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Devided politically

| Considering how polarised we are now do you think we can ever find ways to bring people together again and end this othering mentality that's become normal?

| Not until WW3 happens tbh, humanity needs to suffer a massive war so that they can understand the value of unity and other people. The current human population is too much and The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race

| People will always be the same. No amount of conflicts can fix this either, because of the same reason. We just cannot learn from our own mistakes, like some stubborn stupid little children.

| >>701437
We did that 80 years ago but people started to forget. If giant world wards are what keeps people from being nice for 80 years then it's not really worth it imo.

| wars*

| >>701468 welp thats the reason humans cant have nice things

| I don't think we're actually divided politically, we just have the perception that we are, pushed by pop media. Most people are too busy living and working to give a shit.

| >>701528
This. The people who are never willing to compromise are a minority and you only see them online and in media. Real life encounters are so rare.

| >>701594 unless they gather up to riot

| >>701430 today op I learned that no people cant, if of course this site represents the how poeole think, otherwise I guess the only thing that holds society back is people that cant just wish for progress and only want to follow ideals and be controlled by something

| >>701785
>if of course this site represents the how poeole think

It doesn't.

| >>701786 yes you are right it doesnt, its just that there are people more people like the ones in this site and the do cause trouble on other places, wich means they could be a reason as to why people can cooperate.

In resume, not everyone is like them but there are more people like them in the world

| Yanks

| >>701437
>The current human population is too much
No it isn't. This is only a myth created by rich assholes that refuse to share. Don't let them fool you!
>and The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race
No it hasn't. The industrial revolution is the best thing which could happen to the human race. It's just capitalism as an economical system and ideology, which ruins things.

| >>701798 we need another industrial revolution to push society to change, capitalism has done nothing wrong, assholes that think that they are above the system are the ones who ruin capitalism

| >>08a283
Dude, you're fucking clueless. Stop posting.

| >>701801 take my freedom, I dare you, who are you to say what people can post?

| Reeee come and take my freedom commie scum reeeee you'll have to survive a typhoon of bullets first reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *yells to mom to take the tendies out of the oven*

| >>a4269c I mean the only reason that humans as a species survives is because of their narcissism and their natalist proclivity. Bringing new conscious beings to this shithole of an existence is immoral but here we are

>>8e89f2 you are too naive...

| >>701835 yo dude I understand where you are comming from, but you are being a bit too agressive, but at the same time you do you

| >>701835
>natalist proclivity

| >>701468
Yes in my opinion it is because so many revolutionary things appear during war time. If a country was convinced that it was in a war with another, then it would have so many advancements, even if there was no war.
It shows how lazy people are irl...

| Yanks

| >>701879 necessity to grow really help things to grow, tho war is so bloody and costy, I wonder if there is a way to create growth trough an artificial setting that makes people feel the need to improve and do new stuff by friendly competition or something

| >>701935
More and more i have been dreaming of seeing what "progress" could look like without the need for "competition". I would agree friendly competition is not entirely worthless. But i dont think "competition" is nessecary for progress. And i would like to see what would be created in a world where it isn't forced upon people.

| >>702371 staleness, lack of porpouse and entitlement is what waits when people dont have an objective

| >>702419
You can have an objective and a purpose without competition. Try it out sometime, it's way less stressful.

| >>702425 yes I can, but what if what I had to do was extreemely dificult but would progress society? Would you really just do something because its for the best? Would you put such a burden on yourself for just that reason? No rewards on the way and no motivation to keep going can really break someone, sorry but most people cant live that way. Only a few people can give themselves the motivation and are willing to work hard for that

| >>702426
I think most people do have things they would do with no "external motivators", they already do, it just often isn't as valued. Even then, getting admiration from others for doing a dangerous job can be a powerful motivator. And probably enough people could be motivated by that and also some desire for an adrenaline rush that we could have enough people to do the dangerous or unpleasant jobs that humans /specificaly/ need to do and are truely nessecary to society.

| I don't think a little friendly competition is totally bad or anything. But competition does gennerally imply a need to declare something "better" than something else, which is ultimatly where i think the "problem" comes from. Without getting so specific with the end goal, that you are basically trying to create the same thing, than you will end up with two "ends" which could both have value in different contexts. So why not just work together on your goal.

| >>702431 if people could do it why havent they done?

| >>702434
I think in a lot of ways people already do. It's just that with everyone's basic needs not garentieed, and the state of education under our current world system, it's often nessecary to engage in the "competition" of capitalisim, which funnels resources to the "top". This is all a lot more complicated than I'm able to properly articulate here though.

At the very least if everyone's basic needs were garentieed, i think the "competition" could become a lot more honest.

| >>702461 yay basic needs but who would do stuff like good food, games, enterteinment, build machines and etc? You say that this would be the ideal world but you sit confortably on your bed while having a phone pluged to a conveniently placed socket that would be super hard to build and I bet you couldnt build it yourself

| And even if you could build confort, would just give it away and do it for everyone for free? Or even be willing to teach someone that is willing to do it for free?
Who would build rockets, create medicine and engeneering for everyone for free?

| Also feeding 7 billion people for free takes away the meaning of life very quickly, at least have them work for it, if they had all the basics covered why go for more? Why progress? Why science and etc? What would motivate people to evolve? Their own hard working "instincts"? Are people really willing to work that hard if all their basics are covered? And who would work to cover those basics?

| >>73b3be People wouldn't just stop and bake in the sun forever. We have a desire to learn, to explore, create. Having basic needs met means people wouldn't be crushed under economic pressures and be able to focus more on their passions. These are the top of maslow's hierarchy of needs aka self actualization.

| Why would a person ever build a rocket or go to school if his food was paid for?

| >>702545 the people that do that in society are a minority, most people just work and do stuff to get by, the ones that are driven by passion and develop innovations are not most people, we would have only a few individuals that would actually be willing to study more and work their asses off for passion

| >>702638
Do you really think that someone would go through the years of study, for something so complex, just to get their basic needs? or to fufulil some kind of competition need? Or do they do it because its what they want to do?

The people who are forced into (often pointless) drudgery probably all have something they would do "for free". And they would probably do it better than what ever shit task they are forced into.

How many brilliant rocket engineers or whatever are missing their chance to be rocket engineer because they are too busy trying to not die of starvation while we are easily able to produce more than enough food and housing for every person on the planet?

| >>702673 why bother to study hard to be the assistant of an engineer in the first place? Who would want to be in someones shadow if there is no need to, who would be willing to work that genious scientist that wants to create the new great invention?

| >>702688
I doubt most people have such fragile egos that they'll refuse to work under a superior in a field they believe in...

| >>702820 its not only ego, there is laziness, lack of reason, no motivation and etc, its not worth it to study and work your ass off, yeah people would have passion but those would be an exception and they would either go for not really big things since its hard or they wouldnt have enough people willing to help them, bacause people most of the times care more about instant gratification.
Your idea is cool but its an utopia, utopias dont work.

| >>73b3be Well if this is the only system that ever works and thinking outside the box is utopian and this is the way things will be now and forever then that,d be pretty fucking depressing.

| Under this logic we,d have never evolved past feudalism

| >>702434
because they don't know how. And because some people benefit massively from the status quo.

| >>702688
>why bother to study hard to be the assistant of an engineer in the first place?
Because it's not universally hard for everyone. People are different, so they have different strengths and weaknesses.
Also there are many other very important but hard kind of work than "studying something with engineering" that are not rewarded accordingly in this system.

| >>702688
>Who would want to be in someones shadow if there is no need to, who would be willing to work that genious scientist that wants to create the new great invention?
How it comes that most genious scientist and inventors were horrible businessmen? Could it be that they were motivated by something different than increasing their personal wealth?

| Oh and before you say say "steve jobs", "bill gates" or "elon musk" - They did not invent anything useful except marketing/business strategies, lobbyism, finding out methods to bypass law and betraying partners.

| >>702863
That's it. With this phrase you just uncovered how massively dogmatic capitalists logic is. Some day people will overcome capitalism like they overcame feudalism. Or Capitalism will overcome people.

| I dont have a problem with overcoming capitalism but all you guys are doing is throwing ideas and not actually thinking about implementation, the basic life style, peoples necessities etc, this path is what leads to stuff like radical revolutions and needlesly violent actions, its best to improve on what we have to point it becomes new instead of radically changing everything hastely

| We can just change and adapt laws, social norms and education to fit our current world? We dont need to change everything at once to make the utopic world, we gotta think about the present and make it good, not just look at that the future could be and rush for it while ignoring all the current problems that will be dragged over to the "new world". Improve the now, the journey is the most fulllfilling part not the conclusion.

| >>73b3be
Dude, are we even reading the same thread? Most posters here doesn't even do half the stuff you accuse them of.

| >>702906 i mean this was meant to be for>>794576 and people whowho think all the evil will go away if we get rid of the "evil" capitalism

| >>73b3be
I mean, you're pretty ignorant and I'm positive all your ramblings are just projections of yourself.

According to your worldview most open source projects, open access projects, game modding, charity, not-for-profit organizations and even some religious aspects shouldn't exist because people are too lazy and selfish.
Which is clearly not true...

| >>702911 I dont think you got my point accuratly, oh well. Imma head out, this wont go anywhere.

| >>73b3be
Seems like they got it just fine and pointed out the obvious flaw. Also seems like you don't have an actual retort to it.

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