Trump Counties Make Up Just 29 Percent of U.S. Economic Output, 2020 Election Study Shows

| Counties won by Democratic President-elect Joe Biden make up 70 percent of all U.S. economic output—or gross domestic product (GDP)—a new post-election study finds.

Biden has repeated the phrase "there are no blue states or red states, just the United States" in several appeals to President Donald Trump's voters since being named President-elect Saturday.

| But the more than 75.6 million votes Biden won in the 2020 election led him to victory in nearly all of the country's top 100 most powerful local economies. Meanwhile, Trump voter counties make up less than one-third of the country's economic output.

| Despite the Trump campaign and Republicans railing against "socialism" for years, it is so-called blue states who have the lowest balance of payment ratios. Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts lead the country among states which pay out far more than they receive back in federal funds. Left-leaning economists say blue states essentially subsidize red states, which overwhelmingly accept more federal funds compared to what they produce.

| https://www.newsweek.com/trump-counties-make-just-29-percent-us-economic-output-2020-election-study-shows-1546951

Gang of parasites pulling everyone else down

| Didnt you notice? All the big cities, wich have the highest but also the most sensitive economy and a overall lower citizenhappines rate, are blue states? Also bold of you to assume red states are parasites, they are more independent self sustainable too, most blue states couldnt function by themselves, its not just that but where are big cities there are the elites so ofcourse 70% of the money is there, it all makes sense no one is leeching anyone.

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>red states, which overwhelmingly accept more federal funds compared to what they produce.

This doesn't sound independent to me. I think you're telling a fib again.

| Paradox: The people who live in the countryside are upset they don't benefit from the capitalism in the cities and blame socialism for it. Just continue to lower taxes and replace public institutions by private ones, and things will become worse. The romantic live in the countryside are only rentable because they are subventioned from the urban regions, which represent much more a society split into economical classes then the country. Who's the evil socialist here?

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i know right! just like Africa and all 3rd worlders. all of these useless fuckers contribute nothing to the world. in contrast, China is the second biggest economy in the world! long live the PRC and the CPC! put those pennyless muslims in cages, that's where they belong! China strong!

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