Disturbing new details in alleged plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer

| There is new and disturbing information in the alleged militia plot against the governor of Michigan.

The 14 men charged had far more violent plans than just a kidnapping, according to federal and state authorities.

New filings claim there was a Plan B the militiamen had drawn up, that involved a takeover of the Michigan capitol building by 200 combatants who would stage a week-long series of televised executions of public officials.

| https://abc7chicago.com/michigan-governor-gretchen-whitmer-kidnapping-plot-militia/8079861/

In b4 that moron who claims the left is just as violent as the right.

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They know the left is not as violent. They say that because THEY LIKE THE VIOLENCE THE RIGHT IS ENACTING AND WANT TO EXCUSE IT.

| >>716959 I dont like violence period, every time I complain about I say that I dislike the violence from both sides, if you think only the right is violent then you are the excusing violence from the left

| And I still dont get why the same person is still doing the same threads about the same thing, if they already got arrested then its good enough for me, but we really need more variety on this board, gets news from other countries or something or news about something that isnt politics related, this board isnt just for that

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Stay on topic. No one gives a shit about your inane ramblings.

| >>717004 I can ramble as much as I want thank you very much. And Im still wondering if the people who were trying the kidnap arent affiliated to any right wing group I wonder how this proves the right is violent? Im using the same logic people use when they say the left is not violent, by that logic political violence should be inexistent but it seems tunnel vision and bias are a thing

| >>717004 oh and nice deviataion, you want me to shup up just cuz I said that you keep making the same threads

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Another thread about right wing terrorism and here you are trying to make excuses, like always.

I won't respond nor read your ID anymore. Get a life.

| How about a thread about "the great reset" conspiracy/not conspiracy(according to google) theory? It has been trending

| >>717007 if you wanted to not respond anymore you would have done so but you keep replying, and hey there is still the thing about how we dont know if these people are right wing or not since its just an assumption, just like the right assumes any protest that turns into a riot is left wing terrorism

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This is literal taliban stuff. Televised executions? Holy shit! The article says militia but they're domestic terrorists.

When the same thing happened in 70s Iran everyone called them terrorists.

Apparently they planned to burn the building to the ground and killing everyone inside if plan B failed.

| >>717014 wich is a pretty stupid plan, I wonder what they wanted to achive?

| >>717014
It's pretty sick. This won't be the first attempt but I'm glad FBI are watching these guys.

What sucks is all of us are gonna get less freedom and privacy if this becomes more common.

| >>717018 true, these types of people helped a lot in ruining the internet for everybody

| >>717018
If only more money went into education and mental health so ideologies like these doesn't gain momentum in the first place. Instead we have to pay for the aftermath. Shitsux

| Right wing-extremists gonna right-wing and ruin it for everyone, including themselves. I agree, shitsux.

| >>717025 wich aspect of education would you invest if you could? I dont think meltal health would help much in this situation

| If people were smarter they would think less about ideologies and sides and more about how ideas could improve society, extremist in general has always ruined things and caused more trouble than intended

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Thank God I'm northern european. We don't see crazies like these here.

| >>717008 Just reheated conpriboomer anti nwo stuff from 2008. Every ten years "oh no the nwo is putting their depoplution plan In motion any day now...any day now."

| >>716956
>2001 Bin Ladin: We need to export our terrorist mindset to the western world so they will become like us and ruin themselves for us.
>2020 Right Wing Extremism: can I has 2 beheadings??

| It's scary to think if something like Scientology could be done on a state or national scale with violent extremists.

Education and proper mental health care is key to prevent this in the future. But socioeconomic reasons play a role too.

| >>717130 I just find it funny that when you search it up you can can finds both articles and videos that call it fake but also propaganda telling how great a great reset would be, it really shows how divided things are nowadays

| Mods: Could you please remove all off-topic posts in this thread? It makes it very hard to read.

| >>717166 how about no?

| Oh shit they are talking abou t a topic that isnt the one I wanted to talk about censor them mods!!!

Its because of people like these that the internet is so controled and full of bubbles, normies thunking that they should have a safe space

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