Crazy political and historical hooplas that only your country cona offer

| Share the best "would be tragic if it wasn't comical" moments of your country

For example: Brazil has a thing for porn actors trying to get on governament

| Well, in my beloved country, argentina a lawmaker literally sucked his gf's tits in a zoom meeting.

G e t m e o u t

| >>703493 yikes but hey at least we both dont live in venezuela

| >>703194
Ukraine has a comedian for a president.

| >>703511 this really is comical

| >>703493 A hundred years too late to leave this country.

| >>703497

well, looking it by the bright side, you are right.

| In Brazil, we're in the middle of elections for counselors, senators and mayors. The problem is that almost everyone, with academic formation or not can apply for it. If it wasn't for covid this would be the exact period when politicians start spamming propaganda in every fucking place, streets become filled with "santinhos" (political flyers) and sound cars literally yelling at 40272 dB the reasons you should really vote in a literal clown or anything that fits

| The only people who take their job serious in the European Parliament are a german Stand Up Comedian and a (former) author of a satiric magazine.

| California had the Terminator as Governor. That's funny in many ways.

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