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CNN looked into the 50 names that the Trump cult is claiming are dead people who voted in Michigan and the results are exactly what you expect

| Surprise, surprise: 37 were dead and didn't vote, 8 are alive and well but didn't vote, and 5 are alive and did vote. Source: https://www.cnn.com/2020/11/08/tech/michigan-dead-voter-fact-debunking/index.html

| All of this is to install a feeling in his base of being cheated so they keep donating to him. The grift doesn't stop. Trump TV will be next.

| https://i.imgur.com/yuoHcYt.jpg

| CNN is fake news.

| I think it is best to wait and see where these lawsuits go, there could still be things to file for and I dont think he will put everything out.

In the end its best to wait, his chances of actually proving fraud are slim but he cpuld try to expose flaws in the system, tho if that could swing it to his favor is a whole nother story, I just wanna see what comes from it, so wating is best and I hope they investigate as much as possible so we can know the truth

| >>713962
They're not gonna go anywhere. Even Fox News reports that trump's evidence is very flimsy.


| >>713966 as I said, there could be more to file for, just be patient and see how it ends, in a worst case scenario they could just do another election, and at a best there really was no fraud

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>there could be more to file for

But there isn't. How uneducated are you about the things you talk about wtf?

| >>714013 as I said there could be more, you know what hypoteticals mean right?

| Hey remember when CNN blackmailed someone for a WWE meme? Trustworthy, morally-upright company, those folks. I dunno about you guys but I would sell my firstborn child to them.

| >>714143 as My father once said "this is why I only watch TV"

| >Trump wins all lawsuits
>Votes are recounted
>Biden loses the recount
>Amazing salt
please please please

| >>714175 the biggest fuck you of 2020 thats for sure, buy Im still not sure it will happen

| >>714183
it would be amazing

| >>714175 wow you're dilusional

| >>714190
no no no, the salt is AFTER he is reelected

| >>714059
Retard, if you actually read up a bit you would've known that there is no more.

Pulling hypothetical scenarios from thin air and use it as an argument is completely and utterly dumb.

| >>714203
the salt... what does it mean?

| >>714203 you are so ignorant...

| He filled another one yesterday, so yes there is more

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Wouldn't that make it a completely different lawsuit than the one we're talking about? Way to grasp for straws lmao.

| >>714214 yes it would duh, this only proves that he has more evidence and cases for investigation. You talk as if you are an expert

| >>714216
Pfft, you crack me up sometimes.

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