Is democracy even real

| It isn't even that complicated anymore. The endless lawsuits trying to throw votes out is beyond sad. Democracy is only okay when its convenient. They say they would die before any commie is on American soil but they have always used so much voter suppression throwing out countless votes that conveniently go against them. Not to mention the political system is pretty much a play. Dems and republicans both just feed their own power endlessly.

| In the same way that using fraudulentic tatics is not democratic, throwing votes is not democratic, but if the find votes that arent legal then its right to throw away these votes, truth is important for democracy, recounting is also good for safety.

I actually like the instigations, since at the end if they dont find anything there is no fraud, if they find we learn the truth

| the fact that it must be debated on both sides that democracy is even working should be enough evidence that it is not in fact working

truth is pretty much non existent today its all about how loud the media screams and how many youtubers make the big funny

wacky times

| all about wedging people apart and pushing them against each other

| >>715606 true, thats even why I want the instigations, investigations and etc, cuz when the truth comes out there wont be 2 worlds anymore just the plain truth and people will have to accept it, not more midia controling and giving biased info

| kind of worrying we have to worry about the integrity of the nation like this

| >>715608 better then not worrying at all and being suprised that something fishy is going on, the division wasnt intentional, its a reflection that something trying to take over more power, and tbh even if we find the truth there will still be a divide in the population, we will just know if we can trust the midia or not

| worrying is good but it is mildly manufactured they make these stories to distract us from what we all should be worried about to distract us from all of the really bad decisions on both sides

like making it pretty much illegal to be homeless in cities during lockdown so they were sent to jail and fined making it even harder for them to get a home

| >>715610 true, but like, its hard to just solve everything, if we dont start solving things we will never solve anything

| social problems like homelessness shouldn't have to be solved or hidden by the news not acknowledging it ether

Like we should all agree that homelessness is not a good thing and should be fixed and could be fixed if enough people threw enough money at it but people like their money so won't help

the cycle of life i suppose

| >>715615 nah chucking money wont solve poverty, think about it, if we just give money then it wont have value, we need to give jobs so they earn money, and also incentivise people to create jobs, this is easier with better economy and education, it was going well and poverty was decreasing but then covid came...

| By creating jobs I mean peopl creating their own brands and services wich also requires that we separete monopolies and investigate the corruption of both the elite and the poor, jobs loke content creators are a nice example or creating a job

| throwing money at the problem mostly refers to making decent public housing counseling career coaches creating proper social safety nets and to help them afford the bare minimum we have like food and clothes

sadly a lot of jobs require a lot of training or skills that take free time to develop which if you have to fight to live you don't have and the likely hood of a 60 year old with near no documentation or solid job history getting hired is low

| Democracy is real, but exists only demo version, for full release we must wait..

| Just like communism, its just a side of the same coin. Nothing is perfect in this world, not even us troglodytes.

| bro who donated for the democracy kickstarter -_-

| US democracy is not the only type of democracy out there. The 2-party system is maddening

| all my homies hate the 2 party system

| Democracy in the USA: A Ochlocracy, threatened by Oligarchy and recently also by a tyrant. They failed on all levels of reign, because everything is determined by egoistic individuals. The collective is worth nothing, except for destroying everything and everyone that resists this dogma.

| >>715621
>content creators are a nice example or creating a job
It's a nice example of how to monetize information and making consumers and creators dependent to platform providers. It also illustrates perfectly how information quality decreases. Stupid bullshit entertainment trash and fake news got the most reach and are rewarded the most.

| >>715626
So you suggest austerity?
Face it: The USA, the global capital of global capitalism, made their most big steps by MASSIVE public inventions. See the "New Deal" or educational reforms in order of the Sputnik-Shock and founding of research institutions like (D)arpa or Nasa (mostly with militaristic background)

| >>716340 ok you clearly dont know how this line of work works, no content creator is obligated to stay on that plataform, unless they get a contract, and also they are creating their own brands, so many content creator moved to other jobs after they got big or started companies around it, so dont be ignorant about such an important shift into job market

| >>716354
>so many
Ah, the good old "everyone can make it" myth. It's just a question of effort isn't it? Even if this was true (which is not the case) there is another truth:
Not everyone will and can make it. We have a class society, which only works because most people HAVE TO do the dirty and shitty paid jobs even if they deserve better. Nepotism, pathological egomania and last but not least luck are the most important factors to economical success.

| >>716638 I think you are missing the point hard, these TYPE of jobs will be even more prominent and popular when machines take over and thats the thing Im talking about

| >>716644
I think you are missing the point hard. Machines didn't take over yet. And hopefully they won't ever - but this is really a different discussion.
But independent from how "smart" (an overused marketing term) machines are or become there is a much more important question: Who has the rights to order them what to do? And here we come back to the issue of ownership. Technological advance isn't democratically and it won't solve issues of humanity on its own.

| >>716920 you do realise that I was talking as in a near future of if machines took most jobs right? If not, then you missed the point, its already implied that somebody has control over it and the laws are stablished so stop dragging it

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