Should social media companies be broken up?

| Considering the damage they've done to people in the 2010s. Spread of fake news and consolidating the internet into the hands of a few big tech CEOs.

| Yep

| We should return to pre social media days of the internet. Make your own website and join webrings. No more algorithms controlling the flow of information either.

| >>696848 social midia could stay, its just the algorithms that should either be gone or open for everybody to see with no company secrets of how they what info they spread and share

| It's not enough.. there is no problem about media but about people.. let's do HUMAN'S GENOCIDE!

| They should be forced by law (e.g. antitrust) to give access to their basic functionalities (mostly text messaging) via open, standard compatible APIs. They also should pay more taxes.

| >>696860 >>697043 yeah, we could keep social media under those conditions, but i still think that until then encouraging people to also find new/pre-social media forms of entertainment and information on the internet would be good.

You know humans are products of the systems they live in, some more than others and in different ways. This is why social media algorithms are such a problem. Remove them and other repressive systems and we can have a better humanity.

| Its like the clique at highschool everyones experience wouldve been better if they never existed

| People want that crap. There's a reason why most social media behave like that, it's what works best with people. Want to change social media, change people first.

| >>697349 actually its what works best to steal info and put people into bubbles

| Practically the main reason that I decided to delete my Facebook accounts after like 10 years on my original.

| We're a product on the site, not a customer, the customer is the one who pays and further encourages this country's gambling problem or scam advertisements to you or someone else.

| The management of Facebook needs a radical fucking change to not fucking suck balls, if you report anything as a scam most of the time support will just fucking ignore you.

| Even if they change they'll just make a profile of your identity to sell on to advertisers, so I might just remain something of an anon here.

| They along with all companies should be broken up, and the state should be broken up too.

| >>697497 too radical

| >>697497
i think we should break up too

| >>697349
Most people I know just use certain social media because "everyone uses them". It's called network-effect driven monopolism.

| >>697043 API access is an underappreciated idea. I'd really like to see a requirement for them to all use a standard post model that's accessible and displayable without any branding.

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