Japan's Brand New Anti-Piracy Law Goes Live

| A few hours ago and after years of preparation, amendments to Japan's copyright law came into effect, aiming to criminalize those who download unlicensed manga, magazines, and academic texts from the Internet.


| While uploading pirated content has always been illegal, the new law is quite specific in that it criminalizes the downloading of unlicensed content.

| a helo my namu VPN-san

| what the fuck is wrong with these people, academic papers should always be free and its not our fault those stupid journals don't know how to survive in modern age without sucking money out of scholars

| I'm criminal..duh..

| That's it. We are bringing the gunboats again.

| >>727497 Take out those fucking PT boats!

| >>727497 make McArthur great again

| And again common people get criminalized, while the really big bad criminals - big companies and secret services - get away with their "piracy" on peoples privacy.

Plus in the case of Japan this is very ironic and hypocritical, if you think how their industry (cultural and technological) grew to an internationally acknowledged high level by initially only "pirating" "mental property". (copycats)

"Copyright law" and "mental property" are nothing but instruments of oppression.

| >>727774 careful with the absolutism there, copy right isnt all evil

| >>727775
Well, It's not that I can't imagine a hypothetical ideal "good" copyright. But the copyright law how it is in practice systematically benefits big corp interests over small business, employee and customers interests - with a clearly increasing tendency into that direction.

On the other hand the whole mental property ideology has some fundamental conceptual flaws - which doesn't make them evil but improvable or replaceable in the future.

| Why not make unlicensed stuff commons by default?

I mean on the other hand bigcorp managed to make peoples personal data their property by default.

| I also wonder how they want to persecute the "piracy" technically. Download filters? How to do they want to distinguish illegal downloading from legal streaming remotely?

| >>727783
>How to do they want to distinguish illegal downloading from legal streaming remotely?

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