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Cursed Christmas RV

| https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020_Nashville_bombing


| It wouldn't surprise me if they find out it was some dude(s) from Q anon/proud boys; or antifa/blm

| yeah that whole thing was pretty fucked up

| This sure was interesting read

| >>726109
Your horseshoe theory has been proven to be invalid many times for long time now. It once had relevance during french or russian revolution, but it stopped to make sense at least in our post-cold war era. Eventually even earlier.

| >>726602

>Invalid many times for long time now

Dude, they were just guessing on a whim and not being a smartass with a big brain, unlike you.

| >>726602 well someone is salty.

Why use terms that need a whole wikipidia article to be explained when you can explain what is wrong yourself? Or maybe you cant...

Like if you read the news then you know they said it was suicide bombing so why are you even that angry that someone said it could be a terrorist attack? I could have been one, no one would fall for what he said in the first place so why bother?

| >>726606 so you are calling him a bigbrain smartass?

| Yanks

| Well they're saying it's probably the "5g paranoia" So I'm gonna stick to that

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This thread is permanently archived