Trump greets thousands of suppoerters gathered in Washington D.C. to falsely claim he won election

| On Saturday, a motley crowd of several thousand Trump supporters, GOP voters, white nationalists, militant groups and conspiracy theorists descended on Pennsylvania Avenue and Freedom Plaza near the White House to voice their support for the president, who has yet to acknowledge his loss to now President-elect Biden.

| Though almost no legal experts think Trump has any real chance to change the outcome, the president has been encouraging his supporters to make noise. Emerging Saturday morning from the White House in his own red "MAGA" hat, the presidential limousine weaved through Freedom Plaza as crowds cheered and waved.

| Many participants poured in from other cities; Biden won nearly 95% of the capital's vote. Few masks could be seen among the march's attendees as they moved past the plywood still covering many businesses in downtown Washington that boarded up windows amid the summer's protests against injustice, and out of a fear of possible election-related violence, which largely hasn't materialized.

| On Friday evening, Trump spoke from the Rose Garden in his first public address since losing the election, taking credit for a promising coronavirus vaccine while at the same time ignoring the rising death toll from the pandemic.

Cindy Chafian of Women for America First spoke to the crowd, seeming to mock Washington's COVID-19 guidelines. "Wear a mask, unless you're with family — hello, family," she said, to laughter.

| https://www.npr.org/2020/11/14/934957728/trump-supporters-descend-on-d-c-for-events-contesting-election-results


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