Texas teen investigated after calling on other Trump supporters to help ‘assassinate Joe Biden’

| A video circulated over the weekend showing the teenager displaying guns and asking other supporters of President Donald Trump to meet up and “assassinate Joe Biden,” reported KTRK-TV.

“This is as clear cut of a case of a terroristic threat as I’ve ever seen,” said attorney Steve Shellist, who isn’t involved in the case. “There are still crimes, and you can prosecute someone as a minor, it would just be handled in a different way.”

| https://www.rawstory.com/2020/11/texas-teen-investigated-after-calling-on-other-trump-supporters-to-help-assassinate-joe-biden/

| Because people wanting to kill trump dont exist at all, there is nothing suprising there

| >>713956
>ThE LeFt iS vIoLeNt!

Where are these people and why do we never see them?

If what you're claiming is true how come there are 0 arrests and/or allegations that proves it?

| >>713961 on the internet jus like the guy who wanted to kill biden, the midia just doesnt talk about it, there are people that want to kill any person with any reputation out there, millions of people get investigated every yr, they talked about biden because he is the most relevant and the most possible future president

| >>713979
Strange how no one has confirmed anything like that on the Internet though. Sounds like made up bullshit from your part.

But please, share these sekrit internet proofs if you can(lol we know you can't, liar).

| tl;dr

There is no "midia" conspiracy to hide anti-trump assassins in America from the public view.

It's insane that you genuinely believe this to be true. But then again, nothing you've shared on this site has been rooted in reality so it's not surprising.

Also, please don't turn this thread into another one of your derailing shitposts-sessions. Enough is enough.

| >>713979 There were people who expressed the desire for Trump to be assassinated, but I certainly have never heard anybody call for actual action to specific people as this person has done. If you could even send a highly biased source, maybe that would change that, but "THE MEDIA WONT TELL YOU CONSPIRACY" is not a convincing argument.

| >>714019 yet even a declaration that you will murder a president one way or another can and will be perceived as an actionable threat.

| >>714019 thats what Im saying tho, there is peoplec wanting kill anywhere but imagine if the midia covered every case, it would be stupid, Im not saying its a conspiracy just that it happens.

Remember when trump got covid? A bunch of people were whishing for a medical error or just his death in general, some people were doing ritualistic actions to wish death.

People are crazy and there will always be someone crazy enough to actually take action

| >>714055
The thing is saying that you want to kill someone and actively attempting it are two very different things.

Trump supporters are the only one who are doing the latter. No other side of the political spectrum are doing this.

Except for muhammad worshipping extremists. They do it too.

| >>714211 They didn't attempt yet.

| >>714215
Uh, he tried to rally people to get together and kill. That's the attempt and it's very very criminal.

| >>714218 but they didnt take actual action(wich is still bad tbh), if rallying up people is a crime then there a huge hipocrisy on the part of the justice, double standarts suck, cant they just arrest all the people gathering groups? Why only target specific ones?
I wonder where this will lead people

| >>714222
He did take actual action by attempting to gather people for murder. That is the first step.

| >>714228 may people have taken this first step on the internet and didny get any repercussion(some cases did, obviously but most are just ignored)

| >>714231
If many people did what he did then we would've all seen it by now. But since no one has made any facebook videos about wanting to kill other political leaders then it's safe to assume that it never happened.

But please, post links to all these "many people" you claim exists. I'm waiting.(and don't stall and/or deflect this time, k?)

| >>714246 links for social midida groups and post of people wanting to commit crimes, sorry but I dont follow any those, most of what I've seen were screenshots journals on TV like a normal person would find them in the first place, do you know any links to groups of other evil trump supporters? If you dont then you cant just ask that from me either, not everyone has a link ready for every discussion they find online, be mindful of that

| >>714251
If you don't follow them, don't read them and have never seen them then how can you know they exist?

Because they don't exist, that's why.

*sigh* Just another one of your dry ramblings that never leads anywhere.

When your modus operandi is making a claim about something ridicilous that you can't back up with even an ounce of proof you may be an idiot.

How many times have you been trying this? When will you realize that it _never_ worked?

| >>714257 god, I just said I saw them but they were screenshots on news and shit, you got some tunnel vison

| >>714261
Yes, so you admit to never having seen them. You saw secondary sources from "midia" that may or may not be altered, correct? You can't validate if they're true or that they even existed, correct?

| You don't trust the "midia" yourself most of the time, except just this once when you desperatly need something to "prove" your point in leu of actual evidence.

Seriously, when will you realize that your modus operandi has _never_ worked?

| And also, why do you always put way more effort into trying to defend violence and murder than any other topic? I still remember you defending that right wing terrorist shooter for example.

| >>714269 isnt the midia where you get the news of violent trump supporters? I will entertain your logic for a bit, but I will need your help, give me a site of your choice to get proof of what Im saying, a source that you trust, just tell the name, I will find something there to prove my point

| >>714271 I didnt defend anyone, Im actually trying to show the more violence, but you refuse to accept that violence comes from both sides and I even said multiple times that I want these people to be arrested so Im not defending anyone

| >>714273
Not only the media, but also the courts, FBI, Oxford University, numerous sovereign states etc etc. There are also tons of amateur and professional shots of Trump supporters acting violent.

Yet there are not really any substainable evidence of such videos being even remotely common for other politically aligned parties.

| Somehow you're the only one who claims these videos and photos exists yet no one else in the entire world are talking about them.

Gee, I wonder why~

| >>714292 but isnt the midia untrustful? Why would you belive these sources that clearly dont show raw footage?

| >>714276
I can accept it if you can prove it.

But you can't. Because you lied.

| >>714293 ok mystery pig you are just full of ass, you deviated too much, where is the trustworthy sources for me show you?

| And before you're trying to move the goalpost in leu of posting evidince(again) I feel I must point out that we're talking about substantional politically motivated violence here.

Not the fact that everyone can be violent. That was never the topic so don't try to move the goalpost pls.

| >>714296
Stop stalling and prove your ridicilous claim already!

| >>714297 god now thats stupid, if anyone can be violen then any side can have violence, dont act dumb

| >>714298 give me a source YOU wouldnt question so I can prove it

| >>714294
I don't follow your sentiment about the "midia". You're the only one with blind distrust, not me. So no, your logic doesn't apply here.

I'm fully aware how to fact check and reach the truth about claims in media articles. If there's interest(by any other poster that might be reading this) I can create a thread about it.

| >>714300
Stop stalling and prove your ridicilous claim already!

| I say left-wing terrorism is a minor issue to right-wing terrorism as left-wing extremism is a minor problem to right-wing extremism.
There is many empirical AND logical evidence why this is true.

| If people harmed in the name of right-winged ideologies it is usually inherent part of the ideology (cultural/ethnical/racial/religious/national supremacism, social darwinism, etc.) Right wing ideologies are often openly in opposition to universal principles like human rights, because they take particular groups out of this rights for such arbitrary reasons like the size of their nose, the shape of their mustaches or how they foster their dooryard.

| If people are harmed in the name of left-winged ideologies, it's contradictory to universalist principles like humanism, which is inherent part of all leftist ideologies. That's why they hide or excuse it as a "temporary, necessary evil". The left defines their enemies not on such arbitrary properties as the right. Basically there are two main enemies. The 1st is the social-economical uperclass. The 2nd is everyone who disagrees on the 1st one.

| Nevertheless the contradictions of left-wing ideologies and left-winged terrorism were historically massive. Namely the "reign of terror" during french revolution or the "red terror" in soviet russia. The ultimate pervertion of leftists ideas was performed by tyrants like stalin, mao, pol pot, etc. All todays leftists disagree on those peoples policy - and many, many died for doing so in the past.

| The different ways on how leftists and rights look on history results in different capabilities to learn from it. Of course there are currents within both lairs that make an exception from this generalization, but in the whole they don't matter that much. The tendencies are clear: The right tends to idealize/romanticize the past and rather sees superficial or even supernatural factors as a driver behind history. The left has a way more critical and materialistic view on history.

| This explains why there today left-winged extremism/terrorism plays a waaaaay inferior role in quality and quantity compared to right wing extremism since World War 2 and even more since the end of stalinism and maoism and ultimately with the collapse of the soviet union (china is still there and the great free western world economically sucks their dicks, no matter if conservative or liberal).

| >>715089 I agree with you. But with regards to this:

>The left defines their enemies not on such arbitrary properties as the right. Basically there are two main enemies. The 1st is the social-economical uperclass. The 2nd is everyone who disagrees on the 1st one.

I don't think the 'left wing' extremism that people get upset about is extremism by... actual leftists. It's really progressives they're complaining about, and many progressives do define their enemies as a...

| faction of those who disagree, not based on meaningful differences.

| >>714296 goddamn it is strange seeing my name in an argument not involving me

| >>715106
The thing is, that it isn't just "disagree on something". It's about disagreeing with universalism and/or the idea of social-economical determination of identity/history. Right wingers thinking is inherently sectional and idealistic (philosophically). Their enemy schemes are much more divers and sometimes even contradictory to each others (current example: islamists and islamophobes).

| >>713961
>Burn Loot Murder
yep close your eyes everybody

| A very interesting thing is how right-winged propaganda often puts other contradicting right-winged movements together with leftists movements in their enemy portray -e ither as puppets or puppet masters.
Again an example:
Islamists see both socialism and western right-extremism (nationalism, racism) as an expression of materialstic, western imperialism.
Western right-extremists see socialism,, islam and even capitalistic globalization as an expression of evil leftist conspiracy.

| >>715122
same thing with the left btw
too broad

| >>715128
Can you explain how you mean this? Also an example could be helpful.

| >>715297
No, >>715128 was just the usual relativistic allegations:
> the right and left are both evil
> I'm a centrist
> the world is dominated by jewish/feminist/muslim/communist conspiracy
> I'm not right-winged, I'm neutral
> But the fucking immigrants, they steel our jobs and don't belong here because their culture.
> <True centrist
> left/right=all the same
> even thought the left is worse, because they're so powerful
> but I'm centre, believe me. So neutral.

| >>716333 are you a centrist?

| >>713961
Some British guy already tried to kill Trump

| >>716339
no, but sarcastic.

| >>716844
What a pity.

| >>717218 political assasination is overrated

| >>717219
Not if it's a tyrant murder.

| >>717804 wtf

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