What is the appeal in being ignorant?

| At this point I question common sense! So many people deny facts and proof with baseless statements and reasons. And cling on to stuff they wanna believe is true instead of the stuf that is true? I don’t understand why you would choose that... I mean everyone has denied something at some point even us g/u/r/l/s but not to the extreme that it caused an uproar

| Well there is a multitude of reasons of why this happens to society

We have bad parenting, dogmas, ideologies, religion and other various forms of belif, poor education of the law, psychology,economy, web safety, society, politics and even biology

Not only thats bu we have constant dumps of info from many places at once and since people are not usually trainned to recieve that much stymulus they just prefer to shut their brains and act according to the majority

| It not hard to find different groups of people with different ways of thinking, and since we have all these problems people nowdays just choose what to belive because its easier to do so instead of trying to understand a chaotic and everchanging world

Then some will try to exploit this and make so people belive in thinks that go from nonsense to straight up wrong and cruel

Its a subconcious willfull ignorance caused by exhaustion and anger towards the world

| Do you think you're stupid? Probably not.
Then if you're not stupid, the "instinctive" logic is that you can understand whether something is true or not when facing arguments.
So if you are convinced of something, you know that you're right for good reasons, and you know that others' arguments are wrong.
Then they won't ever convince you, since you're trying to convince them. And if they don't listen, you ignore them or call them dumb.
That's how it works.

| >>728016 you know, there are things called pride, denial, faith, blind followers and etc, facts and logic dont really matter if the person doesnt want to belive something

Like, reality may or may never come crashing in but in the end they still have to choose to face reality or die not seeing it

And this is how we end up with people thinking that food should be free even if you explain them the whole process and hardships somebody goes trough to put food on the shelves

| Lies are powerful. If you want people to do stuff that is in your interest but not or even against theirs, you need to tell them lies. At some point you may start believing in this lies too, and at some point your lies don't work anymore on people. Luckily there are enough other and even better liars waiting. This is how our societies majorly have become - by far not for the first time in history.

| He might still win. Let's just wait and see.

| The sad thing is that even if he was right there is nothing he can do to prove his accusations since the courts are blocking every single case of his.

| Friendly reminder that hilary did the same and yet almost nobody complained

| Well he is not wrong, It is an mrna vaccine, it is made to change dna, he skiped the part where it explains what is changed and why

| He is not doing anything illegal and there are questionable irregularities in this election so if they refuse to investigate his claims then they cant get angry if people start beliving what he says

| You can reach a point where you stop caring whether you are right or wrong; there are things that must be done and you sure as hell aren't going to get them done by virtue of being correct, or ethical.

| >>728227 tell that to hitler who saved germanys economy and post war crisis lolololol


| >>728248
By subventioning military industry with debts that were meant to be settled by hopeless imperialistic warfare against the rest of the world combined with a stupid racist ideology?
Hitler didn't save germanys economy. He saved some rich german industrialists asses and eventually capitalism. And all on the back of common people - including germans (who majorly were dumb enough to elect that asshole and his stupid agenda).

| >>728293 what part of "jk jk" and "lolololol" you didnt get?

| >>728143 No, it isn't made to change DNA. How could you even think it would make sense?

| >>728358 wrong thread, there was a bug and it kept crossposting in threads

| >>728293
Hitler's Germany was a nice place to live especially prewar years, for Germans

| >>728437 yep, as long long as you were not jewish things were fine.

Like sure, it is fucked up but it did save a part of the country, most people are scared to addimit that, nazi germany was a mistake and was horrendous and wrong, but it had its important things that are still used to this day.

Of course this isnt an excuse to do it again, we will not do it again.

| It's easy to not think

| >>c79e5d

HITLER was right

| >>728930 no

| >>728437
Except for jews, homosexuals, roma, sinti, slavs, communists, socialists, feminists, liberals, people with disabilities and everyone else who got labeled as "subhumans" or "peoples enemy" by the Nazi-government. What great years. And the rest of germans who were fine with the nazi government were busily digging their graves, preparing a stupid war that couldn't be won - all in the name of a even more stupid political ideology.

| >>729047
>Except for jews, homosexuals, roma, sinti, slavs, communists, socialists, feminists, liberals, people with disabilities

the only reason why i dislike hitler is because he lost the war, asshole failed Europe

| >>729068
And the only reason why I dislike Stalin is because he put way to many of the wrong people to the gulag and way to few of your kind.

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