Uuuh orange man appreciation thread??? Day__

| Making this so that yall have a place to stay and dont ruin other threads
Day 1 btw

| eeeh, american politics aren't my thing. you guys just got an illusion of free choice. we're all lied to. politics are waste of your time. have a good day from ireland

| >>703539 can say I dissagree, tbh this thread is just to keep the people here busy since they like to rag on trump supporters and it seems like when the days are slow here they just go to other boards and bring politics there

| Like, I saw 4 threads die in a day

| >>703544
Huh? I haven't seen any political discussions outside of /new/.
Are you sure you're not telling fibs like Trump supporters are prone to?

| >>703564 yeah, im sure,

| https://boards.dangeru.us/d/thread/703296

| https://boards.dangeru.us/u/thread/702991

| >>703571
But... That's just you bringing up politics in your own threads...?

In the second thread someone mentioned Trump one. ONCE. Five letters and YOU started going on an on for several posts about politics lmao.

In the first thread someone told you off with a single post and YOU derailed your own thread for several hours...


| And in th first thread it wasn't ec en about politics. That was all you...

| >>703575 these threads arent mine, some crazy anom is literally looking for me on threads and they were the ones that brought trump into the second thread, then they started to say abunch of dumb things while not shuting up and staying offtopic. Im making this hread to make a service for other people and keep those idiots here.

| >>703577
How is he looking for you by mentioning Trump in a hate-thread wtf?

It looks like you're making this stuff up in your head. I mean, I browse this site every day and I never see anyone doing the things you claim they do.

| Also, it's worth noting again that mentioning Trump a _single time_ is not adamant to "constantly going to other boards and bring politics there". Like, wtf. Even the OP of said thread was the first one to make a political statement.

You're literally putting the boot on your own head here, dude.

| >>703581 this thread has more to do with the fact that are people bringing politics on other threads and less about people looking for me on other threads

| >>703582 why are you so stressed anyways? Its not like this thread was made with malicious intent or anything and it isnt harming anyone

| >>703583
But that's not even true? Why are you doing this if it's not all about you?

Wut, I'm not stressed? Are you sure you're not projecting now? I mean, you're the one claiming someone is stalking you all over dangeru despite there not being a single post to verify it.

| >>703583
Also, you can't really bring up a topic yourself and then tell other people not to respond to it because it's off-topic. For fucks sake...

| >>703586 there is the saying "life doesnt revolve around you" I dont need to make a thread about me.

If you need to say that someone is projecting to feel like you got the upper hand then yes you are stressed

| >>703588
> I dont need to make a thread about me.
But you are...

I said that because I genuinely believe you're projecting. It has nothing to do with mindgames.

I believe I've been explaining my views all troughout this thread so I dunno why you bring up such concepts yourself. It's like, you're not even registering what I'm telling you and only focus on the things that you can dismiss and ignore everything else...

| >>703588
Because, and I _stress_ that you must understand this for your own sake, no one is hunting you or bringing up politics in the threads that you yourself linked here. Anyone can see that.

It's all in your head.

| >>703589 if you feel like you are not reaching me then idk what to say, im not doing this thread seriously and im just making this because Im bored.

>>703590 the first part is true but the second isnt, there are people who bring politics on non political threads, this is just my way to play with the idea that I could at least do something about that

| >>703592
>there are people who bring politics on non political threads

Weird that I haven't seen any despite reading every single thread on this site...

>this is just my way to play with the idea that I could at least do something about that

By spreading lies and mis-information and thus ruining this site? Seriously, _fuck you_.

| This site is cool and all but because it got bigger, a lot of people came and with them, toxic people also came here, its only natural that some people just dont get the mood of the threads and think everything has to do with a issue or something
I like to come on /new/ and discuss a bit but some anoms are just wierdly agressive, and them I just feel worse for them and the site

| >>703593 every single one? Pfff then Im the liar

You are the one doing that here tho

| >>703593 oh and you are stressed for sure now. If you werent you wouldnt be that rude

| >>703595
This site is slow. It's not very timeconsuming to read every new post that pops up in a day. It's like what, 40-80 posts?

| >>703596
You're actively making this site worse. You told us so yourself. I don't like that, hence _fuck you_.

You think that's rude? Then start applying yourself and stop shitting up this site with mindless falsehoods and baseless accusations. Most of the problems you see are STARTED BY YOURSELF.

| >>703597 liar, there thousands of threads on this site, its impossible to have read every single one of them, even if you read everyday, it would take some months of just reading to see evrything

| >>703600

| >>703600
>liar, there thousands of threads on this site

There are a handful of active threads on each board and each gets another handful of replies each day. I dunno what you're going on about, dude... How... how can you NOT be aware of this?

| >>703598 no im not, one person cant ruin a whole plataform unless they own the thing or have great influence, Im just a nobody, tho if more peopel behaved like you then it could be another story

Wait wasnt I the one projecting?
Also how do you assume that you know everything about me on this site, are you stalker-kun? Excluding /new/ all other thread discussions arent started by me

| >>703601 no arguements ok

>>703602 pff you forgot about the archived threads, you really are a liar, you only read active threads, I've been on this site for years, seems like you are the one who doesnt know the things here

| >>703603
I never said you completely ruined this site. I said that you're shitting it up.
Nice strawman attempt lol.

If you have to resort to logical fallacies(in a debate surrounding the honesty of your arguments nonetheless LMAO) then you've pretty much given up.

| >>703605 and you proceed to latch on the only hiperbolical stament you can find and pull the "you didnt exactly quoted me and now your whole opinion is ivalid" card, classic

| >>703605 you accuse me of being a liar and projecting but you are the one doing it first and then accusing me, its like those people that kill, self report and acusse a random crewmate in among us

| >>703608
You sound pretty desperete there. Why are liars always willing to go trough hell and back before acknowledging that they're been caught telling a lie? It's just embarrasing at this point...

| >>703610 then he starts to strawman, do the adhominens and linger on the "even if I never showed concrete proof, you are a liar therefor all you say is invalid" while also not addressing any of the points or counter arguements.

| >>703611
Now THIS is projecting.

I have tons of arguments that you completely ignore, dude. Anyone(besides you, apparently) can see that.

| I have a theory, remember, A THEORY, either there are a lot of people like you here on this site, or, this is just a hunch, dont get all heated about it, you are the person in many threads that is ruining it and you felt called out by, if so, then that makes us rivals, hello there! You are my first rival!

But thats just a theory of course, I dont actuly belive it, and only you can confirm that, so its all invalid by default I assume.

| >>703612 and then he tries to shift the blame with no shame, indeed a bold and reckless attempt but could work, I can respect such courage.

Also saying " you are a liar", "this is strawmaning", "i saw all threads and never saw that happening even tho you postoed 2 links showing threads that I refuse to see" and "you are projecting" arent arguements, at least not when you are trying to prove something, if you are an idiote that doesnt question then it could be an arguement

| >>703613
What I can tell you is that you and I have obviously had debates on /new/ before since they all tend to follow a similar pattern where you completely ignore most arguments and evidence and always end up resorting to logical fallacies and incoherent ramblings when you get backed into a corner.

I haven't had any similar discussions outside of /new/ though and I haven't really seen any either.

| >>703614 also, oh no! I did adhominen, now all I said is invalid and im rude, even tho saying "fuck you", Wich by their standarts isnt that rude, is obejecively worse then calling someone and idiot.

| >>703616
This is another strawman. Nice try.(not)

| >Constantly lies trough his teeth
>Get's visibly upset when someone points out that he's obviously lying

Why do liars always do this?

| >>703615 your so called arguements:>>703581 >>703586 >>703589 >>703593 >>703597 >>703601 >>703605 >>703610 huh, not that impressive, Ive seem better comming from an etnostate, it all fall under what I said at>>703614 you really gotta up your game and give more solid answears

| >>703620
Well if they're so easy to debunk then why aren't you debunking them? Why go trough all this trouble of logical fallacies and incoherent ramblings instead?

| >>703618 >>703619 and he tries to do it again, just calling it lies, not addressing any points and ignoring the questions of proof, classic right wing behaviour by your standarts.( by mine you are just acting silly and being childish)

| >>703623
I'm still waiting for you to practice what you preach and actually respond to my arguments(which you have acknowledged but hasn't responded to).

| >>703622 showing how hipocrate a statement is, is a form of debunking, you are just doing what you acused me of doing at>>703589, like to be honest, if you werent being so strong on invalidading everything I say with those crappy arguements, I would actually listen to you, but if you are gonna be toxic, hipocrate and try to namecall and accuse to deviate the conversation, then Im all in the right to not respect your points

| >>703625 yo I meant at>>703589

Sorry about that

| >>703625
Nice try.

| >>703624 show me whats your so called arguement and I will answear it, cuz I didnt see it, maybe we are both stressed or something but like I didnt see any SOLID proof/arguement, either show or rewrite it, I promisse I will try my best to address it

| Oh Im gonna take a shower and do some stuff, will respond after an hour ok?

| >>703629
Okay, I'll bite. You claim that you're not a liar yet you have lied trough your teeth several times in this thread. The proof is in literally half of your contradictionary ramblings and your not very subtle attempts at strawmaning.

Care to debunk that?

| >>703633 You are the most braindead person on this whole website, I am surprised>>f0273c gave you a chance, and you fucking blew it, repeated the same mistake the whole time.>>f0273c is more of an idiot to actually put up with your hipocrate bullshit.

Grow up you dumbass!

| >>703632 Don't even bother! he just repeated himself, in your words, he has no solid arguments.

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