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Trump vs Biden debate thread

| Bruh its like a cage fight, its so fucking funny

| And the wors part is like

Trump: present ideas, some future plans and tries to clear misconceptions

Biden: he says that but he is a liar, he doesnt have a plan he has no ideas

Trump: then whats your idea?

Biden: he has no plan, he is liar, this man, the president has no plans and hasnt done anything

Trump:*tries to say something to disprove it*

Annoucer: huuuh we gotta move on

| Trump: *proves that he handled the pandemic in a somewhat good way*

Biden: no you didnt, people died

Trump: what about the spanish flu h1n1

Biden: *gets nervous*

Moderator: uh trump let him speak

| Trump: 45 yrs and you did nothing, I in 4 made the best economy

Biden: if I were elcted I would know what to do

| Trump: the pandemic crisis is recoverable, it will be V shape

Biden: I belive its more like a K shape

I mean unless people go out of their way to deviate money a K shape is literally impossible since that would mean that all the money lost would go to a "secret elite"

| Trump: people want to be free, they want to reopen

Biden: people want safety and we shouldnt reopen

Tbh thats a fair point from biden, and like its really hard to just follow one side on that topic

| Trump: says that his taxes are fine and he is paying it

Biden: If i get elected I will end the trump tax and his exploits because people need that mone

Trump: why didnt you do it before in your 40 yrs

Biden: cuz you werent president and you werent screwing up everything, look the econimy is busted

Yeah like trump is the only one that exploits the tax system and his exploits is what caused the economy to drop, not the pandemic

| Biden: says that the economy is terrible and that last yr was all a hoax

Trump: lists all the industries he helped grow

Biden: *brings up the chine deficit*

Trump: *brings up the money his son got from china*

Man thats a clash both did a fucky up there

| Also biden "I dont wanna talk about familly and ethics" oof man thats sad

| Biden: actually gives an example of trumps bad handling of the riots, the use of tear gas is the church protest and says that he doesnt care about black people

Danm finally he said something worth it

| Trump: bring up some things joe said about black people like calling then predators and says that he is being manipulated by by readical left with actual points and proof that he is indeed not speaking up and just giving in to the violence

Man funny how both dont really care about black people

| Moderator: asks why trump wanted to end critical race theory

Trump: explains why its unfair and how people shouldnt be judged by their colour and that we should stand by our values of freedom

Biden: he is a racist and we should give selfsteem to non white people by raising sensitivity between races

Bruh critical race theory is racist since it goes from the principle that peopel should be treated diferently based on race, fuck that

| Its going great so far honestly. Its fun to watch.

| >>701505 true its like a mma fight but with wrestling in it

| Moderator: president you are willing to call out antifa and othe rlft wing groups but what about white supremacists groups?

Trump: Im willing to, give a name to call out

Moderator and Biden: ... uuuh proud boys?

Trump: "Proud boys, stand back" also I feel like the violence is mostly caused by mostly left groups

Biden: antifa is not a group, its an idea, the fbi is lieing

Bruh the moderator literally mentioned antifa as a left group and gave registers by the FBI

| Yo they brought up clime and the end of the treaty, but trum countered by saying that he brought down the carbon emitions and how he wants better watter and air while also giving a fair reason for doing what he did.
And the moderator is trying to get him to say the he doenst belive in global warming while ignoring all he said, thats really scummy.

| Followed by Biden saying that he will comabt it by buiding more and creating new roads that are greener

Bruh you shouldnt build more, you should replace the actuall places and cities with this greener system

| And Biden proposed to pay Brazil to not destry the Amazon rainforest, like that will work, wtf

Biden is going to Brazil lmao

| "We will create hard jobs"- Joe Biden 2020

| Biden: explains how the green new deal will help nature and give jobs while covering for the economy damages by calling it a lie

Trump: gives evidence that the the green new deal could be a hoax

Biden: he is a liar and we are 25% of the climate problem

Trump:shows that other countries do worse

Moderator: questions Biden about the gree new deal

Biden: I dont approve the green new deal, I approve the Biden deal

| >>701515 oh my opnion on that is, fucl me, he straight up lied on the spot

| Trump: show evidence and proof that the ballets are a hoax and a rigged disaster because they are spreading millinons of then whithout actually hvaing people request then and that there are some being "lost" and proposes that people should request for them

Moderator:uh well ballets worked in the past

Biden: well they are being sent to their homes and he is afrad to count votes

Moderator: well ballets do run the risk of being "thrown out"

Biden: well you do need a certain thing

| Trump:reminds people aboutthe 80 milling ballets lost this year

Biden: stays silent then says then repeats himself

| Biden: the military uses ballets then why cant everyone use it?

Kill me

| And it ended, well I feel like trump was only talking about him and some scandals while biden was just calling everything a lie

So what your conclussions?

| Omg at the end, "best president ever!"
"We love you trump!"

| Honestly Trump did interrupt a lot more than he should have. But he had great points. Biden well. He sounded like he was reading off a card the whole time. Not that he was. But some of his answers just sounded half hearted. Some with no reasoning. Some just wrong.

| My favorite part was when Trump asked Biden why he didn't stop something that was done before Trump became president

| >>701527 "Biden has been in governament for 45 yrs and hasnt done nothing"

Ussually the people who had power but never used it for good are the ones we should fear the most

| I hate this. This is pain. Why is this person a president he's so fucking stupid

| Like most US presidential elections you have to vote for the lesser of two evils. This year it's between the worst president ever and a senile old fossil.

I didn't see Trump raise any valid points during the debate. All he's doing is deflecting and morons gobble it all up. He barely answered any of the questions and more often than not attacked Biden for stuff Trump was responsible for.

And some people are still falling for it like mindless sheep.

| >>701593 eh wdym? he is isnt the worse, also you sound like Biden saying that he just deflecting

And of course he defended himself a lot, look at what people say about him, also Biden was the one attacked trump the most, he kept saying small insults, called him a liar innumerous times with no actual points or evidence(there were exceptions)

| >>701593 I feel like you didnt listen to anything trump said and was just expecting him to "crumble" or "the mask to fall off" but I felt like trump was actually being honest with his arguements, a bit too agressive too, while also having a lot to say.
He probably wanted to say a lot more stuff but couldnt because of the time,wich shows that he had plans and wanted people to know then unlike Biden

| >>701593 oh and for sure he answered the questions, just not in the way you wanted, I bet you were expecting some racist or nazi stuff and not actuall ideas and a few interesting decisions.

| welll shit. trump 2020 i guess.

| >>701607
>I feel like you didnt listen to anything trump said


| >>701617 How to prove your point 101.

| >>b7c677
Instead of going all ad-hominem maybe you can answer some of my points you disagree with instead? Oh wait, you can't.

| >>b7c677
>Trump gets called out for deflecting
>Tries to deflect that away too

At least you tried, lol.

| >>b7c677
If you want to learn how to have a politcal debate then I suggest you stop with the strawmen and deflections. You're comming of exactly like the mindless sheep mentioned in the earlier post.

At least argue his points head on. If you can't do that then you can't prove your point.

| >>701621 Can he have an opinion?>>8b4e77 >>1e034d You two sound like you just want to hurt your opponent rather than listen to them.

| >>701622
Dude, I have no idea what you're talking about. Strawmen, ad-hominem etc aren't opinions. They're logical fallacies usually used in leui of opinions and facts.

| >>701622 thank you, i feel like disscusing with them wont be worth it

| >>701606
Calling Trump a liar isn't an insult. It's a factual statement by this point. Trump _is_ a liar.

Take the NYT story about his tax returns for example. IF the NYT story is "fake news" like Trump claims it is then he can prove it by releasing just one page of his 2016 and '17 returns, that critical last page of Form 1040 that includes his signature and total tax paid.

One page, & he could thoroughly humiliate media and Biden. He won't, and we all know why.

| >>701624
That's a weird thing to say after posting 3 walls of texts. Are you just gonna post and run as soon as someone starts disproving you?

| >>701623 I'm not talking about that part but at the start he was just expressing his opinion. Sure he shouldn't have said some stuff at the end.
>>701624 Maybe it will maybe it won't. I'm just saying let's be civil.

| >>701623 but I didnt use any ad hominen or strawman, you are making me think that you just use these words when you cant say anything back, just to try to dismiss me like>>701622 said

| Oh yeah I forgot to say that im op but the id changed, so just so yall know I typed the first comments here

| Wich were typed in real time with the debade

| >>701628
You kept talking about me more than you talked about the points I made and put negative words in my mouth. That's an ad hominem.


I suggest you study up a bit if you want to learn how to have a political debate.

| >>b7c677
So instead of trying to accuse everyone of playing games or trying to dismiss you, then I ask you again: What do you think of the _actual_ points about the debate and Trump that I have raised that you have yet to respond to?

| >>701632 thats why I said that im the op, I listed a few highlights of the debate here

| >>701633
I never asked about any of that. Try answering my questions instead.

| >>701631 not my fault if you gave off the such bad vibes in your replies at>>701593

| >>701634 but my opinions are there! And it has some answears as to why I disagree with you, I dont wanna type all that again nor do I want to post and clip a whole stream just to prove my point on a debate

| >>701635
It is _entirely_ your "fault" for not responding to any of the points made and instead resort to logical fallacies, ad hominem and strawmen in order to get your political point across.

We both know that if you could prove your political points without resorting to lies then you would've done so, but you can't and we all know why.

| >>701637 you are so hipocrate, you keep talking as if you have higher morals yet I dont see any actual opnion comming from you, just insults that are covered up by high talk.
Also you did a lot of ad hominen yourself and, judging by your way you type, I think I know you.

Can you just reply and read all I said before insteasd of just ignoring it and calling me a liar? You really are sounding like biden on the debate

| >>701638
Well, that's just wrong. Also you're still doing nothing but ad hominems lol.

So, I ask you for a _third_ time to answer my points instead of going after me. I can even link them to you so you wont miss them this time!
You disagree with the post above but can you explain why it's wrong?

| Someone said:
>He(Trump) barely answered any of the questions and more often than not attacked Biden for stuff Trump was responsible for.

Your respond was basically "you're not the only one accusing him of deflecting" and then a bunch of non-topic answers that had nothing to do with the actual post. I ask you again to actually respond to the points presented in front of you instead of trying to deflect.

Keep in mind that any logical fallacies and lies will be pointed out.

| Also while we're at it you're very sparce with actual details. You claim that Trump have "actuall[sic] ideas and a few interesting decisions" but you never mentioned them. Which ideas and decisions are you refering to?

| >>b7c677
Where did you go? Are you just gonna cut and run as soon as someone starts asking real questions that you can't deflect anymore?

| >>701644 cooking, for lunch.
>>701639 ok i am sorry you better apologize too then

| >>701640 >>701643 I dont wanna rewatch a whole 1h and half video just clip and quote then just to prve my point, too much work for little reward

| >>701639 responding>>701625, yes it is an insult, and Biden said a bunch more stuff like calling him an idiot and stright up acussing him of being a racist right after he explained critical race theory and his reason to not want to follow it wih btw is a fair point

Not only that but Biden kept calling him a liar but never gave any reason or proof as to why he was a liar
Literally this >>701491 >>701493 >>701503

| >>701651 as for what I want you to apologize, well calling people sheep is the same as denyeing their free will and saying that they are morons wich is condesending and rude, also your tottally condesending attitude really is offending me like you are just trying to make me look bad instead of showing your views and opinions.
Thats even the reason I think you are just acting ignorant, so you better apologize and change your attitude too if you are gonna be petty and want an apolog

| Oh btw I think it would be better to bring that to another thread so I will make a new one

| >>701652
>Trump had some good points and ideas
>>Really, which ones?
>I can't remember...

Don't you remember the actual points you claimed were good? Are you too brainless to keep them in your memory for longer than a couple of hours lol? You clearly doesn't even know what you're talking about.

| >>701653
Trump is a liar and you're either clueless or a liar yourself if you won't accept it. You still didn't respond to _any_ of my points by the way.

Calling out a liar for what he is isn't an insult. If you disagree then please evaluate why.

What do you have to say about the proof in this post: >>701606
btw. You "somehow" missed it a second time.

| >>701670
I meant the proof in this post: #701625
Here's the quote again.

>Trump _is_ a liar.

>Take the NYT story about his tax returns for example. IF the NYT story is "fake news" like Trump claims it is then he can prove it by releasing just one page of his 2016 and '17 returns, that critical last page of Form 1040 that includes his signature and total tax paid.

>One page, & he could thoroughly humiliate media and Biden. He won't, and we all know why.

| >>701669 >>701670 >>701671 alright, thats it, you dont apologize, you use strawman and ad hominen, while you say that im a liar and dumb for doing the same with an snarky attitude and you also fail to present any arguements abou the actual discussion and only cares about making others look bad. You are a hipocrate, you are not worthy it and I refuse to talk to you any longer, yes I am running away because I cant argue with someone that cant see their own morals.
Get help you need it.

| >>701673
Stop declecting and answer the points you disagree with.

| >>b7c677
All it takes to get a Trump supporter running is critical thinking 101.

You can't answer the points made so you cut and run, just like last time.

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