revenge activism ? (small brain thread)

| is it a thing? like when you get pressured by SJWs too much you become an SJW yourself out of spite or something. or when you get cancelled so you wish to cancel someone else idk man

| >>714795 some people arw just that dumb

| >>c5728e what no I was surrounded by sjws in college and voted the opposite way out of spite

| Sigggh

Activism has nothing to do with cancelling or peer pressure but sure bud college cringe comp 2014 lmao goteeeeeeem

| >>d65d85 I was referencing what OP was on about but if you can't bother to read the thread go right on ahead g/u/rl

| >>714920

My response is perfectly in line with the thread and wasnt at all a response or attack on you, but stay defensive

| Moved to /news/.

| >>715061 thx

| >>714795
>is it a thing?
Yes, it descibes exactly what the "alt-right" does.

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