Curious (abt pedo)

| Everyone knows it's uncureable with those medicine or whatever,only therapy.Are ppl rly gonna commit genocide for closeted pedo too (the one that rly don't want to abduct a small human and strive to change to be better human)? I'm being legit rn.If you wanna say i'm a pedo.You do you.I'm just here for legit answer. All i'm seeing is ppl rly encourage pedo to just go commit not live whether they embrace them or not. Kinda felt bad tbh.Honestly, screw those that embrace.don't ban pls

| I can hardly understand wtf you are saying g/u/rl

| Uhh.... are ppl rly gonna commit genocide on pedos? :/ even tho some of them can be innocent? :/

| >>729661
what bizzarre thinking. genocide is a term used when describing the destroying of specific genetics. pedophiles are certainly much less at risk than, say, Aryans in this matter, simply because pedophilia is not determined by genes. as far as we know.

| As far as I'm concerned a good pedo is a dead one.

Only they themselves can change their ways but point still stands that I'm not gonna let some sick person get away with fucking a kid.

If they kick their habit, more power to them for doing so.

| Hold on, who's talking about going out to kill whom now?
There is no real crime if someone is sexually attracted to minors. And there are places to go for therapy about it.
HOWEVER, if someone were to succumb down to those instincts and hurt a minor, then that's completely different.
You would have to be REALLY messed up on your psyche (and be able to prove it) to even get some sort of a decent adjustment and not just thrown in jail for it, because that would have no excuses.

| For me, if someone is a pedo, just get a hobby?

I mean, is the same with someone "normal." You can easily hide away these feelings. We are talking about superficial preferences that derive your attractions, nothing much more. And that shouldn't be something that controls you over. If it did control you, then you are a potential predator/sex offender and you need help... or be thrown in jail if you don't wanna seek the help...

| I wonder if animals have this behavior and why

| The way I see it, if you're an offending pedo then fuck you hope you rot in hell. If you have an attraction to kids but understand it's wrong, and don't want to actually hurt children then those are the ones who should be helped. Anyone who even thinks about wanting to touch a kid can have a nice chat with the FBI.

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Aryan people are brown

| I had a stroke reading this post g/u/rl

| >>730113 are you okay g/u/rl

| I personally would much rather people with an attraction to children seek help about it than the alternative.

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