| It is just me, or things around corona started make people paranoid? I have feel that people started believe in conspiracy theories more than for example year ago.. before i do remember 5g stuffs.. and now is here Bill Gates, Government control, corona "is" flu and this kind of conspiracies, and they stopping wearing face masks because of it..

| >>705955 I think the problem is that, while it is dangerous and people should be afraid of it, you cant say anything positive or or anything in the likes if "we had worse in the past", then a bunch of restardsa n de midia starts flock over you and say that you are downplaying the pandemic.
I respect all the rules and barely left my house in 6 months yet if I say that corona isnt that bad Im a monster that kills people.

| Like, no wonders people are paranoid, all they see is negative news and everytime somebody says something positive they are called bad and branded as fake news. Thats just too extreme and idiotic to do.

| >>706031 i don't want judge media, they are saying only what people says (or at least in my country) i do live as hikikomori, i was for 7 months outside just 5-15 days and it was only important things.. i have all informations just over media..

>>706032 idk, but i'm also seeing negative news, i predict them in some way that it won't going better until will exists vaccine, but it's not making me feel that Corona is a Flu or that it's secret plan made by Bill Gates, why Gates wtf xd

| >>706078 the thing is, that if people become more paranoid them they are more prone to create, belive or search for conspiracy theories, since they are desperate they will try to find a solution(even if its an absurd), that why you see people saying that 5g causes corona and that if we destroy the towers the virus will disappear, it makes people feel safer and that its under their control, even if it isnt

| So they have problem with accept reality, how is?

| Corona only accelerates processes that already have started long before. Under the surface we still only experience nothing but the consequences of the very same crisis that is going on for hundreds of years now. And as long this crisis remains untouched, things will get worse. And the more things get worse the more unlikely it becmomse that this crisis will be solved.

| Yeah´╝î The Deep State set many labs around the world, They want to dominate the world throgh Corona.

| I miss when conspiracies where harmless late night fun internet or radio stuff about UFOs, time travel or area51 and it didn't fuck the world up or cause real harm.

| >>706494 too, they was cute :c
>>706295 i wasn't thinking like it, but i'm agreeing with it.. but what is way people stop believe in conspiracies?

| >>706537
>but what is way people stop believe in conspiracies?
I suggest treating people who believe in conspiracy theories like missionaries trying to convert native tribes to christianity:
1. listen to them, study them and analyze their culture/world view.
2. show interest in their beliefs as if you were honestly considering they could be true
3. Don't stop asking for details and/or for what comes next.
4. Every time they have no or weak answers, try introducing your concepts.

| >>706836 Missionaries trying to convert natives are more like "pray to my god or I cut your limbs one by one" though. And it would be more efficient.

| >>706889

| >>706836

I'd say this is a great way to approach any argument or even light conversation regardless of whether it's a conspiracy or not. Giving the other side a level of respect that they're probably not used to eases them out of the defensive bunker they've formed, so to speak.

| >>706931 Haha yeah, because religions have always been a source of peace and tolerance. Not like every religious event has always been about killing people who didn't agree.

| >>707044 well historcally has been about both and more, mantaining the peace and killing those who disagree, while also serving as a substitute for science, religion is an outdated concept but you cant say it is evil, its just not fit for our current society

| >>707078 Beliefs aren't evil, for religions I wouldn't be sure. Science existed with religion, omly "modern" ones decided to fight against it and try to replace it.
Religions were a good thing for dictatorships, but that's basically all..

| >>707101

| >>707113 I would say "not that well educated"

| >>707113 >>707274 Don't be salty boys

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