Elections 101 for a dummy?

| I'm international. Have no clue what's going on in the USA so I kind of wonder if someone....... non bias.... could give me a summery of both Trump and Biden and why are both so hated.
(Tho I know Trump already but still)

| Trump - A science-denying pathological liar who is attempting to take as much power for himself and his friends. The 1% gets richer. The poor dies.

Biden - An old fossil who wants to keep the status quo. The 1% gets richer. The poor stays poor.

| Don't forget that biden loves little girls even more thay trump does

| Yank politics are a disease, please don't take interest in them or spread them

| OP, I suggest that you don't bother trying to understand unless you live in the US.

Though >>704691 is fairly accurate. I would change it to "the poor stil die" though.

| >>704722 not really that acurate, misses a lot of points from both parts, does not include the current state of the states, the pandemic and the protests and riots, with some fake news in it too

| For the rest of the world it totally doesn't matter. The USA will continue their imperialism either openly inhumane (trump) or in humanistic disguise (biden). US politicians will support any kind of terrorists and dictators that may seem useful to their imperialist cause. They will continue to maintain torture camps, develop weapons of mass destruction, performing regime changes and invasions in order to handle the post-cold-war mess they caused.

| >>704808 not very rational point of view, full of fake info, historical innacuracies and is clearly not very well informed about how things work in US

| Oh btw, im just reviewing the 101's that people are giving

| >>704807
You realize you managed to say even less with your post, right? There's literally zero amount of substance in what you wrote.

| >>f7e9ce
Unless you can back up what you say with some substance I'm gonna ask you to stop commenting. Anyone can insert themselves in other peoples discussion and just go "no, ur wrong ur wrong" and don't explain why said people are wrong. It's an action that's completely devoid of value and usually not something taken seriously by anyone.

| >>704807 >>704811 >>704812
Why are Trump supporters always so fucking obvious? (and dumb?)

| >>704826 >>704828 >>704829 uncecessary verbal abuse, not really that well structured and>>9cb0cd sounds a butthurt

| >>704828 i cant really go into detail without spamming 300 new replies, people will then proceed to get angry because Im not favoring their canditate like>>9cb0cd and also, Im not obligated to go into datail on anything, Im just pointing put the problems, bias and lack of understanding people have, if they they think they are wrong then they should re-do their research and look for their own flaws
OP should not listen to people here. They gotta take their own decissions and search

| >>704835
The thing is, if you're gonna call out people for being superficial you should at least practice what you preach less you come off as some clueless jackass.

Bashing people for not going into detail but using it as a defense for why you yourself wont go into detail is just dishonest and downright dumb.

Also I (obviously) do not support Biden, so get a life already lol.

| >>f7e9ce
Also, I can't believe that you out of anyone is complaining about our posts not being well structured. You don't even know when to use periods and commas correctly. LMAO

Why are Trump supporters always so fucking obvious? (and dumb?)

| If Trump had a plan to control the pandemic he’d have shared it by now.

If Trump had a plan to replace Obamacare he would have shared it by now.

Both Jo Jorgensen and Joe Biden has shared their plans for controlling the pandemic, helping people get affordable healthcare, foreign affairs, economy, etc., etc, etc. It’s almost like they’re forward thinkers. I’m not aware of any realistic plan coming out of Trump. If he had one he’d have shared it.

| >>9cb0cd :"Also I (obviously) do not support Biden, so get a life already lol."

Also >>9cb0cd :Why are Trump supporters always so fucking obvious? (and dumb?)

Never said I was a trump supporter

| >>705069 baseless and hipocrate
>>705073 irrational rant with a lot of assumptions and no facts
>>705077 rant that nobody asked for with ignored and/or biased news that fails to see both parties in a more realistic light

| >>705127
>Never said I was a trump supporter
But you are one though.

| >>705154 baseless arguement by a Biden supporter it is

| >>704691 >>704722 >>705077
are decent enough summaries. Thanks for taking the time to respond to my question!

| >>705154
i see the double digit IQ points are kicking in

| >>705175 they arent tho, they miss a lot of important context n details, even google is more effective than>>9cb0cd. Do your own research and dont ask help from nobodies on the internet

| >>705190
You don't know shit.

| >>705219
You don't know shit.

| >>705219 I second>>705228
You dont know or choose to not know a bunch of important things

| >>705231
If you knew these "important things(tm)" you would've told us by now.

If you knew these "important things(tm)" you would've used them to prove your political agenda and make a real difference toward its goal.

If you knew these "important things(tm)" you could've used it to shut your opponents down, humiliate them and earn the respect of the intellectuals.

But you're not doing anything of the sort. Because you can't. Because you don't know shit.

| If you just now stumbled upon this thread I'm just gonna hilight this user so the thread becomes easier to read. Everything he posts is FUD and can be safely(and now more easily) ignored.


| >>705244 is this what they call projection?

| >>705245

| >>705245 uhgh my kidneys, too much salt

If you were actually curious and cared about my views you would ask politelly for my opinions

| OP here.
Wow, this blew out more than I thought it would. I had fun reading!

Now, I obviously I'm not here to get accurate, fact-checked, information on the candidates or anything like that. I just wanted to see from first hand what people generally say about both candidates, out of curiosity.
Normally, when I ask people's opinions, everyone dodges the question and reply politically correct things... here however you guys don't care. I like that. :3

| >>704691
This however does sums up things for me.
As a 101 of who they are, it sort of works. At least to get a small glance at them.

Obviously, if you are US citizen old enough to vote and looking forward to doing so (I don't know when the polls end), please consult credited information from multiple sources and do proper research. I'm here mostly for the fun of this.

With that said, Oh man... you guys have it terrible. Why did it even end up with only those two guys?!

| Then again, I'm originally from a country far worse than the US.
You could say I'm from Glitch City (Venezuela actually... which Glitch City took some inspiration imo).

| >>705310 my condolences
Tho thats not really a good 101 since it only portrays the bad side of things

| >>705311
I prefer to hear the bad first. What would be the point of a little good when is backed by a sea of trash?

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