Another law firm for trumps campaign just backed out from the lawsuit

| He's literally shooting himself in the foot, and doesn't seem to care

| They backed out because people were harassing them

| "The development comes as Trump’s political opponents have sought to put public pressure on law firms assisting what many legal experts view as a meritless and likely fruitless campaign to try to thwart President-elect Joe Biden from taking office despite the fact that major media outlets have declared Biden the victor and the near-final counts showing Biden thousands of votes ahead in the key battleground states."

| "Some Trump critics including Republicans affiliated with the Lincoln Project have indicated they planned to pressure the commercial clients of law firms representing the campaign to drop the firms if they continued with the court fight on behalf of the president."

Cheap dirty tricks

| Either or this year has been a joke on both sides. They're not just clowns, they both are the circus.

| >>714978 true

| >>714978
Nah, Trump's side is a 100 times worse than Bidens. There's no question about it and claiming otherwise is intellectually dishonest.

| >>f5712e
This doesn't look like harassment to me. It looks like common sense and I'm glad people from all sides of the political spectrum sees it.

Filling the courts with frivolous lawsuits that will _never_ go anywhere is a loss for everyone.

| >>715176 if its gonna lose let it lose, dont intefere,thats common sense, if something big comes out then this means he was right if it doesnt he was fool, all that matters is the truth not who is looking for the truth

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