EFF Launches New Podcast: How to Fix the Internet

| Over the course of 6 episodes, we'll consider how current tech policy isn't working well for users and invite experts to join us in imagining a better future... It's easy to see all the things wrong with the modern Internet, and how the reality of most peoples' experience online doesn't align with the dreams of its early creators. How did we go astray and what should we do now? And what would our world look like if we got it right...?

| In each episode, we are joined by a guest to examine how the current system is failing, consider different possibilities for solutions, and imagine a better future. After all, we can't build a better world unless we can imagine it.

| We are launching the podcast with two episodes: The Secret Court Approving Secret Surveillance, featuring the Cato Institute's specialist in surveillance legal policy Julian Sanchez; and Why Does My Internet Suck?, featuring Gigi Sohn, one of the nation's leading advocates for open, affordable, and democratic communications networks. Future episodes will be released on Tuesdays.

| https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2020/11/introducing-how-fix-internet-new-podcast-eff



| Other topics to be covered by the podcast mini-series:

The third-party doctrine [which asserts "no reasonable expectation of privacy"]
Barriers to interoperable technology
Law enforcement's use of face recognition technology
Digital first sale and the resale of intellectual property


| Hope thdy can actually come up with something nice

| >>715303
Who's thdy?

| >>715310 sorry meant "they"

| I'm not normally interested in podcasts, but maybe I'll give this one a shot.

| >>715310

The Electronic Frontier Foundation, basically a pro internet rights/privacy group in the U.S.

| >>715202 isn't the Cato institute a right wing think tank through?

| >>715791
I have no idea my dude. Care to shine some more light on what you mean by that?

| >>715792 Its a right wing libertarian think tank founded by the Koch brothers. I respect the EFF but I would value this project to be non partisan I'd feel the same way if they had some far left group on.

| >>715880
Inviting experts from all over the spectrum seems non-partisan to me.

| >>716071 I'd never consider the Kochs experts. These rat bags have always had an agenda and the capital to back it up.

| >>715791 I listened to the episode. The interviewee did suggest moving the secret court's duties to preexisting courts, which would fall in line with Cato's libertarianism, but supported it with good arguments as to why that was the right way to fix this. While I think it is generally right to doubt the Cato Institute, in this case they have a good solution. I would NOT have trusted a Cato speaker for the second episode's subject.

| >>715791
The cato institute is a libertarian think-tank hq. Libertarians are anti-autocratic right-wingers (yeah such a thing exists). Even thought they share some goals and ideals with left groups, they have a strict pro-capitalist and anti-government/estate agenda. They agree that the current form of capitalism is flawed (monopolism, interventionism, corruption, nepotism) But they don't put the blame on capitalism itself but on a (from their pov) too "socialist" policy.

| From what I've learned so far, they are pretty reasonable - to a certain point. They value individual freedom and materialism. The problem is that they are too dogmatic/idealistic if it's about capitalism. They don't recognize its inner contradictions and they also tend to blame leftist and socialist ideas and movements for the failure of capitalism - which is ridiculous. The're also a bit ignorant on real world issues and only rely on that more capitalism will somehow solve all.

| >>717224 the problem isnt socialism, its corruption, artificial inflation and poor management

| >>717226
Yeah, you're right. But that's not what libertarians say. They say capitalism is ruined by too much public/estate interventionism which is socialism to them. In fact there ARE issues with estate pampering certain industries but this is independent from the political alignment of the current governments. And I would even go so far to say it's not really a malfunction of capitalism, but a result of it.

| >>717232 yeah people will be people so corruption will exist in any society

| >>717282
Yeah, but the issue with capitalism is, that it expects, rewards and relies on such behavior. People aren't inherently good/bad or whatever. It's massively dependent on how a society and/or system allows or expects them to be.

| >>717516 all systems have a reward system, capitalism just accentuates that, corruption exists in all systems because it isnt about society its about people being greedy

| The weirdest and funniest thing about libertarians is the massive part of them(anarcho-capitalists) don't understand that capitaism won't exist without centralized political power(government). If destroy governments they still in future shall reappear. So I consider that most of them just dont like the word "goverment". Or other's of the same.

| >>717562
>all systems have a reward system
Yeah, but capitalism clearly favors capital owners over workers - in a massive and increasing way. The dimensions we're talking about are so ridiculous, that most people can't estimate. And politics seems not only unwilled to do something about it, no they even make it worse instead due to corruption and great lobby work. Also public democratic estates and their laws seems like a joke compared to big companies.

| >>717692
During economical prospering periods, a slim, liberal and democratic estate is possible.
During economical crisis, a strong, authoritarian estate is for sure.
The interesting question is: on which side of economical classes it will stand?

| >>718435 not really, if you investigate troughly, all the elites have some illegal or shady things going on, most of these people dont deserve the money they have, not only that but the people are also at fault for consuming their products and giving them money in the first place, peopel being greedy will and has always been the main problem in society

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