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| Ever wonder how even with seatbelts people die in car crashes all the time?

I just find it interesting :)

| >>726644 wait people wear seatbelts?

| I'm sure cell phones make a huge contribution

| Cars don't exist it's all a big conspiracy all memories of cars are either implanted memories or people in car suits flintstoneing around

| Lightning McQueen activates his euthanasia needles hidden inside the airbags.

| >>726644 a seatbelt can't prevent the destructive force o an abrupt change in velocity on your body. However, it prevents you from literally facetanking the impact of a cat crash

| >>726728
And never forget to mention: As always it's (((their))) fault. No conspiracy theory works without (((them))).

| They're supposed to prevent serious injuries, not make a miracle happen

| >>726728 have you EVER seen a car or a "cross walk" or "street light" outside of a google captcha? It's all brainwashing! what the fuck is a taxi supposed to be do you really think I'm going to believe in something named taxi google???

| Did you know that people with skin can bleedout over that have natural regeneration ability? >>726644

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This thread is permanently archived