Utah man arrested after telling police he was on his way to assassinate Democratic senator Claire McCaskill

| A Utah man who was pulled over for speeding on Wednesday told police that he was on his way to assassinate former Sen. Claire McCaskill, the Deseret News reports.

George William Stahl, 36, was booked into jail Wednesday and faces charges of making a threat of terrorism, speeding, drug possession and driving under the influence.

| Police say Stahl was driving at speeds of up to 130 mph during a snowfall. He came to a stop after highway patrol spiked his tires. He told officers he was high on LSD, Adderall and beer, and “stated that he was on his way to Missouri to kill (McCaskill) if she wasn’t dead already.”

Police say Stahl “made several real threats to Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill. He stated that he was on his way to Missouri to kill her several times.”

| https://www.rawstory.com/2020/11/utah-man-arrested-after-telling-police-he-was-on-his-way-to-assassinate-msnbc-contributor-claire-mccas/

| These people who are willing to do anything for something are scum

| I like how the link is "msnbc contributor claire mccaskill" instead of senator. the things that must be done for search engine optimization.

| What is wrong with these people lmao

| >>714285 trying to run away I see

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