Trump attorney openly admits to judge under penalty of perjury that there’s no election fraud

| An attorney for the Trump campaign admitted in court on Tuesday that a lawsuit against the local elections board is not alleging election fraud.

Trump campaign attorney Jonathan S. Goldstein made the statement while arguing that the Montgomery County Board of Elections must halt the counting of 592 mail-in ballots.

During the oral arguments, the judge asked Goldstein if the campaign is alleging fraud.

| “Your Honor, accusing people of fraud is a pretty big step,” Goldstein said. “And it is rare that I call somebody a liar, and I am not calling the Board or the DNC or anybody else involved in this a liar.”

“I am asking you a specific question,” the judge pressed, “and I am looking for a specific answer. Are you claiming that there is any fraud in connection with these 592 disputed ballots?”

“To my knowledge at present, no,” Goldstein replied.

| “Are you claiming that there is any undue or improper influence upon the elector with respect to these 592 ballots?” the judge asked.

“To my knowledge at present, no,” Goldstein conceded.

| The National Review, a conservative publication, noted that Trump campaign lawsuits like the one in Montgomery County have been ending “not with a bang, but a whimper.”

“It is one thing to fume on Twitter that there is a sinister effort to steal an election; it is another thing to assert that sweeping claim in a court of law, before a judge, under penalty of perjury and/or disbarment,”

| https://www.rawstory.com/2020/11/trump-attorney-openly-admits-to-judge-under-penalty-of-perjury-that-theres-no-election-fraud/

| are 592 ballots even enough to flip a state?

| >>714020
No, but I don't think that was the endgoal either. It's about spreading FUD and riling up his supporters. If you can convince them that they "lost" because of voter fraud then they won't accept the new president and continue to stay loyal and angry so they're easier to grift and manipulate.

| >>714025 careful, thats conspiracy theory territory

| And?

| >>714062
Nah, it's just common sense.

A politician lying about voting fraud doesn't do anything for you? Are you stupid or something?

| >>714208 no its conspiracy theory, dont lie to yourself, he still going trough the process so we dont know if its a lie yet, if nothing comes out then its a lie but if somthing ends up being exposed then there was at least a huge mistake in the counting and at most actual fraud

| >>714209
Lol sure buddy

| >>d2ca80 the whole idea is to make his base question the integrity of the election. It doesn't matter if he wins or loses, its that they think he DESERVES to have won

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