‘I’ve Been Selfish And Arrogant, And I Apologize,’ Says Trump After Social Media Ban

| Projecting a calm, measured assurance as he reflected on his personal shortcomings, a content and mentally sound President Trump told reporters just minutes after his ban from social media Thursday that he had been “selfish and arrogant,” and he apologized unconditionally for his behavior.

“I’ve lied to myself and the country, lashed out at those who love me, and hurt a lot of people along the way,” said Trump.

| https://www.theonion.com/i-ve-been-selfish-and-arrogant-and-i-apologize-says-1846012723

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They nearly had us in the second half, not gonna lie.

| Note: This news story is satire.

| I know you're out there, please check in if you don't know about the onion

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