"Home Alone 2: Lost in New York" star Donald Trump tests positive for covid-19

| Poggers

| Thoughts and prayers

| Yanks

| It is hard to take seriously a man who has spent the last few years telling tens of thousands of provable lies.

| somehow i get the feeling this is gonna turn into another political shitshow thread situation preddy soon

| >Trump tests positive right after the debate
>They weren't wearing masks during the debate
>Biden has 'rona too
>Both candidates die
>Jo Jorgenson wins by default
>I get to buy a tank


| >>702243 truly the surperior opinion

| >>702227 hey>>702214 is already trying to do it!!! Get him!!!

| Bolsonaro 2 Electric Boogaloo

| Biology has crowned him.

| Now that he's under experimental medical care, how long until he's suicided?

| There is an extremely reliable 3rd party source saying that Trump has a 50/50 chance of survival even though they're doing everything they can to keep him alive. Hopefully he becomes what he despises until March or April next year: a vegetable.

| >>702719 yeah no, you are full of bullshit, all that was said and confirmed is that they gave him some oxygen and that is normal proceedure for any case of any examination, also I bet you dont know how it feels to see someone in a vegetative state so shut the fuck up

| What does personally knowing someone in a vegetative state have to do with anything? I don't personally know anyone who got covid but I'm sure as shit happy trump has it

| lolololololololololololololol


| >>702770 no matter the person its still wrong to wish them harm like that. Even if they do terrible things.

| >>702779
That's such a childish worldview. I'm glad Hitler died and I'm glad the person who downplayed a pandemic that killed 200,000 people in my country is close to dying from his own mistakes. He deserves it for how many people he killed.

| >>702861
I'm glad all those financial elite jews that started WW1 and created a misery-inducing economic depression in Germany were killed by Hitler and I'm glad that you're joining me in this attitude of wishing death on your political opponents too

| >>702864
You don't know what it's like to have family who died in the holocaust, you don't have authority on this subject hehehe

| >>702876 oh, so wanting people to be in a vegetative state while not knowing it feels is fine? Hiprocrisy at its finest, at leats have some principles and convictions.
The people who died in the US would have died despite whatever the governament did, your population is divided and since the midia always does the opposite of what trump does, there would be idiots that would go against everything because they belive on their side and the other is evil. This was comming and yall dumb

| Yanks

| I hate talking to retards jesus fucking christ you people just have no idea what you're talking about or how to talk to other human beings

| >>702888 like you can say much, the people in the holocaous are already dead, people in a vegetative state are still alive, if you wanna know who suffers more then ask a dead person if they still suffrer. You wanna see a man become a vegetable while you preach about those who were unjustly hunted down, and you fail to see your own flawned morals.

| >>702889
i see. so it's alright if all those dumb jews died, then. okay! Hitler did nothing wrong gurls!

| >>702891 no dude past is past and we gotta move forward, the problem is that>>4da3ef says that people cant speak about jews because they dont know a holocaust victm yet he wants someone to become a vegetable, doesnt see problem in it and claims that he doesnt need to know somone in that state to wish sobody to become that.
At least read the exchange.

| >>702899
I was using the argument of the person I was talking to before you autist. They said you can't want Trump to be a vegetable if you don't know people who are in a vegetative state yourself. Fuck you

| >>702900 because you cant want somemone to be in a vegetative state, thats cruel, toxic, apatheic and extremelly disvirtued, you cant even deny it without leaping the logic into dead people that were murdered by a guy that killed himself, you lack principles.

| I like that a bad person could possibly end up in a vegetative state, just as I like the fact that a bad person who killed lots of people committed suicide. I don't personally know anyone who committed suicide though, so am I not allowed to be happy Hitler offed himself? You're full of shit and don't have any principles in this situation

| >>702899
actually you're right

| >>702933
when obama dies i'll dance with joy 'cause he got a bunch of people killed through the US army. also drone bombing hospitals btw

| >>702959 instead of clinging to revange and hate why dont you move foward and think about the present? Those people are dead, because people made bad decisions, how about you make some good decisions and make a better world? If you really cared about them you would try to make the world better, not just sit and preach the wait for the death of more people.

| >>702959 Yeah, fuck Obama. I do a dance for every single Yemeni child he drone striked lol I don't like it when lots of people are killed

| >>702967
yeah, we should forget the whole Hitler deal. and Stalin too. and the millions of people dead from communism. who cares except AIPAC and old people
yeah. and abortion activists too.

| >>702993 I dont mean feorget, forgeting implies living as if it never happened, by move forward I mean overcomming it and use those cases as an example of what not to do. Wishing death appon somebody while not taking the action to solve problems is very mich what hitler did, instead of organically solving the crisis he decided to blame the jews to get people rilled up and to control them.

| Look, we can hope/be glad leaders die and get out of the picture without hoping they end up in a torturous state or random other people die

| >>703001 idk about that, still very much cruel and unnecessary, why not just try to solve whatever is troubling you instead of not taking action while spout hate?

| Also trump already got better and will be released soon, so idk why people are being so hatefull.

| No way they cured Trump's Trump's covid in two days

| >>703007 well its been 7 months, treatment has advanced, he is THE President and since there were no apperent sympthoms it clearly was at a more early stage, the mortallity rate is no high and trump is a healthy old man.
Its not out of question if you know how viral infections work.

| >>703009
K, I'll bite. How does viral infections work and how do you eliminate any virus in only 2 days?

| If that Trump tweet dismissing the seriousness of covid-19 and comparing the virus to some sort of youth serum doesn't make you angry - even after 210,000 Americans have died - there is something deeply wrong with you as a human being.

| Most Americans do not have a 30-person medical team, including an in-house epidemiologist, at home. They can't get Remdesivir and antibody infusions at taxpayer expense. Millions don't even have health insurance. That's why 210,000 Americans have died of covid-19.

| Please please please die

| >>703037 well the virus has 90% survival rate, but some early treatments didnt manage some things correctly so peopl had some problems and lungs damages even after recovery. Tbf the virus iste that bad but the lockdown is valid because its new virus that came out of nowhere and we dont know how fast or if it could mutate
Some scientists said that the virus could be the "new flu", wich means that it could come back every year with new mutations.

| So the reason the midia overblowed the danger was to make people scared and make them obey the stay home orders, wich they didnt in the end.
The virus by itself is not dangerous, but the potential it has sure is, thats why I approve the lockdown until vaccine or cure, if it becomes the new flu we will have way more research on it than we had in 7 months ago and it wont be that big of a deal.

| So in conclussion, people 210,000 died because managing a pandemia is hard escially when the virus is new, despite the low death percentages a country with a big population will have many deaths and if lockdown was respected and well managed by all states this number would be a bit better.

| >>703104
You're retarded. Most other countries manages it fine in comparison to USA. I've informed you of this before but facts just bounces off of you like rubber.

| >>703114 but I didnt deny that

| >>703114 saying "despite the low death percentages a country with a big population will have many deaths and if lockdown was respected and well managed by all states " imples that they didnt manage it as good as it could have been

| >>e4ae1d
>Tbf the virus iste that bad
>The virus by itself is not dangerous


| >>e4ae1d
Claiming that a virus that killed 210.000 people in 6 months isn't dangerous is genuinely and unapologetically retarded.

I don't like using that word but in your case I'll make an exception. You're literally retarded and completely clueless. No wonder you're a Trump-apologist.

| >>703121 name calling do be a nice counter arguement.
And I already explaind why I think that way, if you didnt read the explanation and saw your trigger quotes, then its not my fault

| >>e4ae1d
Dumbest person on dangeru

| >>703123 another one who can only see trigger quotes and ignores the explanation

| >>e4ae1d
You're crazy. You know that, right?

| If a virus has bigger death rates on people that are old, sick, have compromised immunity and etc then it isnt that dangerous, the preoblem is that the virus is not as well researched as the common flu wich means that we dont have a reliable way to produce a cure and a vaccine, the virus is dangerous but only because we dpnt know much about it and we need time to research it, so lockdown is necessary.
You retards are just ignoring that to be angry, get a clue already.

| >>703129
>If a virus has bigger death rates on people that are old, sick, have compromised immunity and etc then it isnt that dangerous

It's dangerous to people who are old, sick and have compromised immunity(and etc, whatever that means in your context). You dumb nigger. Also healthy people will get permanent organ damage and that's pretty fucking dangerous too.

Go out and catch covid-19 if you claim it's so safe.

| >>5e6d85


| >>703139 well its 2020, cant say that it isnt changing

| >>703131 slurs and treaths are cool.
The perma organ damage was caused by early misstreatments and/or worsening of condition, the death rates are stable troughout the world and the recovery rate is increasing, wich means the method of recovery and medicnes are advancing, and again the virus is dengerous because its new, slowly kills and spreads with ease, not because its is a death machine, science changes and gets more advanced over time.

| >>703144
>The perma organ damage was caused by early misstreatments and/or worsening of condition
Factually wrong and pulled straight from you ass

| >>703151 you sound like trump in the debate

| >It's not the virus that causes permanent organ damage. It's the doctors all over the world that mistreated everyone. Including the ones who never got any treatment.


| >>703154 not really dumb when talking about a virus that suddenlly appeard, with lots of new cases and they needed to hastly treat millions of people all over the world with viral pneumonia and flu medicine since thats the only thing that they could compare at the time in therms of infection behaviour, its was either that or no treatment.

| >>5e6d85


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