Opinions on BLM?


| I don't care whether you're white, black, yellow or any other color you come up with. We're all equally worthless.

| >>715917 nice

| Too politicized and violent for an anti-violence organization.
Also this >>715917

| Its just another movement that only catters to one race and the ones with more radical thinking use violence and rally people up to incentivise needless destruction, tbh the movement isnt needed and its just common sense that all lives matter

| >>715925 true, that politization and violence is what ruins it

| >>715917 then why do I feel more worthless?

| >>715929 because you dont get enough love and this could mean 2 things:either you are a bad person and so people dont like your or you are sorrounded by bad people who like eachother but dont like you

| >>715917

Pretty much this.

| No shit all lives matter, the movement exists because it isn't reflected in society, and isn't common sense for a scarily large amount of people

| Excessively violent, destructive just to real their own political goals.

There are better ways to handle this, trashing stores and businesses of any kind make people hate you.

| >>716046
It's not the top of the BLM supporters that riot, trash stores etc. People from all over the political spectrum does that. Even right-wingers and racists (with proof) has trashed stores during the riots.

In parts of America black lives doesn't matter and have been killed killed for fun and racist reasons for decades if not centuries. The BLM movement is a response to that.

It's dishonest to claim that BLM supporters like Tom Hanks etc etc are rioters and looters.

| I can assure you if you lived in an area where white people were routinely killed and tortured for fun while the state and courts constantly ignore your suffering then you would've rioted too.

You certainly wouldn't accept it and be OK with it.

| Their political goal is sane, emphatic and unique to America among western nations. "Stop killing innocent black people. We matter."

| >>716066 yeah but when we live in a country far away from America that despite everything has a BLM chapter goes on and fucking wrecks people's belongings and stores, it'd be fucking weird if these were far-right blacks.

| It'd be better if we shipped off the far left and far right groups to kill each other, we have nothing to do with what happened over in the States but BLM seems to disagree, Antifa seems to disagree and subsequently assault those accused of wrongthink.

| >>716066 if you are gonna say that all sides use violence then you have to admit blm and antifa groups also use violente actions, face reality and dont use only it when its convenient for you

| It's easy to say that you blindly support a movement just to win brownie points among the angry ignorant sheeple, that probably might not care in the first place and see an opportunity to make money off of people like you. You are a puzzle piece to a hostile political climate and the reason why the right also has gotten an increase in popularity.

It would do you well to fight against both sides, not for the one that claims to care for you.

| >>716077
I think you're a little confused there... again.

This has absolutely nothing to do with what I just said?

| >>716104
If you're gonna label the BLM movement as violent and destructive without acknowledging it's non-violent leadership, non-violent supporters (Tom Hanks isn't a rioter lol) and overall message then you're intellectually dishonest. Who's the real sheeple here?


| >>716109 I still don't need political violence to achieve goals like BLM does and has used in the past. I don't need to smash up stores, steal others' property or destroy government property either.

I've not seen anyone denouncing the violence or expressing regret over it either aside from maybe people that aren't BLM.

I'll shoot your question back at you.

| >>716147
What the hell do you have to do with any of this wtf?

| They should denouce the violence in blm already instead of blaming the under cover right wing groups that somehow were never found and named, and its so weird that the protestors dont try to stop or separate themselves when the rioters start doing shit, its almost as if they support their actions and approve the violence, but no the actual blme isnt violemce they just aproove the violence of secret under cover right wing terrorist groups

| >>716195 We don't, but we got pulled into the mess when BLM formed chapters outside the US.

As I've said, we have had no part in whatever has happened in the US, and yet we are subject to the same treatment from members: trashing and thrashing.

Seems fair, doesn't it?

| As I've said, you are a puzzle piece in what's wrong with the world.

| >>716204
Can you make your point heard without getting personal? All you talk about is yourself and blame me for the worlds problems. You have made literally no other point...

It's downright dumb and very juvenile.

| >>715917
>We're all equally worthless.
Yeah, that's called nihilism.

| >>715925
How is BLM violent? Do the organizators promote violence against people?
Also why do you expect a political movement being apolitical? How should this work?

| >>715926
>Its just another movement that only catters to one race
Yeah, BLM is just like the nazis. They obviously want to enslave/purge all white people. Because this is what they always did in history. Poor whites.

| BLM is garbage

| >>716299
bad idea to compare them, at least 'nazis' were intellectuals or soldiers and had culture. BLM is basically street trash, like we have seen in human history time and time again

| >>716306
>at least 'nazis'
>were intellectuals
No. They believed in antisemitic fairytales, esoterics and pseudo-science. In fact they were anti-intelectuals.
>or soldiers
which wasn't really an achievement. But good you distinguish between intellectuals and soldiers.
>had culture
No, they only stole culture from the past and tried to revive it. The result was a braindead murderous zombie robot looking like a viking but driven with coal, oil and thought errors.

| >BLM is basically street trash, like we have seen in human history time and time again
The USA were founded by street trash. The french revolution was made by street trash. It seems like street trash can shape history.

| >>716329
total unfounded bias, you set out with an intention to discredit me and shut your brain off in the process. you even disrespect soldiers, you worthless couch scum
>The USA were founded by street trash
nigger are you calling jefferson, washington, etc street trash? so the founding fathers were street trash, what a retard
>The french revolution was made by street trash
yup and they guillotined everyone and terrorized the survivors, do you recall that part you trash?

| it's also humiliating for you to compare those apes with actual revolutionaries. the only thing these apes are fighting is cars and storefronts.
i won't let a faggy hypervocal minority ruin the world for the rest of us, sorry. i do recognize that it's shitting up danger/u/, but OP is to blame for making such a crappy bait thread in the first place. i never make such threads

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