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Halloween costumes

| The only people i see bitching about cultural appropriation are white people and i dont mind people wearing sugar skulls or whatever else as a mexican-american.

| im not saying that there arent costumes that explicitly stereotype different cultures either because those are just retarded to wear anyways.

| Is this political in your mind?

| >mexican-american
as opposed to the mexican-asians, which of course hail from communist mexico somewhere west of china

| but yeah i like this topic, Halloween (and October in general)
if anyone itt is pure white i suggest getting full-black sclera contact lenses and acting like BEKs lol

| In a perfect world, anyone should be able to dress as anything but as it stands now, it's mostly white people dressing as shit from cultures they know nothing about. Principally, I'm not against it but I think that white people dressing as native american tribesmen is so hilariously goofy I have to make fun of them

| >>700614 i mean its not like they are trying to be historicaly accurate, its meant to just be fun and not serious

| Do i need to be mexican and understand dia de los muertos 101% to celebrate it? Wtf didnt think so. Cultural appreciation isnt capped to one ethnicity

| >>700655 true, its such a etnostate way of thinking

| >>700681
hmmm doubt

| >>700683 the whole point of etnostates is thet they think every culture and race should be separated and live by themselves

| >>700684
nope, not culture by definition. more like race. also cultural protectionism is also often included in the package

| Mexican here, stop bitching about what race can dress in what way, most mexicans don't give a fuck, we celebrate hallowen and nobody complains so you can celebrate Día de los muertos if you want.

| >>700705
any recommendations? maybe even rituals?

| >>8239e7 well, you could make a litlle altar of a deseased loved one where you put their favorite foods, sweets, bread of the dead,etc. Pro tip: don't eat the food you put there, is considered a rude thing to do since your loved one is supposed to "eat" it.

| I think the sugar skulls etc thing is collateral damage from idiots calling sombreros and racist caricatures accents a costume and being yelled at

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This thread is permanently archived