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I have proof for the moon landing!

| Many depictions described and showed the moon as yellow, but if we look at the sky its white, people even belived it was made of cheese because of the collor and many holes.
So I ask you, why is the moon white if it was yellow before?
It was the white americans that landed on the moon and painted it white to opress people of color. It was all planned by the white supremacists and kkk that helped nasa. Its not a coincidence the moon siddenlly became white.

| The dark side was also painted black to make it a counter arguement that it was for inclusion but if they actually cared they would paint it a dark brown since you cant see black in space. They do this to make us think that black people dont matter and use "science" to prove it.

| I think the moon used to be yellow because it was in fact, covered with naturally occurring cheese, but then the white people got there and ate it all.

| >>702680 damn white people stealing not only our gold but also our cheese

| See, I thought it was because the moon is Nasa's cocaine stash...

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This thread is permanently archived