Climate change

| So at the point we are now what solutions could be pursued to fix things or repair the damage done to the planet?

| Ask the expertize, not social media.

| Climate change isnt crebbilible just because midia says so there isnt enhough on the science behind climate change to believe it unless your a sheeple like so many on this plataform, climate change dosnt exist the world heats and cools by itself so its natural a proses

| Midia and the left is trying to force you to fail inline and abey they even hate thanksgiving and want to take it from you, you obviosluy don't know what your talking about

| >>717146 we are accelerating that process, climate change is real but at the same time natural, usually volcanoes naturally do the the job for us but we have been contributing a lot, if you look at how fucked up climate charts becaome everytime a volcano erupts you see how carbon emitions can drartically change our enviorment

| Cold places become hot while hot places becomes cold, its like a mini nuclear winter without the radiation, volcanoes destabilize the weather this much.

Of course, we dont cause as much destruction as volcano but we really stack up the carbon emitions in the long run.

In the end, we are just making the next ice age come earlier thats all, and if we survive it and emit the same ammoun, that ice age will end earlier too

| So overall, climate change is real, but its just the acceleration of a natural process of global warming followed by an ice age, we still dont know if accelerating this process is super harmfull to the planet or not but it really isnt nice how we destabilize the inviorments and biomes this much.

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uhm no

| >>717167 then explain why not

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I don't have to explain anything if i dont want to thank you very much your not my mom get off this platafom

| >>717197 I got you that salty with just an explanation? Gee you should take a break. Saying no to an arguement and then lashing out isnt a healthy response

| >>717197 Why not? Maybe you have a good point that would contribute to the discussion

| The level of climate denial is frightening.

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Are... Are you 12?

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Ngl i'm curious now too.

| >>717331 me too

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