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KFC launches 4K, 240FPS gaming console with a built-in chicken warmer

| KFC unveiled what they're calling the KFConsole -- a VR-ready high-end gaming PC that comes with a built-in chicken warmer.

Back in June, just after the PS5 reveal, KFC released a ridiculous trailer for the KFConsole, but everyone just figured they were joking.

Turns out, they were dead serious. KFC, the chicken place, has teamed up with Cooler Master and launched a gaming console capable of 4K and 240FPS.

| The complete specs haven't been revealed, but we know it's got an Intel Nuc 9 CPU, Seagate BarraCuda 1TB SSD, and judging from the prominence of "ray tracing" in the marketing from Cooler Master, an Nvidia GPU.

Cooler Master also says the KFConsole has "a first of its kind hot swappable GPU slot" for easy upgrades. But who really cares about all that when it's got a chamber to keep your fried chicken warm?

| https://www.gamesradar.com/kfc-launches-4k-240fps-gaming-console-with-a-built-in-chicken-warmer/

| Well that is gaming, but it is also news, so mods let this stay in /new/.

Back to topic, I find it interesting that they just decided to enter console market out of nowhere, the specs look cool, if it ends up being as good as new gen consoles I might get one, especially cuz the only new gen console I have is a switch

| w h a t

| N1RV Ann-A has to be a KFC exclusive, even if Dana doesn't appear in the game.

| >>725602 just take down VA-11 HALL-A from all stores and consoles and sell it to kfc, Im sure the fans will understand.

| >>725604 Now I kind of want someone to make a KFC mod for the Sales Pitch game Sukeban did a couple years ago.

| >>725614 epic crossover

| >>725584 Probably just a one off thing, but it'll definitely be interesting where this takes off.

| If Devotion gets published on it I'll buy the sonofabitch

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