - only because they make personally profit out of it.

| This has got to go down in the history books. How many times has it been already in the 21st century that the a hivemind of people with autistic zeal managed to meme their way to victory?

| >>734997 raid area 51, anonymous and some elections in a few countries, there are more but those are what I can remember.

| >>734999

The Area 51 raid was also pretty wholesome.

A bloodbath didn't occur, and those who showed up mostly treated it as a festival of sorts.

| >>735010 we need to make alienstock a reocouring thing

| Alien disclosure would be rad

| i think we'll see more and more similar events occ0urring as time goes on...
the year 2279

| I think the more interesting thing is how easily media groups like CNN switched to saying "they're buying silver!" even though it's false. Really instills a lot of trust in the mainstream media :/ I hope this upsets public opinion of 24hr news sites more than wall street tbh

| Didn't dogecoins also get a surge as well too?

| >>735567 it did lol how the fuck?

| >>735547 and its funny that before that they were calling it a second attack from far right facist movements and trump supporters, some compared it to the capitol riot! Lmao!!! The whole internet was on it, everybody hates big companies.

There were even articles saying that the real heroes were the bankers and short sellers and how the people who had money were losing it.

The elites are so delusional thinking that they can make us feel pitty for them lol!

| >>735578

Not just delusional... they seem to be ignoring that, in a very rarely publicized move, this movement has garnered the support of every major political party in the U.S, and others abroad.

It's almost as if everyone equally hates the filthy rich and they are scrambling to ignore the quickly enlarging bear in the room.


| Clarification- Ok, so not every politician is on this. But there is bipartisan support pursuing an investigation into the brokerages trying to block trade. Turns out they all think that's scummy.

| >>735626 true

| I hope that whether we are far left or far right or blue team or red team we can at least come to the agreement that the elites and their media shills are a bigger enemy than each other. the best way to stick it to the corrupt politicians and their donors is to band together against them. imagine if everyone in america could come to enough of an agreement that both sides are shit. we could vote third party or something!!

| >>735670
i will pause my ardent hatred to see an anti-corruption, anti-msm, anti-lobby, US-skeptic center political party hump the 2 shit parties out of office.

| Was a bit out of the loop since the weekend. The dip only makes Reddit stronger.

| there goes my 80 bucks

| Hold the line!

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