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Nobody listens to eastern european

| So socialism and anarcho-syndicalism (same shit imho) started gaining massive traction with western kids. In every discussion my claim of coming from ex commie state gets dismissed because some amerimutt read stuff on philosophy and THEORY of socialism/communism/anarchism. Why is that? Lenin really wasnt a saint and your hero ukrainian anarchists were just murderers. Even today ex socialist economies are basically disabled states of Europe. Call me a fascist but equality is a meme.

| I couldn't care less about who you are or where you come from. You are a fascist for reviving /new/.

| How much did it last? A couple hours? Such a blissful time...

| Does anybody care about south america? Africa? No? Wecome to the team of the forgotten continents Europe, have a nice stay :)

| >>724914 I hoped they would listen to someone who experienced and still experiences effects of socialism but I had too much faith in westerners. They are too obsessed with justice and equality. Corrupt self righteaous assholes.
>>724901 ur mum
>>724909 catalonian paradise lasted 6 months with 9000 dead and some anarchists gaining more power than others. And its deemed a success.

| >>724924 no u

| >>724924
so now you understand the whole problem that the rest of us as unfucked westerners experience. is it dying? or is someone killing it?

| The only people desiring socialism or shit like that are those who've never lived in places that had dealt with socialism firsthand. Lucky bastards.

| >>724930 this, I'm South American but I still listened to my history classes

| and there are still some things that some people throw under the umbrella term of socialism that do sound attractive. i like the ideas of social welfare in examples such as free education, healthcare, life stability, a capitalist machine kept in check, and a couple other things... sometimes when i hear stuff like "workers should own the means of production" i have an allergic anticommie reaction, but i've never given it too much thought, and being paid proportionally sounds nice...

| still communism sounds dreadful and socialism sounds suspicious like maduro...
in matters of culture, race, nationalism, and other issues my ideas and leftist ideologies are irreconcilable :s

well, who knows. i'm probably just a national socialist, or something else i don't have in mind right now.

| >>724934 kinda hard to know it when whenever you say that communins and socialism are bad they call you facist capitalist

| And of course people cant differentiate nazism and facism anymore.

Damn hitler using both to achive the biggest genocide and dictatorship in history

| >>724935 >>724936
yes, i agree. mostly.
it's time for us to admit that what that technique is called is "political repression". we are the goldsteinists.

| >>724938 care to explain what a goldsteinist it?

| >>724933 Except welfare and shit like that are not socialism. Its just government doing shit. Imho welfare can be bad and good, it really depends on society, how welfare is handled and current economical situation. I really despise Bernie because he makes it all sound easy and tries to convince kids that this new dank ass socialist system will be about this. Bleh. "Democratic" is a buzzword and Sweden is democratic free market capitalist economy.

| >>724936 >Hitler
Its funny how americans dont know he was actual full blown socialist that just hated marxists. Yes, you can be socialist and not be marxist. Capitalism was also considered "jewish thing" by propaganda. Nazi factories quite often didnt turn up profits. Owners were incorporated into party structure because they knew how to operate those factories.

| >>724943 yep, there is that too, but no, lets just ignore it and call it all neo right wing propaganda, the left can never be on the bad side come on!

| >>724924
I meant how much time did /new/ stay dead without posters like you and this kind of nonsensical content for this site, but well...posters here are of a special breed

| >>725050 how about you just not come here.

Also there have been intervals of 2 days with no posts, and what is with that sperior attitude?

Grow up, think and realise how ureasonable you are.

| >>725050 literally what did I do wrong? Ah yes "Stop questioning things on muh open for posts board!". Sneed yourself.

| >>724892
You fell for neoliberal and right wing propaganda. No one wants back socialism as it was in the USSR (except some backwarded neo-stalinists, who are an exotic minority) The reality there had few to do with the underlying ideas and ideals. The most extreme and current example is "North Korea" (officially "Democratic Peoples Republic Korea", DPRK in short) It's as much not democratic as it isn't communist, even if the propaganda (in west and east) tells us all the time.

| And yes, Lenin was no saint, but neither was any revolutionary before him who introduced a progress you benefit from today. Just have a look on the french revolution or the american independence (and civil) war. "The good" sides also had to face the ugly reality of war and revolutionary struggle and acted arcodingly. And I'm glad they did, because if the bourgeoisie in the USA and France would have lost, the old feudal absolutist dynasties with their tyrants would still be the norm

| The Bolsheviki modernized russia in many ways, facing immense resistance from an global alliance of new bourgeois and the old dieing out feudal elites.
Despite suffering from tyrants like Stalin (lenin was no tyrant), russia and many eastern european and central asian countries were advancing from retarded almost still medieval societies into a modern world leading power. Laizism, Constitutionalism and Technological advance were actually awesome achievements in the "socialist" era.

| And no, communism/socialism was and is not the same or as bad as nazism/fascism. Even if there were simmiliarites in the extension (leader cult, militarism, autocratism) the intention is what matters. Communism/socialism is based on legitime and pretty rational capitalist criticism - and failed (so far). Nazism and Fascism are based on irrational conspiracy theories and/or promoting autocratism/leader cult/militarism only for the sake of autocratism/leader cult/militarism.

| Call me a communist, but the superiority of the capitalist system is a meme.

| >>725066 nah capitatlism is still better than communism and socialism, of course it has its problems wich system doesnt?
Capitalism has more freedom and depends less on the governament and/or the collective(acting more as mediator).
The main problem nowadays is that the midiators are not doing their jobs

| >>725069
I see it different. A reformed, socially tamed capitalism as we know it the most time from the cold wars competition of systems was better than what was called communism back then. But capitalism as it has become now and still is developing is the same shit capitalism as we had before cold war.
For most people in the world capitalism hasn't to do anything with freedom. In western capitalist propaganda and politics freedom was made a hostage of capitalism.

| Also capitalism depends much on the government. It's the government which are providing a framework that serves their interests in the first place. Also they have become big corps and banks bitches. Democracy and politics have become a joke compared to private economical institutions. They even have become their bitches. The government in capitalism only serve the purpose of turning common, public goods into the capitalists private good.

| Losses are "socialized" and profits privatized. And sometimes government gets some more power for leading corporate resource wars (mostly against not so capitalist friendly countries) and oppressing minorities to channel the revolutionary potential that the inner contradictions of capitalism generate.

| >>725069
>The main problem nowadays is that the midiators are not doing their jobs
They only don't do what you think their job should be. In capitalism they do their jobs. Not for the working class, not for common people, for regular consumers. They do their jobs for those who pay them most: The capitalists. Those who own the factories, the banks and the land.
I find it always funny if people talk about "their" country, who in fact don't own a single square millimeter of it.

| You can elect a politician, but the capitalist can buy him.
You can buy a newspaper, but the capitalist buys the publisher.
You can protest against it, but the capitalist corrupted government will send police and military to defend the status quo - with all means. Against your freedom, against human rights and against everything they told people as long they could keep the illusion. This illusion already is cracked and delusion is taking over more and more.

| F̷̛̥̣̜̥̱̗̞̽͗̓̓̒̾̒̿͛͗͊̇͛̅̾͗̈̈̀̄́͒͒̽̐̐̓̍́̾͒̔́̑̌̍̎̊̄̑̈̎̒̈́̔̀̓̔́̎̃̍̍̃̎̆́̒̅̓̂̀͑̿̔̉́̉̌̂̄̑̈́̽̈̃̍̃̀̀̈̀͌̽̋̀̄̃̊͂̇̎̏̇͊̄̂͂̅̋̽̃̐͒̇̊͒̂͑́̿̾̓̈͑͑̆̀̽͒̈́͛̌̈́̈́̾͋̓̇̄̈́̎̎̃̑͊̎́̄̂́́͆͗̾̇͂̕͘̕̕̚̕̚̚̕̕̚͘̚̕͝͝͝͠͝͝͠͝͝͠͝͠͝͠

| F̴̢̢̡̡̨̡̢̨̨̢̧̢̢̨̡̧̢̛̛̛̛̛̠̹̣̺̣̯̣͖͓̮̟͎͍͚̺̯̜͉͕̤͍͈͕͕̦̯̙͔̰̩͚̹̹̻͎̭͓̞̫̰̗͉͓̫̬̙̞̪͖̬̰͈͙̬̲͚̬̖̱̹͖͇̠̝͍̫̭̭̱̣̠͙̗̦̰̠͖͕̘̥͓͉̖̣̥̖͓̝͍͉̥̹̳̬͍̪̬̠̹͉̲̟̣͖̜̲̰̮̗̭̮̥͎̦̼̝̙͈̥̠͖͎̘͇̞͕̣̹̭͔̖̟̙̲̱̥̮̤̙͓͙̼͇͉̲͕͚̮͔͖͔̩̮̖̝͉̺̥͖͙̭̹̲̦̙̺̙͚̼̥̩͔͚͚̥̥̟͇͉̠̦̭͍͙̞̈́̐͂̇̀̐̊̂͊̇͛͌̾̽́̾̀̀͆̽̈́̿̈́̎͆̒̉̿͆͐̑͑̌̎̌̏̃͗́͐́̋̿͑̃̎́͌́̌͒͌͒͛̊̀̉̽̅̀̌͆̈́̏̀̓̈̈͗͌͗̄̉̀́̊̀͌̈͑́͛̉́̓͒̀̀̓́̑̒̀͐̀̅̓́̑̆͌̂̉͂͊̒̍̈́̏́͌͆̈̑̅̋̒̋̓̓̈́̈̂͛̀̈̃̃̓̊̌̐͊͗̍̔̉̈̋̾̃͐̒̌̌͒͊̀͊̉̎̽̎̿͗̓̑̑͂̉̂̉̌̓̌͂̄̊̾̀̌̀̾͑̏͒͛̎̐̔̑͑̍́͆̏̓̎͂̂̍͛̏͐̾̔͐́̆͗̒̓͐̚͘͘̚͘̚͘̚̕̕͘̕͘̚̚͘̕̕̕̕̚͘͘͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͝͝͝͠͝͝͝͝͝͠͝͝͝͠͝͝ͅͅͅͅͅͅͅ

| F̴̢̢̡̡̨̡̢̨̨̢̧̢̢̨̡̧̢̛̛̛̛̛̠̹̣̺̣̯̣͖͓̮̟͎͍͚̺̯̜͉͕̤͍͈͕͕̦̯̙͔̰̩͚̹̹̻͎̭͓̞̫̰̗͉͓̫̬̙̞̪͖̬̰͈͙̬̲͚̬̖̱̹͖͇̠̝͍̫̭̭̱̣̠͙̗̦̰̠͖͕̘̥͓͉̖̣̥̖͓̝͍͉̥̹̳̬͍̪̬̠̹͉̲̟̣͖̜̲̰̮̗̭̮̥͎̦̼̝̙͈̥̠͖͎̘͇̞͕̣̹̭͔̖̟̙̲̱̥̮̤̙͓͙̼͇͉̲͕͚̮͔͖͔̩̮̖̝͉̺̥͖͙̭̹̲̦̙̺̙͚̼̥̩͔͚͚̥̥̟͇͉̠̦̭͍͙̞̈́̐͂̇̀̐̊̂͊̇͛͌̾̽́̾̀̀͆̽̈́̿̈́̎͆̒̉̿͆͐̑͑̌̎̌̏̃͗́͐́̋̿͑̃̎́͌́̌͒͌͒͛̊̀̉̽̅̀̌͆̈́̏̀̓̈̈͗͌͗̄̉̀́̊̀͌̈͑́͛̉́̓͒̀̀̓́̑̒̀͐̀̅̓́̑̆͌̂̉͂͊̒̍̈́̏́͌͆̈̑̅̋̒̋̓̓̈́̈̂͛̀̈̃̃̓̊̌̐͊͗̍̔̉̈̋̾̃͐̒̌̌͒͊̀͊̉̎̽̎̿͗̓̑̑͂̉̂̉̌̓̌͂̄̊̾̀̌̀̾͑̏͒͛̎̐̔̑͑̍́͆̏̓̎͂̂̍͛̏͐̾̔͐́̆͗̒̓͐̚͘͘̚͘̚͘̚̕̕͘̕͘̚̚͘̕̕̕̕̚͘͘͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͜͝͝͝͠͝͝͝͝͝͠͝͝͝͠͝͝ͅͅͅͅͅͅͅ

| >>623ef6 so your arguement is that when taken to an extreme by the governament capitalism is bad.

Govern:*takes capitalism to an exteme*

You see the problem, its the govern that is wrong not capitalism and that could be said by communism too but the problem in communism goes beyond that since it cripples the sense of value.
Capitalism works if authorities mediate it, if they dont then we get corporate rule.

| Reading through all this bullcrap and donkeys still dont understand. I dont care who is even paying. I dont fucking care who is top of the ladder and who is not. Literally why is capitalism actually working in some societies if according to socialfags its not supposed to work.
>muh buying politicians
Great, not like you cant bribe politicians in socialist system. Literally fucking fight corruption.
Im not hungry, small numbers of people are. And thats fine with me.

| >>725083 >capitalism needs government
Then how cryptocurrency can exist?

| Can we just fight the corruption and not care about the capitalist x commuist shit?
According to revolutiinaries, NO!

Cuz they are so distracted trying to create an utopia that they cant even see what is the actual real problem.

Its better to think that they are fighting for good of society while not caring about what society needs or wants

I will only accepet communism when machines are able to produce the food and resources we need, cuz then we wont NEED to work.

| Some leftists are insufferable twats but I hardly think regressive ultraconservatism with old farts who make themselves presidents for life is the solution to the worlds problems either.

Russia Hungary and Poland are hardly what I'd call shining examples of democracy

| Also for all the talk of how repressive communism or socialism is meant to be. Eastern Europes example of human rights right now is hardly great

| Man I wish I could summon all of you whenever some (insert "original" sociocommunist utopia) type comes here


| >>623ef6 ok

| >>725145 >>725146
>Eastern Europe
all former commie states.

| >>623ef6 So replace one shirt system with another? 200iq logic

| >>725156 *shit

| >>725145 Old twats need to go thats for sure. But thats more of a general politics problem. Capitalism does not touch this subject, only your own initiative can touch on it. Tho I dont have faith in zoomers at all. Im conservative in my own 4 walls. Im to some extent religious but I call for secularisation of public space. Pooland has democracy but it got dominated by cathopathology and is slowly dying.

| >>725159
>slowly dying
the UK is slowly dying faster with all the rapefugees and sharia police now in the streets. by the way, it's spelled "Poland". the more you know

| >>725146 because commie/social lead to worst repression that ever was. And was the most brutal. Communists literally acted like animals during war. Ive read diaries of those incarcerated by nazis and then commies. Commies were actually worse. Read on cannibalism etc.

| >>725161 Im polish so I can insult my own kurwas xd

| >>725164
sounds depressing, why do you hate your country?

| >>725167 hate is a strong word, maybe they just dislike an aspect of it

| >>725167 because for the most part polish people are ignorants that think they have moral superiority over everybody else. They are lazy, entitled, blind and have no honor. Im literally tired of being considered europe's cheap workforce. They do nothing to change this image and im tired. I always put out my best with westerners around but others dont bother. I have no respect for my own people.

| >>725173
i don't like the idea of you being allowed to criticize a race or people because you belong to them. it contributes to the building of a mentality of victimization

| >>725174
to me you now sound like a self-hating cuckold traitor. i suggest you leave poland and go to china or something if you hate it so much, idk.

| >>725175 If I wont criticize them and laugh at their stupidity nothing will change. Lack of reflection on oneself is what leads to stagnation. And Im simply tired of this.
>>725176 speaking of being ignorant. My own people are cucking me anyway. I simply refuse to take their shit any longer.

| >>725175 from now on I will refer to myself as the niggazilla just to piss you off, jkjk. Unless...

I mean jokes are jokes and humor is subjective, joke doesnt mean hate nor victimism, most people who joke about their own race either do it because its unexpected(thus funny) or because they have experienced racism(self loathing) you cant just assume it is all victminzation and start saying that people should stop, thats not how it works

| >>725181 tbh if you are that upsed, you should move, it will be better for you. Self reflect more about it and make good decision for your life.

| >>725185
i think i want people to respect their own race more and be more mindful of it except in political terms

| >>725187 and what does curbing jokes do to help that?

Not allowing people to talk or joke about something wont make them respect it more, it either creates more hate towards it or makes people do the opposite just cuz it is a shitty limitation.

| >>725189
looks like you have no idea what i'm talking about

| >>725192 I mean, someone did a joke, you said no joke and then I said that saying no joke wont work ypu answered that you want people to respect race and all, so if thats not your point then you gotta explain it better.

| So yes really dont have any idea of what you are talking about but thats because you cant keep a topic consistent.

| >>725201
when did i say no joke

| >>725202
you're not very consistent

| >>725207 read the exchange that starts at>>725164

The dude even said xd n all it was clearly a joke and you started the whole thing about not criticizing things, or you are telling me that the he meant no joke and you took it as a serious cry for help?

| Now that I think about it, you couldnt interpretate what I meant by sayinf that you said "no joke" and took it as if I was quoting you, so I guess you really cant see the differences in a joke, a paraphrasing or serious talk

| >>725213 >>725214
yes i take everything face value, if your idea of comedy is providing a false statement then it's very dreary humor, and i don't see how i should have divinated that he was joking

| >>725221 "if I dont find it funny then it must be serious" classic internet xd

| Still rocking the nordic model.

| Westerners has been living in easy mode for some time that is why

| It's pretty cringe how lefties are in love with the aesthetics of socialism rather than any attempt to try and make peoples lives better. But as soon as you step outside you'll find much more reasonable people with policy proposals.

The media circus is something people get involved in for a social club because they have given up and won't admit it.

Don't be terminally online.

| >>725405 yeah, if you really look for it its not hard to find reasonable people with ideas, its just that the crazier ones are really spreadout and loud.

| >>725251
nah you're just dum
>>725405 >>725408
i propose this:
let's all distance ourselves from "left" and "right" and leave these mad raving macaques alone in their own cage to kill each other in the hole of history.

| >>725410 havent they done it already with chaz and chop? They created communities farms that were poorlly managed and shared, an overviolent "security" that killed 3 people and crime was rampant, they couldnt produce enough for everybody and people also got sick due to poor cleaning and the pandemic

They got what they wanted yet are still crying that the governament didnt do anything to help them when they claimed to be independent. These people really cant be called left or right

| >>725124
>Great, not like you cant bribe politicians in socialist system.
Who is going to bribe the politicians in a socialist system, since there shouldn't be no capitalists anymore who have enough money to bribe them?

| >>725412
why are you talking about this?

| >>725420
Yeah fine for you, that you don't care about those things. But then shut up and don't expect others not to care about it too.
Next thing you will tell us that you are not driven by ideology because you are a "pragmatist" and that you are neither politically left or right winged because you are a "centrist" or "apolitical".
You may made yourself believe that by self-hypnosis or whatever but both logic and experience make me strongly suspect you for being wrong.

| >>725153
...who all got "liberalized" from communism and enjoy now capitalism how it works best: without annoying communist things such as social security, peace, human rights, liberty and democracy.

| >>725423
this post was meant as answer to >>725124

| >>725187
The idea of different human races is nothing but pseudoscientific bullcrap to justify colonialism and slavery in societies who proudly proclaimed that they overcame such things.

| >>725420 in socialism the governament has a lot of power, now say some former rich dude creates a scheme to deviate resources and bam the governaments agree and we have another corrupt system in socialism.
Greed is a bitch in any system, they will find a way to bribe, its not capitalist exclusive feature.

Like seriously, it is not, corruption and greed are human problems, study some history and you will see how it doesnt matter. Bribes always work

| >>725430
To me there is a difference between a system that got corrupted and a system which is inherently corrupt.
The situation you described would be an act of corruption that damages the whole idea of socialism. In capitalism it wouldn't be corruption at all, because it is totally normal and legal that those kind of dudes "deviate resources" this way. Legalizing unethical practice doesn't make it ethical.

| From all what I've learned from history so far, it's easier to me to imagine a human-friendly socialist/communist system then a capitalist one. Human-friendly capitalism only existed as long it was challenged by communism. And yes, capitalism was actually better and won this conflict back then. But there are many other reasons that are more likely then that capitalism is inherently better than communism and other then capitalists propaganda says history yet hasn't come to an end.

| I recommenced to read this article:

Before shouting "uh, wikipedia":
If you really, really interested into those kind of topics, feel free to dig deeper and check the sources and references.

| >>725441
>Human-friendly capitalism only existed as long it was challenged by communism.
This is a pretty good analysis, but I like to add that it also was the political success of social democrat and socialist and movements who set capitalists under pressure to treat the working class better. It was the result of a class struggle lead by two class-conscious interest groups.

| But the capitalists have perfectionized their divide and conquer strategy with nationalist, religious fundamentalist and racist lies, conspiracy theories, misinformation campaigns and also pointless consumerism (including not only religious but also actual opioids). And also because of that they can slowly take back all those reforms and regulatories of capitalism that once were achieved.

And also yes, it's not primarily about corruption. It's just how capitalism works.

| >>725450
You're right but I don't care. I think it's the working classes own fault to be in the situation they are. I mean it's not the capitalists fault that the workers are stupid enough to believe them and rather fight each other instead of doing class struggle.
And It's not my fault that I'll inherit my fathers real estate property and have a better live than most others. You can't expect me to give away those privileges just out of altruism.

| >>724892
>socialism and anarcho-syndicalism (same shit imho)
>Call me a fascist but equality is a meme.
I don't know what you are, and I don't even care. But at least your statements are nothing but fascist memes.

Feel free to call me a communist if equality of chances and before the law are just communist memes to you.

| >>725436 capitalism isnt inherently corrupt tho, look at history, actual definitions, research and context, I swear Ive heard people aguing that same thing over and over here, capitalism isnt inherently bad, it got corrupted, we have anti monopoly laws, the justcice system says that deviating resources is illegal.

If those thing are illegalbut still happen means that it got corruped amd it wasnt corrupt.

| People are so uninformed about what they try to criticize nowadays, it is actually scary. Guess thats what happens when they are so divied, they cant see the other side and just assume that they are inhernetly evil, not redeemable or straight up inhumane, wich is just hive mind propaganda

| >>725448 of course things were better in the cold war, the people were united, the governament needed to to keep them happy so that the war propaganda would seep in.

Even in ancient societies, cold war or pre war times were always better, the calm before the storm, the peaceful times before the dissaster.

Elites only pander to the people when its convenient for them unless they lived in a dictatorshipe, then they could just force people to do shit

| >>725428 blacks look different to me. They also act different than most which leads be to believe race in fact exists.

| >>725455
>we have anti monopoly laws, the justcice system says that deviating resources is illegal.
Anti-trust law only were introduced by the bourgeoisie to face the growing popularity of worker unions and socialist movements. All those laws and the justice system have no power on their own. Monopolies are the natural and logical result of a capitalist economy. Also private monopolies aren't the only problem. Oligopolies are already bad enough.

| >>725474
>blacks look different to me.
But at the same time they don't look all the same. Your focus on skin color is arbitrarily. You could as well distinguish people by their eye color, because other eye colors than yours look different to you.
Only people who don't know the difference between phenotype and phenotype and the difference between correlation with causality believe in racist pseudo-scientific ideologies - and those who justify their privileges with it.

| >>725477
i meant phenotype and genotype ofc.

| If you persist on distinguishing people by genetical and cultural properties than you rather should use the more scientifically aproved term of "ethnicity". Race is a term which fits more on animals raised intentionally in different ways by humans.

| >>725475 then instead of screaming capitalism evil, why not scream that we need more anti trust law, reinforce them and create anti oligopoly law?

Thats what I dont get from you people, you guys keep sayin that capitalism is bad, then I ask why yall answer that this aspect is what makes it inherently evil then I say why not just create a law that curbs that aspect then? Its always the same talk, ussualy after it comes the excuse that we need revolution now or the world is over

| Im all in for simply not treating people based on race, it really pisses me off when people wanna talk about taking from privileged races, like wtf? Isnt that what the nazis did to the jews? They were are religion but still, discrimination on a such irrelevant basis is stupid.

| >>725480
>why not scream that we need more anti trust law, reinforce them and create anti oligopoly law?
People who do this were (and still are) blamed for being evil communists who only want the evil power for the opressive government in order to oppress white man with jewish-islamic-immigration-feminist-lizardman-communist dictatorship.

| >>725482 hell no! The people who get called that are people who keep screaming capitalism bad, and keep preaching about revolution and dumb ideas that wont work while not creating anything productive, like cool and all that they want things to change but if they wanna rush things like morons its better for them to just stop, they complain about dogwhistlers but they are the ones calling for revolutions and instigating people for things like autonomouszones and shit that doesnt help

| >>725481
>it really pisses me off when people wanna talk about taking from privileged races
Why should a group of people keep privileges just because they believe to belong to a superior race (which still doesn't exist)?
>Isnt that what the nazis did to the jews?
No "the jews" never were (and still aren't) a "privileged" race (well except in israel). The big majority of jews was as poor as other people (or even poorer plus oppressed as minority)

| Their intentions are good but their ignrance and lack of patience is a huge problem, its like they are on edge to fight for everything.

| >>725483
hell yes! Reforming Capitalism has become impossible because even such a harmless thing as public healthcare is seen as an act of communism.

| >>725484 because if we keep insisting thay some races should have their privilege taken so flatten the curve we will just create mor racism.

Context dude, in the pre nazi germany during the crisis the jews were generaly in better condition then ther rest of the population, hitler used the flatten the curve excuse to prosecute them.

| >>725485
>lack of patience
Patience is a luxury most people cannot effort.

| >>725486 public health care is complicated, it should be more carefully analysed, it works in some places and in other dont, not only that but tottaly free health care is not viable, imagine if there is a super expenssive treament and muiltiple people need to go trought it, the government cant pay for all of it.

Stuff like general health care for injure, some illness can work in mosy places tho

| >>725487
>in the pre nazi germany during the crisis the jews were generaly in better condition then ther rest of the population
No they weren't. Most jews in germany were as poor as most other german people.
There only special "privilege" in germany was that they had equal rights earlier than in other european countries. This made some jews rich, but not all. So there were many rich jews, yes. But not most rich people were jews and not most jews were rich.

| >>725488 well too bad for them, if they cant wait and think then they will just drive themselves into a cliff, the problem is that they wanna dragg everybody with them.

Imagine all scientists decided to just rush research, pharmaceutics rushing medicine, engeniers russhing building, heck why not just make all roads with no speed limit? Remove signal light cmon, people need to arrive at their place NoW.

| >>725492 guess what, most white people are not rich, most rich people are... Asians? Well there goes the theory that some races are privileged in society, oh and at least in the USA most poor and homeless people are white.

Like literally anyone who says some races are privileged is just under propaganda, thats stupid, most black people are also not poor so why are they even complaning, like ok you see a lot of high class old white but they arent the majority of white people.

| >>725493
yeah, tell this to the sweat-shop workers or the refugees from places where industrialized superpowers do their pointless dirty competition about ressources on their cost with modern warfare, regime changes, civil war support, etc.

I think we had enough time to sit around, think and doing nothing (or even actively make things worse)

| >>725496 oh no we finally realised that that there is problem in society, what should we do?

Create a strategy get toghter and thing about good plans for the future,how excute them and then execute them with little to no deaths, divide and panic?


Wich sounds more reasonable and better to you?

| If you wanna chalk up a time to strategize as "sit around and do nothing" you are just plain ignorant about how to fix a city, a state, a country and even less a planet.

People like that are the reason that governmnts are just printing money and causing economical crashes instead of fixing problems, its better to give what people want and bail when the boat sinks then actually work hard and help them.

| >>725495
>most white people are not rich
Yeah, but most white people still live in wealthy democracies, enjoy luxuries like basic human rights, freedom of speech, equality before the law and chance equality... But yes with capitalism most of them will loose this things too.
>most rich people are... Asians
Yeah this is for three reasons:
1. most people are asians
2. inequality in asian countries is extremely high
3. rich white people have learned to hide their wealth earlier.

| >>725495
>Well there goes the theory that some races are privileged in society
This "theory" doesn't exist. There is the fact that people of white ethnicity have certain privileges which exist because of historical reasons (including racist ideologies).
>oh and at least in the USA most poor and homeless people are white.
Absolutely probably you are right. Relatively it's much more likely to become homeless if you're not white and this is what matters to people.

| https://endhomelessness.org/homelessness-in-america/homelessness-statistics/state-of-homelessness-2020/

| >>725495
>and at least in the USA most poor and homeless people are white.
And why do you spread misinformation:

What happened to your "think before act" thingy? Doesn't it account if it is about trivializing racism?

| >>725497
The problem already is realized for over 100 years now. And since then there exist many ideas how to solve them. Some reforms were made, but they couldn't stop two world wars and the russian revolution. More reforms were made and the revolutionaries failed. Then they said "capitalism is best", all those reforms were (and still are) slowly taken back and any opposition to it was (and still is) blamed to be "backwarded evil socialism/communism".

| >>725497
>Create a strategy get toghter and thing about good plans for the future,how excute them and then execute them with little to no deaths, divide and panic?
Such a strategy is impossible to create. The circumstances change to fast, so there has to be improvisation.
Doing nothing (or continuing the recent policy) will also cause more and more division, panic and even deaths. Better to end the horror than a horror without end.

| Or a better translation:
Better a miserble end than endless misery!

| >>725500 so just because most rich people in a country are white we need to attribute privilege to rage and preach how white people ar eprivileged and thats wrong?

Wasnt that what hitler did? not all jews were rich but most rich were jew during the crisis. Im surprised you are not seeing the similarities

| >>725503rich comming from you. Just cuz YOU did one search doesnt mean that Im being hipocrate

| >>725505 people only started to actually talk about it around 2017 dude, most people are waking uo now and seeing the problems in society, you are really missing the point.
You are saying that thinking is a waste of time, do you know idiocratic that sounds?

| >>725506 thats such a dumb logic, you can use a plan and still plan for the improbable, improvision isnt good all alone by itself especially because it requires a really smart individual to act on it, relying on improvisison doesnt work in large scale, it is just sheer luck to do so and thats dumb, at least have a basic plan and a clear and well thought out objective and guidelines.

| >>725507 thats the most stupid thing I heard, YOU CANT FIX A BROKEN SOCIETY BY ENDING IT!

If you wanna just end all rather then try to fix it then you straight up admited that you dont care about anything and just gave up.

Why bother the hell do you even bother if you prefer to end it all if it ends the suffering?

Thats bad meme logic "people wont soffer by society and bad capitalism if we end it first" *insert smartass face*

| Your logic if so twisted, you say that most jews werent rich so they shouldnt be privileged, but later you say that since mosy rich people are white they should be co sidered privileged.

You say that you want revolution now cuz its too late to think about it, but you also say that its better to end it all instead of dragging the suffering.


| >>725517
Go back to school, take some basic lessons in mathematics and logics, especially set theory. You also should consider learning more accurate facts about history.

One last time/once and for all 1/2:

In the beginning of the 20th century in germany
- jews were a minority, persecuted, opressed and scapegoated most of the time and in many ways everywhere.
- Most jews weren't rich or privileged.
- many (but not even most) of the rich and privileged capitalist class were jews.

| >>725517
One last time/once and for all 2/2:

White people at least the last 500 years and in most parts of the world
- were either part of a countries majority or belonged to a privileged ruling minority (due to colonialism, ever heard of it?)
- Most white people aren't rich, yes. But there is an economical (chance) inequality which benefits the white majority over non-white minorities. And also yes, this inequality is increasing and will be a more general problem in future.

| >>725572 but thats what I was saying

| If we fix the world economy we can naturally fiz that inequality, using race privilge as a basis will only create a nazi germany 2.0

| If most what people are not rich then they are not privileged, in you own words, there were a lot of rich jews but not most of then were rich so the jews are not privilged, so how about we not attribute provilege to race and just focus on the fact that there is an unequal distribution of resources? Atributting social factors to race in a society where racism is, in law, illegal will only divide people and or cause race based procecution.

| >>725579
>If we fix the world economy we can naturally fiz that inequality
On the long term yes. But there are issues that need short term solutions. Not for you probably but for many others.
>using race privilge as a basis
this a totally wrong portrayal of what is actually going on
>will only create a nazi germany 2.0
And this is at the same time demonization of progressive movements and trivialization of nazi germany at once.
No one wants to enslave or exterminate white people.

| I understand that it's hard to explain trailer-park white trash that they still have privileges non white people in the same shitty situation wouldn't have.
But most white people who are whining about "their oppression" are just pathetic middle-class and bourgeois members who are pissed because their hundred year old privileges are questioned while additionally the whole middle class is eroding.

| I suspect you for not knowing enough-non white people or just viewing them through some kind of racist filter. This doesn't make you automatically a hardcore racist, nazist or fascist. It's actually a quite natural behavior which affects all humans, across all ethnicities and also political spectrums. But it's more likely to get more into the wrong, extreme direction if refusing to reflect over it.

| I also catch myself still thinking in typical racist patterns sometimes, because this is what was told told to me most of the time. And I also have a critical view on how certain "progressive" or "left" movements and people present themselves. For example I don't like things like "cancel culture" or the commercial exploitation of (multi)culturalism and diversity.

| >>725590 I black, not what whatever racist white steriotype you have in your head.

My family is black, is know a lot of people from many different races and Im very much aware and went trough bullshit just cuz some didnt like how I looked.

So shut up, if race didnt matter to you, you would not be talking racist shit like that.

| "Trailer park white trash" that sounds offensive and racist as hell dude, actually IT IS RACIST, qnd the fact that you just assume that shit and start talking about how white people dont know racism and that it is natural for them is just bullshut.

| Waanna know that reminds me of?

Niggers tend to be more violent than other races, they cant help it cuz it is natural for most of them to be anaware of their violent instics and cause more crime.


You are racist against white people, just admit that already.

| People like you are the reason racism is still a thing, why capitalism is being corrupted and people are just dumb.

Yall sit in a trone telling people how they should do stuff while not being able to see their own bullshit.

You try to limit others with that oppression that you call equality and thats fucking gross

Racism towards white people, the need to rush a mindless immeadistic revolution and the lack of self awareness. THIS IS DISGUSTING!!!

| >>725599
>I black
>It's actually a quite natural behavior which affects all humans, across all ethnicities and also political spectrums.
>"Trailer park white trash" that sounds offensive and racist as hell dude
Offensive, yes probably.
Racist? Racism is an ideology which makes not difference between correlation and causality and explains social existing circumstances/phenomenons through a flawed understanding of biology (social darwinism, ignoring genotype/phenotype).

| The term "white trash" describes the (btw. still exceptional) social-cultural phenomenon of white people living in poverty.

| >>725599
>My family is black, is know a lot of people from many different races and Im very much aware and went trough bullshit just cuz some didnt like how I looked.
Fine, but then why you deny that being white brings obviously privileges?
>So shut up, if race didnt matter to you, you would not be talking racist shit like that.
You still didn't get what racism actually is.

| white people still suffer from class problems but that doesn't mean systemic problems are still not problems.

Privilege is a thing but the problem is progressives do a bad job selling these concepts to people who then misread them ad personal attacks

| >>725624
I can agree on that.


| >>725603
>People like you are the reason racism is still a thing
No. It's people who deny white privileges and persist on applying the pseudo-scientific term "race" on people

>why capitalism is being corrupted and people are just dumb.
capitalism isn't corrupted. It is inherently corrupt as a system because of the logic behind it.

| >>725603
>You try to limit others with that oppression that you call equality and thats fucking gross

What the fuck are you talking about?

Yes, chance equality and equality before law can mean "limitations" for some people. But such limitations can make sense as long they decrease limitation of others. Individual freedom is limited by the individual freedoms of others. Pretty simple isn't it?

| >>725623 first of all, I dont wanna hear "you dont know wha racism actually is" from you! Second, Im not denying privilege I saying that acting based on it is stupid and that it will lead to more racial discirimination because racial privilege is the indirect conssequence of poor resource management and yrs of historical context, if we can solve the economical problems we will in turn solve those privileges, yall talk as if this privilege was the reason why everthing is like that.

| >>725601
>Waanna know that reminds me of?

>Niggers tend to be more violent than other races, they cant help it cuz it is natural for most of them to be anaware of their violent instics and cause more crime.


Maybe only because you want it to sound like that.

>You are racist against white people, just admit that already.
Your "racism against white people" isn't a thing. At least not for those who live in the "western world".

| >>725630
>first of all, I dont wanna hear "you dont know wha racism actually is" from you!
Why not? Personal experience is neither the basic nor the limit of cognition. Of course you can have experienced racism but still don't know what it is. Workers experience exploitation, but that doesn't mean that they have to know what exploitation is and who exploits them. That's why conspiracy theories are so popular in times of crisis.

| >>725631 same lame excuse they all say!
Racism against white people doesnt exist, yet they still use therms like white trash, keep propagating ideas that white people are privileged and other bs out there.

If we said racism against black people didnt existed and used terms like trashass nigga, and kept saying how they are privileged just cuz some of them got money in their pockets, people would riot.

| >>725632 and who the hell are YOU to tell ME what racism is in the first place?

You are "educating" a black dude who knows other black people who had experienced racism and fought against it on what racism is and how WE are the oppressed class of society and the vicmtms, I dont want you pitty, I dont want anyones pitty, I wanna live, my friends and family also want the same, no different treatment, no bullshit, just a normal life like anybody else.

| >>725630
>Im not denying privilege I saying that acting based on it is stupid
So you suggest to ignore the issue completely?
>and that it will lead to more racial discirimination
Your illogical. How should taking back privileges that are based on history and economy influenced by racist ideology increase racial discrimination?

| >>725477 I dont know man I dont view them as the same. Not neccesarily worse but face structure and hair. Too different to me. We may be humans but thats all that connects us. I just leave them to themselves, dont try to engage.

| If you wanna tell me that white people are privileged just cuz most rich peole are white then I will tell you that they are not privilged, they just got better conssequences of a time where they were privilged, if your ancestors became rich trough slavery in the 1800 but you live in plain 2020 with a few more riches in your back, you cant be blamed for what your family did in the past, lets move on and fix the present and future not the past.

| >>725637 and for the record we dont need each other's company. Everybody comes back to "their own"

| >>725635
I'm a teacher who works with lots of students with different ethnically backgrounds. So education people is my profession. I think I understood pretty good what racism is. And being affected from racism doesn't make someone free from having racist views. In the opposite. Secondary racism is a very serious issue. There was a fight between two arab boys in my class and an arab girl just commented it with "that's normal, they can't behave civilized because they're arabs".

| >>725636 when you take something you gotta enforce it, not only that but if you force it you will create violence wich make a lingering hate in the long run, people will be more divided, elites will be angry, governments will be pressured and no one will be happy, not only that but going all hobin hood is economicaly bad as it creates a gap in one side and inflates another, it messes with the flow of resources in a radical way

| >>725641 you wont beat racism because its literally in human nature. Thats how it is.

| >>725643
So what makes me stop then crushing your skull with an axe because i don't like the stuff you're saying? Wouldn't it be "natural?"
And if you like nature so much, then go live in the woods without electricity.

| >>725641 if you are a teacher how the hell do you not see the your own words? Who are you teaching? I hope its not kids, if I had a teacher like you in my high school days I would have straight up made a letter of resignation for you, I would get signatures from people and show how screwd up your logic is

| >>725645 hipocrate! Werent you saying how white people cant help to be racist and how it is in their nature?

You have no principles I swear

| >>725645 actually living in the woods is best thing you can do to run away from toxocity of people from cities n shit like that. They regressed, not progressed.
Besides, Im not opposing murder. The only way to convince you to my views nowadays is to crush you with physical force. For situations like that Im working out tirelessly to develop my body.

| >>725646 the only way to fight socialists is to mercilessly murder them. They are too brainwashed by made up principles.

| And btw I wanna hear what you said to that arab girl, let me hear how good you can handle these situations

| >>725647
>Werent you saying how white people cant help to be racist and how it is in their nature?
No I weren't.

| >>725649 nah violence may be practical but it is oppressive and creates lingering hate, I dont dislike em or anything, I just heavily disagree with them.

Im against them not because they are socialists but because they are people who want to change the world but dont have any good plans that if implemented will dragg us down with them.

I dont want them creating more trouble than what we already have, I much rather focus on fixing what we have

| >>725650 im a bit off topic but I can say arabs are chill imho and there was a time when I used to hang with them on the internet a lot. They tend to like dark humor and their girls are legit fantastic. Very nice girls, not because they are super obedient (that would feel awkward to me), but they're just pretty chill and you can talk to them about everything.

| >>725655 i see what you mean and sure. Im just more accepting of violence nowadays because thats what hardcore leftists showed me. And Im tired of useless arguments. Violence is the easiest way.

| >>725652 read what YOU said!

| >>725649
Fine, then you have absolutely no right to complain if socialist will treat your kind the same way.

| >>725657 violenc is one of the laziest and mindless ways to solve things(at least among sentient beings) so I not much a fan of it, there are better solutions, and we gotta work our brains out for it.

I want the best for this planet and its people, I wanna solve things not just dragg or move the problems somewhere else.

| >>725659 I cant wait. I react on your violence with my own because im tired of talking to a literal brick wall. Like I said, im working out every second day to maybe one day take part in something bigger. I'll advise you do the same.

| >>725658
I said that racism is a natural phenomenon that all people are affected from. But they are affected from it in different ways. Some benefit from it (mostly white people) some suffer from it (mostly non white people). And some find it okay or even not problematic while others try to overcome it.

| >>725659 that is true, violence tends to create more violence.

I think violence is a last resort, and I approve of self defense, but blatant attack is just stupid and makes the problem worse.

| >>725662 dude, no! Thats how civil wars start, wich is dumb.

| >>725660 just try to understand that Im tired to endless discussions with arguments like "If we just...". I flexed my brain, history knowledge and law phd enough and for those people its never enough. I feel like Im out of options at this point. I dont know if im capeable of murder but...

| >>725664
Here I'm totally with you!

| >>725666 >>725662
You are pitiful. Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.

| >>725663 then you proceeded to do this: you called out>>725643 and went straight up to violent talk>>725645
He literally said it was natural, and you jusy said it was natural, yet it is only acceptable when YOU say it?

Hipocrisy man, you gotta watch yourself out more.

You really lack in self awareness and crontradicts yourself way to much, you lack principles and standards and you fail to see that.

| >>725668 i was competent enough my entire life. I cant wait till you'll try "eating the rich". You are the same as me if not worse, depens what tickles your fancy. I honestly hope one day we can face each other and complete this circle.

| >>725650
Because of the whole incident we had an three hour discussion about violence, history, immigration and racism with the whole class. There also was a black girl who said that she loves all people but a certain group of people in her country deserve to be punished and killed.

| you only say what you want to be true and cares more about being right than doing right and thats just selfish.

| >>725668 you say that but you kept saying how we need revolution NOW and we dont have time to think of a good plan, I can very much see your improv revolution ending up a massacre with draconic laws and policies.

Again, just hipocrisy, you dont wand viilence and incompetence but then you just turn your back to tell a dude who wants to think and plan how they are wasting tume thinking.

| >>725674 true. I tried to research whats ancom plan and they all literally say "after direct democracy we will plan everything clean slate". I kek every time. Thats not how you lead the world.

| >>725671 kids are creatures of unimagianble brain void, their potential is as big as the infinity yet they dont know all of it, the best way to explain why something is worng is to show how it relates to their own lack of experience.

Racism 101: Q:you have an orange and a blue stick, wich to you like more
Q: do you think orange deserves to be punished for just being orange?
A: no(but if yes)
Q: why?

Then you keep going, it takes tact but it will help them

| >>725674
A revolution doesn't necessarily imply the usage of violence. There are examples of peaceful revolutions in history. It depends on how the representants of "the old order" deal with the situation. It's not in the realm of my possibilities to make them all understand what and why they're doing wrong.

| >>725677 modern revolution would be violent. Look at BLM. You simply have too much faith in people.

| >>725677 peaceful revolutions require great minds, plans and patience.

If you wanna be the guy who says screw planning the world is ending then I will never follow or help you, that will just create more stupid ideas that wont solve shit.

| >>725676
Thank you for the advice, but my students aren't that young. They are between 16 and 20.

| >>725678 if he had faith in people he wouldnt:
1 attribute privilge to race(nowadays no one gets rich for just) being white
2 say that he would rather end everything than keep the suffering(he just gave up in humanity)
3 say that we need revolution now because the people cant take it anymore(when historicaly people have endured much worse)

| >>725679
I'm no apocalyptic. I just say what I think will happen if things go on like the last decades and what could be done better instead.

And I don't want anyone to follow me or anyone. There are some ideals that are worth fighting and living for, and there are some that are problematic or even completely harmful.

| >>725680 teens are even easier, all you gotta do is use terms that have to do with what they are into, insteado of sticks use analogies based on people interactions, remember that teens wont always be rational, and also that they probably just dont know things and are basing it from just bad logic.

| >>725681 yeah, maybe you're right. I dont know, history shows revolution comes back to square one. All I know is that because of capitalism poverty reduces. Maybe hes salty about 1% but I dont care about them. Its better than it used to be anyway. You just hear about shit like that more because of media.
Time to stop worrying.

| >>725682 if you know what you are saying is not really true then why the hell do you insist so much on it? You are literally undermining your own reasons and arguements right now by saying that they are only what you belivve will happen.

You are basing a whole ideal of revolutions in a profecy that you yourself made.

No wonder you contradict yourself so much, you really dont have standards and principles.

| >>725683 teens are easy to manipulate. Their knowledge is surface deep once you start asking questions. I remember when I used to be like that. They just simply eat up equality stuff because thats painted as noble by the media etc. They dont have their own morality and ideas.

| >>725681
I have faith in people as well as I suspect them. To me people aren't inherently good or bad. It depends on how they get along together. And that's why I'm critical on capitalism, because I think it's a bad way to get along with each other and there are better ways.

| >>725686 true, the best way to manipulate a teen is to tell them that all the cool kids are doing it.

I hate teens cuz of that, because of that shit I had to endure 5 yrs of bullying and isolation, that got me 3 yrs os suicidal thoughts and depression.

| >>725686
>I remember when I used to be like that.
Your thought error here is that you still haven't grown up. All those things you said still apply on you.

| >>725689 im not a moralfag and I dont eat up this shit that others do. I literally have views contrary to modern mass norm.

| >>725688
I made similar experiences. That was an important factor for me to become a teacher.

| >>725687 i choose not living like a hobo than getting along with people I dont care about. But hey thats just me.

| >>725687 "human are not good nor bad"
"Racism is natural"
Really dude, really?

Also its not capitalisms fault, people have trouble getting along cuz irratiinal feelings thatwe still cant explain, this is much more reflected in your average teenager, some people will just hate you for life cuz yoh didnt look at them right. Why is that? Irratnal feelings! As long as there is 2 people the world there will be an agreement and disagreement but feeling will determine wich is more releva

| >>725690
And you made again a big fat misinterpretation on how things really are:
You views arent't that much contrary to modern mass norm. And this is a big problem, because they suck.

| >>725695 literally everybody is mad about equality and I think its a meme. Try going out in public and telling people this sad truth. Equality is literally for blind normies. Im real anti establishment.

| >>725693
I don't understand how the contradiction you try to create there should work.

| >>725691 and the peole ho did me dirty were progressive, feminists, anti racism teen squad etc

And you know why? Cuz I was the quiet kid, cuz I was a nerd and cuz I was awkward, being progreesive and pro equality doenst mean shit if you are an asshole, it doesnt mean shit you are a corrupt greedy pig,

I they will talk about how peole ar esuffering yet will keep putting others down when it is good for them.

The problem in society is bad people, not capitalism, not money notrace

| >>725693
So humans are too irrational to get along in the capitalist system? So should they become more rational in order to fit better into the system? Ok. I'm fine with that. I'm pretty sure capitalism won't survive this for long.

| As to why these people are bad? Well there are many factors such as poor education, lack of parenting, plain feelings like greed and selfishness, these people ar ethe problem, we neet peole to study these people and see what makes them bad and corrupt and fix them, and most importantly not give them power otherwise we see what we have been always seeing troughout history

| >>725698
I know what you mean. There are people who are schemers. Who misuse progressive concepts and rhetorics for their own personal benefit. But I persist, that this IS a issue with and of capitalism. Because capitalism systematically rewards such behavior. There are much social-darwinist mechanics in it.

| >>725699 it literally survived longer than any socialist creation. And if this creation exists than theirblife is pretty miserable. Checj out Venezuela, they even have anarchy outside of major cities. Drive bys and locals with influence.
Im bought a couple brands of potato chips btw.

| >>725697 if people are not good neither bad, than racism (wich is bad) is not natural duh

| >>725699 i cant wait for you to try real commune and see how weak you are.

| >>725705
I already do and know.

| >>725699 I literally said that its is nothing to do with capitalism, you twisting shit to get it to you now?

This is not abou capitlaism, its about human brain and how it percieves amd interacts with the world

If you wanna say that humans are not rational enough to capitalism(wich is basic trade uped to eleven) then humans as a species are not rational enough understand the concept of neccesity wich is just worng and falsely proven trough history

| >>725706 where are you? I want to check how this commune works. Maybe I can even document it.

| You really gotta remove from you head that misconception capitalism is inherently corrupt, it is not, people corrupted it, like anything else made by humans, it was corrupted into something bad.

Capitalism was born when the first humans started trading resources and attributing different values to said resources, this is capitalism, when there is demand you produce it to profit, give people what they want.

| The problem is when a corrupt asshole uses tarics to manipulate the what people want and/or uses bribes to skipt a few steps and get the money for no work at all. People corrupted capitalism not the other way around.

| >>725703
I make a difference between racism as an ideology and racist behaviour.
Racism as an ideology is bad.
Racist behavior exists in nature - even without being articulated as a racist ideology.
Antiracism is the opposite of racism. It fights racism as an ideology as it seeks to make people reflect about their natural racist behavior.

| >>725711 jokes aside I unironically want muslim wife because they are superior.

| >>725711 this doesnt explain anything, if there is a thing as natural racism then people have a natural tendency to exclude eachother based on race wich is...


Congrats you are being hipocrate and trying to justtify you actions with made up(or just modern and really bad) terms.

| >>725712 superior on what?

Like base apperance? Thats subjective but I guess you average muslim woman has features that are biologicaly attractive.

Cognitively they are the same as any other person

And culturally they tend to be more submissive but thats relying on sheer luck, and even them, if you marry a religious muslim woman you will have to be converted.

Like I just dont see how being muslim helps on that decision, please explain Im curious.

| >>725714 submissive aspect doesnt matter. Its just that usually when they talk they know a thing or two about shit theyre talking about. Theyre not as shallow and not massive sluts. And before you attack me, I dont sleep with random girls because I choose not to. Plus they are more feminine and attractive. I guess thats "opressive" culture for you.
>have to be converted
I literally know muslim girls that said being converted would be for the best but I dont have to.

| >>725714 plus we all hate socialists and if I can grow healthy relationship without western toxicity then why not. God bless girls like that for still existing.

| >>725713
It does explain it. The natural behaviour of humans excluding other humans isn't limited to ethnicity (=racist behaviour) and it's not the only and most dominant behaviour. Inclusive behavior and favour for diversity are part of human nature too.
It depends what me make out of it.

I wonder who is the real hypocrite here...

| >>725714 one more thing. My bud's mom is relentless. She will bully you for being disobedient towards her. Muslims got temper too.

| >>725717
You are just a conservative dude who blames socialists for destroying your retarded fairyland, which is in truth is caused by capitalism. Thanks to the process of globalization your "western toxicity" isn't that much an exclusively western thing anymore. Social and economical progress will also make feudal societies in the islamic world erode. A relation between an abusive and a submissive partner isn't healthy.

| >>725723 blah blah blah thanks to capitalism I can afford nice shit now, eat what I want and I dont have to date retarded females thanks to globalism. I can pick and choose. Seethe more because no girl wants you. Have sex incel.

| >>725723 besides muslim women respect me and I respect them. But cope more because your commie progressive world falls apart.

| >>725723 i can give you one thing tho. Those anarchist gardens are cool. You know, when new commune emerges and they're like "everything is organic now and look at what we made". Very cool kindergarten stuff. Pretty dafodils n shit.

| >>725718 if you actually belive in what you said right there you ARE a hipocrate, if there is natural inherent racism then humans tend to be bad period.

Also how doesn me being a bit snarky makes me hipocrate? Do you even know the definition of hipocrate?

You just say whatever makes you feel right even if it condradicts previous statements, If you can even have consistent opnions Im surprised you try to lecture about equality and shit. Kill me

| >>725724
Your "globalism" doesn't exist. It's an entirely made up conspiracy theory from people who either don't understand globalization or want others to not understand it.

| >>725897
>globalism doesn't exist
>you don't understand globalization

| >>83c000
"No one is more hopelessly enslaved than he who falsely believes to be free."
I also sense a big contradiction between what you believe and how you behave. If your life is so great, then why are you so pissed off? I tell you: there are some doubts about the shit you try to make yourself believe. Deep inside you there is something that cries: "you are wrong" and you suppress it thanks to the plentiful according propaganda.

| >>725898
Yeah, what's your problem? Don't you see that those are different words with different meaning?

| >>725739
"humans aren't inherently bad" doesn't mean there are no bad things in human nature. What makes us different from animals is that we can choose and even reflect about our choices, individually and collectively.

| >>725739
I thought a "hipocrate" is your misspelled word for hypocrite, and I know what that is.
E.g. someone who accuses others only wanting to win in discussions while being snarky as soon he believes he won an argument.

| >>725739
This means things like excluding people only because of their appearance (racist behaviour) and even violence EXIST in human nature. But the fact that there are humans that are less violent or racist than others or even none of those things means, that having such a behavior isn't inherent to human nature. It depends much on how the society they live in was/is constructed. And this is where economy and the economic system play a major role.

| And here is where capitalism in it's original form, in which it slowly turns back since the end of cold war, clearly isn't able to provide all people with basic goods and rights. Especially those who only life from they work and have no property that can be operated productive in a large scale are the loosers in this system. And yes, some workers can have a decent live, just as once some slaves were more privileged than others. But in the end of the day, they still are slaves.

| And even the most privileged slave will recognize that his position only depends on the good will of his masters, e.g. if the economy is shaken by a crisis - which is eventually inherent to the capitalist system (see "tendency of the rate of profit to fall") but for sure also occurs in nature anyway (e.g. corona virus)

| One last thing: The fight against "corruption" and "corrupt people" has a major flaw: How do you make sure that this fight isn't corrupted itself? And the most important question: Who decides who is corrupt and who is not? It could end up in political oppression and purges in favor of those who are the actually corrupt ones.
Introducing or increasing standards of transparency and democracy to production would make more sense. But in capitalism the opposite happens.

| The capitalists production obviously prefers lower standards of democracy and transparency. Well, with one exception: The transparent worker and consumer. But no transparent capital.

| I always wonder why people who believe so much in the superiority of capitalism (regarding freedom) don't see the irony in them consuming goods that are made in dictatorships that partially even call themselves "communist" (made in the PCR).

| >>724930
To most places in the world "socialism" as it was in the soviet union most of the time would be an upgrade. Alone because of the technological advance, laizism and repuplicanism it had. Of course those things also can exist without socialism, but it seems not if you want to catch up to countries who already are that advanced. Historians call this "development dictatorships". China and Vietnam are also mentionable examples. Not heaven on earth but there are worse places.

| >>725935 >upgrades
Sure bucko, famine, cannibalism, empty stores, dead intelligence, country led by illiterate dumbasses. Amazing upgrade.

| >>725949 not to mention surveillence and mass repressions on never seen before scale. Honestly, eat dick and die.

| >>725913 hypocrate means people who preach about something yet they contradic themselves via their actions, words and principles.

How are you a teacher if you dont even know the meaning of the word

| How are people so ignorant and uninformed about things nowadays

>>725916 it wasnt capitalism that wasnt able to provide a healthy society it was bad management, greedy actions, boomers trying to hoard resources for themselves with free college and shit while screwing the next generation, the economy and also being bad parents.

| People made capitalism worse, because it is a system that gives a lot of individual liberty if people wanna screw it over they will, its not hard to crash an economy.

Have you ever managed a business? Ask the principle of your school about it too.

People keep trying to criticize capitlism yet they dont even know how economics work, then they come up with stupid ideas and get mad that others are are calling them crazy commies, its their own fault for being ignorant.

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