The left is full of ass and im rebelling agains them

| my awakening was when i learned that they pity the black(wich I am), they gays, the woman but never the quiet kid(me), the nerd(me) or the bullied guy(me), if they cant empatise with these people then they full of ass when it comes to inclusivity, everything is now racist, nazist and homofobic, but these people dont know what it is to be descriminated by who you are, fuck the left, Im 18

| Quite late to rebel but hell yeah!!

Most people who preach abput those things never even suffered discrimination, I got bullied, alredy got called a monkey and a dirty nigger, I was excluded from most school activites and nobody gives a shit about me unless I use the race card, so fuck them!

| bruh

Bullying sucks ass, I went through it myself, but all the things you've named have nothing to do with politics at all. People like this exist among both left and right wings.

| >>704933 why is it that politics have to be involved when talking about inclusivity? This makes you no better then right who needs religion to be nice to others! Thats a big fat bullshit!! Nobody cares about others and you dont really care too if thats your arguement

| >>704935
"Nobody cares about others" just reveals more about you than human nature dude, what the hell.
This is like when Dennis Prager admitted he would be a rapist if there wasn't laws to stop him from raping and blamed it on human nature. Sociopath shit

| >>704954 you full of ass dude, Nice try, how does that show that I dont care about anyone? I care more about oyhers then those leftists who think they are better because they "fight racism" or those righitsts that install the "good morals", these people only do good for those who are part of their group, if you dont belong they wil exclude, shame and treat you poorly.
You are full of bullshit if me saying that nobody cares is the "mask fallimg off"!

| Also im not judging them for being nice because they follow a hive mind, im judging because they preach their values for only especific groups and choose to inclide others.
Society keeps ignoring the "losers" no wonders they become simps, incels and other things, unless you are popular or from a minority considered oppresed, society will crush you and treat you like trash

| You dont need to be nice to everybody but treat people equally for fuck sake! People are so hipocrate and yet they wanna preach equallity, at least the right doesnt preach equality unlike the left that is a circlejerk of "being nice and inclusive"

| And if you wanna say something in the lines of "well its their fault for not adapting, overcomming and trying to fit in" I dare you to say that to any group that is considered oppressed!

| >>704926 i kjnda understand you, i'm all confused with my political positioning by now, i used to think that i was center-left, but i completely gave up since the "new left" is now composed basically by that pseudo-soviet twitter LGBTQJDBDSJF+ green hair person that goes out cancelling everybody for everything while exclude other people in the proccess. If this parrot-talking false moralism don't stop i think that the left will not be taken seriously even in a thousand years

| not that i like the right so much too, most of em are fattie riches, boomers that can't accept that things change or creepy identity crisis 17~35 years old guys with fantasies of power and obsessed over extremely specific things

| >I don't get enough attention so I'm gonna throw a tantrum and vote against the nice people

| Black is sus

| >>705075 tell that to a woman, a gay person or a black person, when they complain about life and politics, I fucking dare you!

| >>705049 Both sides suck but at least one isnt hipocrate, Im,
In a realistic way, center left too and I always put emphasis on center

| >>705131
Why would I do that? Women, gay people and black people have real problems you know.

OP is just a kid throwing a tantrum because people doesn't give him enough attention which he for some reason believes he is entitled to.

| >>705156 see, you the worst type of person, whats the diferrence between bullies and racist or a homophobe? They are all people who treat other bad for superficial reasons, if you fail to see that then you dont really care about others.
Real problmes my ass everyone has problems and thats just an excuse to select the people you feel like helping!

| >>705156 also fuck you! You dont know how bad my situation was, at least ask that you insensitive hipocrate! Some people get beat up and mugged, ridiculed and a lot of other scary shit, just like the kkk pursuing person of color, so shut the fuck up! Thats is a problem just as real as any other minority

| >>705162
Throwing a tantrum and going "Thanks Obama" is not a real problem tantamout to oppression, lmao.

You're not entitled to "the lefts" attention just because you(a sociopath) had a hard life. Deal with it.

| Obvious troll is obvious.

| >Shitty person has no friends because he is a sociopath with an attitude problem
>This is somehow left leaning politicians responsibility and not his own

Heh, thanks for the chuckle OP.

| you're gonna meet a lot of triggurd lefties ITT who are just super seething that you dare choose to break out of the indoctrination echo chamber cycle

you need to understand that these people can't fathom that a person would dare to think for themselves

| >>705177 true>>8adf60 and>>8f36cb are just people shackeled themselves are drinking from a fountain of ignorance and hipocrisy

| Its scary how many logic leaps they are willong to do to ignore a real problem, like, dont these people know that bullying is the cause of most school shootings, also mental heath mantainence and all that shit.
They are no better than the right if they iggnore all that

| No matter what political side society leans to, the poor, the meantally ill, the socially akward, the lonely, the weak and the inexperienced people will always be iggnored and treated as if they are lesses or dont have real problems in life, thats absurd!!!

| >>705196
i'll add to this that your words made me think of the pro-gun/anti-gun debates, where often people either completely forget that guns are not the ones breaking out of safes climbing out of windows to go shoot some people but that there are real persons behind the trigger and something motivates them to open fire on others.
and then you have situations where, like britain, they confiscate butter knives because they're now counted as "weapons".

| and anyone who points out that the ones stabbing people aren't even British but immigrants of third-world countries is racist.

and you will find white stabbers, but the majority of them are angry tards or people that grew up in the neglected highrise blocks whose childhood and thus pedagogical constitution is essentially fucked.

| and of course the narrative especially from the left is "don't be racist, LET THEM IN!"
it's essentially a surrendering and destroying of their own countries.

as for the actual immigrants, for which the left don't care that much besides the self-righteousness they can display in their baizuo behavior - well they get stacked in slumlike apartments.

and the corporations get more super cheap labour to exploit.

and the cities fill up, and more crime...

a sad situation, really

| what i see a lot in the left as well is that they don't set out into the world not making their belief revolve around what they discover, but making what they discover revolve around what they believe.

| >>0b6d21 I don't know what the left stands for but man on YouTube said they waz bad

| Also the "LEFTtm" isn't some hive entity and last I checked the ones in the largest positions of power right now are conservatives, right wing populists and far right parties.

| >>0b6d21 idk if I agree with everything but you have some pretty good points

>>64e5e4 dont try to use the "I never heard of what you are saying, therefore its all a lie" card, it just shows your iggnorance and refusal to take innitiative learn new things

| >>705203
>hands on ears

| "Twitter leftists made me so mad I stopped caring about minorities having rights"

| >>0b6d21 No clue what unhinged racist rant you're on about, but immigrants statistically HELP the economy and the health of the country. You're just literally, categorically wrong here. "Immigrants flooding in and destroying the glorious white western nations" is nazi talking point 101, and you need to get out of this shit right now before you go in any deeper.

| Leftists are overwhelmingly pro-mental health, pro free and affordable healthcare (that thing that would help mental health improve and reduce crazy fucking nazis and school shooters from murdering people,) pro-gun (not to be confused with LIBERALS, who are anti-gun.) Dunno where you got the idea that leftists "pity" minorities, but good luck finding a fucking conservative who wants anything else than to castrate blacks and gays,or a liberal that will actually help you meaningfully

| the lefties are seething because you escaped their echo chamber

| >>623d2a you listen here, jack

| >>705224 he is not wrong tho, he is just point the finger at the wrong type of immigrants, the illegal ones are the problem, since most illegal immigrants are already criminials of willing to commit crimes to survive, this is why strong boarders are important, legal immigrants are ok since they actually registerd and legally there wich means they are an upstanding person in most cases

| >>705226 free health care is a double edged sword be careful on how you implement it, some dumbasses ruined health care of their respective countries with it

| >>f3302c That's why we should legalize all illegal immigrants already in the country and integrate them :)
Also, America is richest country in the western world, how could we not do it the right way? Canada was so successful there was a concerted effort to lie about their waiting times for procedures, the whole scandal recently blew up. Sweden is another amazing example of this being successful, even allows private healthcare to still exist so capitalists don't get too triggered


| >>705237 wow, then they say theenagers are overly emotional and lack common sense

| I cant belive that as an 18 yr im explaining this, but people have boarders for a reason, if you wanna let everyone in your country you might as well ban doors, bann any form self defence and remove laws about private land so you can learn the lesson


| The best way to stop illegal immigrations is strong boarders and helping under developed countries to become suitable for their populations since they wont leave their homes is they are satisfied

| the main problem with illegal immigrations is not fault of the immigrant nor the country they're heading to, but the causes that make them want to travel by any means with minimal resources. Stupid religious wars and bad administration of their native countries are some of the main reasons why someone wants to immigrate at all costs. Refusing immigrants because of "m-muh culture" is literally bullshit.

| People would have nothing to fear If instead of blocking everybody the countries actually did something about it and start to integrating immigrants correctly, the crime rate only exist because people who ran from awful situations are willing to be treated like shit by some random illiterate hillbilly in exchange to the most basic conditions of life. It's literally unethical letting somebody starve to death or be shooted by being who they are

| I'm not being an extremista and saying saying "OPEN IT ALL UP LET EVERYBODY IN", i'm saying that we should gradually start thinking about how se can treat these people well with special internal politics and border control, that's it


| >>704926
>everything is now racist, nazist and homofobic
Where? Any examples?
What's bad about social justice?

| >>79dcf8 >>705243
Over population and high density populations are a thing, if its not the countrys fault fo being awful then you literally saying the we are obligated to let everyone in because they are entitled to live in the same place as us.
Its way more efficient to help them clean their own country then to just let in

| >>705267 >>705209 second paragraph.
Dont be stupid

| >>705268 overpopulation is a myth, you're probably referring to overdensity, but that's why i said special politics must be made, a country has to evaluate if they're able to actually help immigrants before just letting them in. Also, we unfortunately cannot interfere in a country's politics because of national sovereignty, so "cleaning" the problems of a country (specially corruption, which is the root of many countries with problems today) is virtually Impossible

| >>705243
>The best way to stop illegal immigrations is strong boarders
No, the best way would tear down the borders and legalize immigration.
>and helping under developed countries
Oh no, the "developed" countries already "helped" enough. Just stop supporting corrupt politicians, autocrats, dictators and religious fundamentalists with money and weapons, only to bomb the shit out of everything around them later.

| besides that, migration is natural to humanity. Liking it or not, people will go from one place to another, accepting people into other nations is part of the proccess, it's more ethical than letting innocents die.

| >>a84529 literally this, many problems the world are caused by rich countries *cough USA cough* and their greed trying to interfere in underdeveloped countries for their own sake with the excuse of "saving the poor". I say this as someone who lives in a BRICS country.

| >>705268 >>705271
Overpopulation is totally a thing. Especially those white assholes that came from europe and covered the rest of the world with oppression, terror and war. Im hope those old white dinosaurs are died out soon, which probably happens if you look at their stupid fanbase of incel. There are good chances they won't reproduce themselves.

| >>705272 but immigration is legalized you idiot, the whole point is that there is a process and when people skip said process(because they are ussually criminals) they become illegal immogrants, boarders are to prevent illegal immigrants not normal immigrants!

| >>705276 bruh demographic birth rates are flattening after the populational booms. The problem is that we have too many people in few places (and houses with nobody living in It cuz immobiliary specilation), seeing the population distribution of big countries is a proof of that

| Yall stupid! You guys cant even see trough your own bias and ignorance, just like any other person from my own generation, have you guys ever been to school? Or yall just cheated trough most of the subjects and didnt pay proper attention to classes, those are some middle school shit that yall forgeting god damn!

| Yanks

| >>705277
>the whole point is that there is a process and when people skip said process(because they are ussually criminals) they become illegal immogrants
No, people aren't skipping the process because the usually are criminals. In the opposite: They are branded as criminals because they skipped the said process. And they do because the process is slow and inefficient with ideological intention.
There are also people who skipped this process legally: Natives.

| >>705281 every country has the right to select who they let in, they are not obligated to let people in! If somebody decides to skip the process then they are in the wrong!
Would remove the door of your house, let anyone enter, let anyone use and take any of your things? You are acting childish and naive if you think that foreing criminals dont move from their countries illegaly to not get arrested or to smuggle drugs, weapons, PEOPlE and etc! Get back to middle school!

| >>f3302c bruh, chill

| >>705270 >>705279
At least we try our best not to be stupid. And I think you should start trying it too!

| >>705282 you're getting It wrong, some people are really criminals with second intentions, but it's not that "illegal immigrants are criminals", but "some illegal immigrants have to start doing crimes to sustain themselves because the Estate don't give a fuck about them, but even this is better than living in their original country". You have to take off your mind the idea that "people are bad cuz they're born like this and a document will make them intrinsecally good>:c"

| >>705283 not my fault people forget the basics of a society and how many problems the world has, I like globalization but even I know that it isnt all flowers and rainbows, you guys deny reality itself to prove your points, thats disgusting!

| >>705282
>every country has the right to select who they let in
you mean like vietnam, iran, iraq, afghanistan, syria, etc.? Can't remember those countries selected US Soldiers and CIA Agents to go there...

| >>705286 i'm not denying reality, it's just empathy, you can't just think that other people are like this because they are like this and period. Human sciences do not work like this

| i'm not against you, i'm just trying to explain that sometimes we have to do what we don't like to mantain the world in peace and follow ethical principles. If we can't collaborate as species, what can makes us different of a society made out of irrational beings throwing shit at each other?

| >>705285 but I never said that these people are inhently bad, thats just you putting things on me, if they are willing to do crimes then they should not be allowed to come in, if they commit crimes then lets then py their sentence, prove that they are redeemed then we talk about letting them in, if they actully wanted to migrate then they actually migrate and ask for help, not commit crimes and cry at a boarder because they couldnt smuggle enought drugs to pay the bills

| >>705282
>Would remove the door of your house, let anyone enter, let anyone use and take any of your things?
Your analogy doesn't work. A nation is no fucking house owned by someone.

| >>705287 now you are just bring shit that doesnt have to do with the topic, we are talking about boarders not meaningless wars

| >>79dcf8 I will say it again, if they wanna get help from other country because they cant live proprerlt in theirs then they should try to move first, not commit local crimes and then be baffled that they cant get in legally. And hell, if their records are clean they could even get in as a refugee if they explain their situation, thats all fine by me, ask help first, dont do anything illegal before trying to migrate

| >>705290 but they actually seek help, if the Estate does not help them, it's not their fault, they're judt trying to survive. Most crimes would not exist if people could have a stable life.

In Brazil, for example, promising lands and work to immigrant populations made the country be what is it today (even if the reasons was whitewash the population). If it wasn't by that, the workforce and economy would be fucked up for decades.

| >>705293 you're right, but you're considering an ideal scenario, and that's not how things happen in real life. Abuse and intolerance exist, and the governments/elites help them prosperate. The blame is not on the immigrants, but in the policies that need to be renovated

| >>705294 read>>705293 thats all I have to say

| Now go back to the hipocrisy of both the left and the right!

| >>705295 then blame the politics, im not putting blame on anyone, if you see a problem then try to solve it, if you cant, get help, I know that there are plenty of stupid politicians out there, get them off and put actually competent people. And this is what I hate when people talk about politics, they refuse to actually talk about how solev their problems and instead do a "battle of ideals" that are just a bunchof glorified unrealistic standarts lumped togheter

| >>f3302c read>>705295

i think that i am not understanding what you are saying or vice-versa, but that's okay, we probably won't change each other's mind, just try to think about this for a while and don't stress

| We gotta talk about how to solve problems not wich ideology it belongs to,thats just hindering society

| >>705299 >>705298 >>705300

| >>705293
The thing you refuse to see is that those proper countries with their proper people and the proper live aren't as proper as they believe they are. There are some very important political/economical relations between countries which are main reasons for the different situations there.

| >>705298 literally this, but elections are a Worldwide scam today to trick us into thinking that democracy exists, politicians won't do nothing except governating for themselves and the influent people. It's hard to change things without a drastic take

| i take your anger when It comes to be unsatisfacted with things and misdeeds being done to another people, the problem is that our actual geopolitic situation is too complex to have simple solutions

| i wish that i could talk more about it, but my politic readings are Very few and i don't even study in this area, so take it with a grain of salt

| >>705303
>It's hard to change things without a drastic take
I also think that this drastic take is necessary. But I'm also afraid, because of the risk to make things even worse.

| >>705307 then dont make high risk drastic take duh, instead solve it in small steps, people are just too impatient, lutherking changed things without dratic messures, ghandi did it too, and they had patience!
Rioting and demanting things with threaths and violence is and fast and to the point but riled up people are way more irrational and prone to corruption(thats how hitler convinced the germans to become nazis)

| Smaller changes may be a slower but they have a lesser change of being flawed, are easier to correct and to even backtrack when things go wrong. They may take more time but peaceful and slower revolutions always turned out the best.
Thats why being impatient and preach like a maniac is just childish and stupid, only creates more people that scream at their oponents rather than people who actually explain whay they do what they do

| This is my way rebelling!

| i have only disdain for these programmed leftist robots

| >>705272 I was thinking about it and you are right, there would be no illegal immgration if we didnt have boarders, thats the same logic that is used in "you cant break the law if there is no law" meme

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