UK judge refuses to extradite Julian Assange

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The US was rejected by a judge in Great Britain, in wanting to have the Wikileaks founder extradited. Saying, if he was given custody to the US; it would result in him committing suicide. More likely due to his mental health declining

| fucking spooks, man. criminals.

| They already won. They broke him.

| Didn't he throw poop while seeking asylum in another country?

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Sounds like an obvious smear tactic by the US elites.

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| Nobody cares anyway. People don't give a fuck about privacy and security, why would they care about him?

| >>727873 oh, so he's gonna go out like esptein?

| >>728720 At this point, I don't really care what happens to him

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Exactly. They won and we lost. He was a great champion for privacy, security and accountability and the powers that be successfully villified him in the publics eyes and mentally broke him on top of that.

We're all losers in this scenario.

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I give a fuck. Actually most fucks I give are about privacy and security.

I also suspect you confuse Assange with Snowden. The USA wants Assange because he leaked video proof for war crimes done by US Soldiers in Iraq.

Snowden was the guy who leaked insider Info from the NSA, a Institution that slowly becomes some kind of KGB/Stasi from US-Capitalism.

| >>728688 uhh, i do care about my privacy though, nice blackpill

| >>729049 I still consider it to be related. The US just told the world that they can control information and people no matter what the laws are, that's quite a threat for security and privacy. Of course it's not as obvious as Snowden's case, but still.

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