think about something you strongly believe in. then ask yourself; "why?"

| it's good to think about why you believe in things you do. i like to do this as i feel it's a good way to consider if i truly do agree with my opinions. so, why do you believe in the things you do?

| whenever someone challengas my view I ramble on incoherentelely for several posts in a row until I feel content none of his views didnt reach me and changed me

I dont think you got my point accuratly, oh well. Imma head out, this wont go anywhere.

| >>702950 the salt is strong with this one

| People balive what they percive as truth, if they dont belive in change they cant belive in evolution, if they cant belive in theselves then they cant belive on others, thats the reason some people refuse to belive what they cant understand, it takes greate courage to belive in the truth, since the truth is that everything is more relativistic and complex and we wont know it in our life time

| So in turn they decide to simplify everything to point of distortion and negate reality itself.
Thats my theory at leas hope it was what you wanted op, I love people with a thrist for knowloge

| Wanna hear why I think the way I do?

| Or how?

| >>702972 >>702973 ass

| >>702985 ass is good, I guess, really help when a female human wants to find a partner though the this female will have a hard time knowing how deep the bound with her partner is

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