The list of people part of the Trump administration who've resigned

| https://www.axios.com/white-house-resignations-9e040faa-8058-40f0-a820-b24b65ad6cef.html

So far about 6 (not sure if there's more) staff/administrators for trump are resigning members are:

Chief of staff-Stephanie Grisham

Dep. press secretary-Sarah Matthews

Dep. national security adv.- Matt Pottinger

Dep. assistant secretary of commerce intelligence & security-Rick Costello

Social Secretary-Rickie Niceta

Special Envoy to Nothern Ireland-Mick Mulvaney

| Yanks

| The whole Trump administration was nothing but a big resignation to irrationality from the beginning.

| >>729290 Even from the beginning when he was firing people who let him down; felt like it was The Apprentice show all over again

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