Why do you never evaluate your political stance?

| How come the extreme right can never evaluate their arguments and debate them? They _always_ resort to lies, self-delusions and intentional ignorance/misunderstandings.

The overall left doesn't have this problem.

| The extreme right is an emotional ideology, not a factual or logical one. That's why they can't evaluate their stances. It's all about emotions and self-deception.

Out of all the thousands of shitposting people on the internet not a single have ever proposed their ideology in a factual, critical way.

It's literally the ideology of the dumbdumbs.

| >>695590 all extreme ideologies are like that have brain and see the bigger picture

| >>695609

Absolutely not. You can actually have conversations with the other extremes but that can't be said about the far right. They're an anomaly.
Also, the only extremists we have on this board are the extreme right. Use your own brain before you talk, pls.

The saying "all extremes views are the same" is just lazy and not rooted in reality.

| >>695609
Again you're coming up with counterarguments to stuff that no one ever said.

It's like you can't even understand what people are talking about so you just pick something unrelated from your own head so you can participate. You do this in every single thread you post in. Why?

And you also have the complete lack of self-insight to tell others to use their brains which is just hilarious...

| All extreme ideologies lead to an attempt of a revolution wich causes violence and proceeds to have an authoritarian leader that will try to shove their utopia on peoples asses, germans did it, russians did, brazillians, the chinese, ancient greece, rome, france.
So many examples show that action on extremes is never good in the long run yet people choose to simply give focus to the far right wich has been crumbled since the 90s look at the present

| Its fun to evaluate your position when youre on the left, when i did I became an anarchist.

| Being far right is a rejection of truth

| ironic that you're all talking about the right and not the left. sounds like one-sided retarded extremist thinking.

| ironic that you're all talking about the right and not the left. sounds like one-sided retarded extremist thinking.

| I do try to make an effort to understand the concerns of some of those on the "right". I think its important to do. A lot of the concerns stem from economic worries, which are then exaggerated by media to further interclass divide. As is America's very effective anti-communist pro-bootstraps propaganda machine.

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