are you ever bothered by a culture that tends to follow your race?

| personally, i couldn't give less of a fuck about being a hispanic person or when i meet other people that are also spanish but some stuff that tends to follow us around can piss me off. ex: blasting music way too late at night, being loud for no reason, and just generally obnoxious behavior.

i find it embarrassing how some of us act and i think it reflects poorly on the rest of us. so i'm curious, are there any cultures that tend to follow your race you don't like?

| btw, i know that the examples i gave aren't exclusive to spanish people, plenty of other races can have "cultures" like that. and i feel that culture isn't a very good word to use for this because i just don't think it fits quite well with what i'm trying to say. but i can't think of a better term for it

| >so i'm curious, are there any cultures that tend to follow your race you don't like?

What do you mean by "follow your race"?

| >>695079 i'm referring to things that seem to be fairly common among some of us. as in like things that are just common to find, at least for the people i tend to interact with.

| There're quite a bunch of these little annoying things about russian people. Of course, not all people act this way, but most of them, to a certain extent. For example, almost no one cares about people around them, everyone just do whatever they want and however they want it, without thinking if their actions may cause trouble to someone else, and there's also no such thing as 'personal space'. People have very little respect for each other in here in general

| Steriotypes are like an exaggerated truth, it is real but doesnt apply to all situations, circunstances and individuals

| Might be worth thinking about internalized racism?

| >>695076
The phenomenoms you describe have less to do with culture and nothing with race (a term that doesn't make any sense applied on human beeings)
It's rather a question of general man-made and specific environmental circumstances. Namely social-economical status, demographical composition, topological and even meteorological actuality.
Since you're Hispanic, you probably should ask your people on ibiza or mallorca how they look on other "cultures" (e.g. germans and russians).

| >>695086
Sounds just like regular urban folks in any golbalized metropole within our beloved global capitalist hegemony.

| Sometimes, yeah.

| absolutely. blacks are a bit better than animals, but we've contributed absolutely nothing to world civilizations. we're just babysitted ghetto rats and it's depressing to think about. idk wish i was white

| >>695165 thats more of a class and money distribution issue rather than an race issue

| Tbh people that blame race for their problems are just too dumb to look at the bigger picture so they just take the most shallow factor possible wich is apperance

| >>695176
nope. i can assure you rich blacks are p much the same.

| you may say maybe not all, but just talking about rich blacks, any super rich person's culture kind of becomes culture of wealth. most blacks act like the way i said.

| >>712af4 see you are too dumb to realise that money changes people because they let it control them

Also kinda dumb how you dont know the pattern of poor people who get rich tend to lose control

So many factors that you are ignoring just to say that someones apperance is what is causing it

| >>695187
wow you're a snobby bitch. how long have you lived among blacks? i'm talking about the difference between average blacks and average whites. they're 2 radically opposing groups. you're pretty ignorant or completely ignore that racial culture is a thing. poor white people that get rich don't lost control, just another example.
looks like you set out into the world with a set belief in your small head and are trying anything you can to cram everything into that useless logic

| you're here stuck thinking that economics explains their status as a race and willingly closing eyes on how it's wayyy to often their race & racial culture that puts them into such economic situations
but yeah ok you've lived it all bud, seen the ghetto inside out n stuff

| >>695191 im black and my while family is black

| I meant whole family sorry

| >>695191 so you are saying black people are more prone to irrational decisions? Idk man thats kinda racist

| I could make a huge text explaining how and why it SEEMS like most poor black people behave that way but it would be a very long and complex talk about eviorment, history and how it all ties with why a certaing group could have their culture and thus a habit of acting certain way become their new steriotype over time and how it could be solved by early education on certain topics, but it would all be dismissed its not worth it

| >>695195
i'm saying it's a thing of racial culture, being black does not immediately make you irrational, but you're more likely to be especially considering the culture, and we can talk about iq statistics but that's just be cheesy

| To sum it up, black people dont behave that way because they are black, its because they grew up in a enviorment that molded them into that way and if they grew up anywhere else they would be a totally diferent person

| >>695196
i'm already more willing to argue and not be a flaming cunt since you're not a stuck up upper middle class white college libtard
like in Africa i guess, where cannibalism and civil wars run rampant. have you read up on Erithrean torture methods? grizzly

| >>695197 first separate race from culture, race does not determine behaviour, culture does and its not even 100% of the time its a conglomerate of culture, eviorment, life conditions and sorrounding people

And second iq is not entrensically heraditary so if its not associated with genes it cant be associated with race

| >>695200
i don't believe that race doesn't determine behavior/iq but i'm willing to believe that culture does

| >>695199 uh no I have not

Look using african tribes as an example is no really that good of an arguement as they clearly live in a dangerous, unsafe and very much tribal like eviorment so why wouldnt they be more aggressive if they lived in constant war, fighting and killing other animals amd tribes? Werent the mongols very aggressive? What about the spartans? Guess what they were not black

| >>695203
okay. but for example the Spartans contributed to making Greece, and that nation's industrialized. Europe/Asia at the time was pretty much the same thing and now we're here. but somehow Africa didn't make it.

| i have to add that since you are black you probably feel personally targeted but i'm not attacking you individually. hope you understand

| >>695204 africa didnt make it cuz because we invaded their territory, scared them away, killed a good chunk of their people, hindered their technoly by capitalising over the resources of their continent and medled with their history and culture

| And yes we did do the same with america(continent not the country) but we settled down in it and dindnt just use it as a giant farm

If you look at the amazon rainforest there is still tribes there that dont even know the modern world and some that only interect with it a little to protect their culture and revindacate their rights, and then you ask, why dont they develop themselves? For the same reason africa as continent doesnt

| I Seriously dont get it, there are so many factors and reasons to explain inequality and disparity but why is race the first thing that comes to your minds?

| >>695207
they were invaded because Europe at that time was already more advanced and has the dumb concept of it being a moral duty to civilize savages.
i agree that Africans should have been left to rot in their own lands but somehow they've gotten babysitted into western civilization...

| >>695212
it's not the first thing as much as one of the first ideas in a set of many factors trying to explain it.
at the end of the day i'm not sure if race has a direct relation to success, and i'm still an ethnonationalist for many reasons. for example i look at Africans as a set of tribes and the fundamentally defining factor is their race. i'm not necessarily saying that they're worse because of their race but still saying that for some reason their condition is globally worse

| >>695214 and thats a shallow way of thinking raci is mostly appearance and small accentuated phisical traits ina genetic code its very much indeferent, if the brain is not different, the the body is only diferently adapted to certain biomes and is overall the same then race does not make people incompatible

| >>695214 did you know that Africa has some of the most harsh enviorments on the planet? Do you know how hard it is to live there? And then peopl wonder why they werent as technologically advanced, they had other stuff to worry and stuff like mining and gathereing is harder there because of the biomes and geography, less mountains means less mining and crafting, more predators means less time of peace to develop and build things

| >>695215
maybe. i'm still not convinced
you can say the same about climate for the Scandinavian countries.
except maybe for the predation stuff.
eventually it reinforces my own belief that Africans have no place in other societies but their own, and should have been left alone to develop naturally.

| As for why their overall condition is globally worse? Well they were treated as slaves and even not humans for centuries and after racism was less prevalent and slavery ended most of them were left uneducated and in poverty thus creating a new lower class and that lower class is now what we see

| >>695220
funny, you know another very sneaky way Africa is still being kept down? emigration. the africans that migrate to other countries are the ones that can afford it, and they leave their countrymen behind. i don't like talking about such things, they kinda tire me out tbh.

| >>695220
also, you know when slavery ended in the West? how much time has it been since? why couldn't they pick themselves up by then, Europeans went through 2 world wars that fucked them up and are still standing after all of it.

| Like they became free but the higher class never gave them education, literacy and any knologe on how to live in a modern society so basically you had a bunch of ex slaves with no basic conditions live or even develop and better thenselves, they created their communities and tried to live their best with no instructions, their decents now may be more included in society but already developed have their own culture formed by people who didnt know how soceity worked

| >>695222 read>>695216 >>695220 >>695223

| Yall need some history classes

| >>695219
>you can say the same about climate for the Scandinavian countries.
You can absolutely not say that. The scandinavian climate is temperate. We don't have storms, hurricanes, massive rainfall or drought. Our summers are warm and our winters are mild in comparison to other geographically areas on the same latitude. We also have no toxic wildlife. The scandinavian climate isn't harsh as long as you know how to keep warm.

Africa on the other hand is incredibly harsh.

| >>695223
makes some kind of sense. i still don't like black culture though.
>>695224 >>695225
i hate it when people do this

| >>695226
ok. but why is african population fucking exploding if it's so hard to live there?

| >>695227
I hate it when people don't read/can't understand the information presented right in front of them.

I also hate it when people who engage in debates also complain about how little they enjoy engaging in debates. It's nothing but an inane juvenile whine...

| >>695228 having sex isnt hard, why do farm people have so many kids even tho they have to work harder to sustain themselves?
Also more kids=more manpower

| >>695229
bitch i read everything at that time! don't act a fool on me dummy
and yes i don't like these dumb debates. suck it.
>Also more kids=more manpower
also more kids=less resources. what do you think it would be like in african societies if the population there was halved?

| Look as someone who does surviving as a hobbie I can very much say that afric and australia are shit in therms of acces to resources, temperature and biomes, even tho you have a bunch of resouces, againyou cant just walk into a cave or enter a ravine, and you cant dig or extract much from the soil, the heat and extreme changes in temperature are very annoying to deal and the things that could kill you are everywhere

| >>695232 depends on wich resources and how do you aquire said resources
Animal hunting is better with more people, building is also better with more people, gathering clay wood and stuff fot fire is better with more people, the only problem with more people in a tribe is illness, sharing rare respurces and maybe a healthy communication
Also africa has a lot of big cities(its a continent duh) so its not all tribes

| >>695234
i'm already more willing to listen to you than this cunt >>695229.
are you really just saying that the reason for them to be at this stage now is bad geographical luck?

ps. i want to make clear that there's a big difference between blacks in the USA and Africans to me

| Also heres a good thing about africa, if you can hunt you can get food cuz if the enviorment has many predarors that means getting food isnt hard but that means you need more help to kill something

| >>695240
ok, we were talking about culture of blacks in the USA, but you're actually being convincing in this topic.
you know, i'm a weird kind of racist, i want Africans to have a good standard of life so that they don't see the need to immigrate to white countries because they're satisfied at home

| >>695242
something i heard from a SA guy is that in Africa there is the very African feeling of not being an apex predator anymore. as opposed to Europe for example where threatening things like bears of maybe wolf packs are not that common

| >>695241 geografical luck changes everything when talking about developing a society, especially in when you dont have that much tech available, geography affects animals, plants, biomes, climate, available resources, its super important to have a suitable place to live

| >>695244 i mean I like all races and I think we can live all togheter, the thing about immigration is that yes you are right, if people dont need to leave their home for better they dont need to migrate
I agree with strong boarders and that not everyone should be able to enter a country(it has to be basaed on legal proceedures, past records and intentions not race or place of origin)
we really should help out other countries so they dont cause trouble for anyone

| >>695249
i mostly agree with you but there's this slight thing about race that i guess makes me a bad person or something, i believe people should mostly be segregated by race based on historical precedents, but there can be tourism, is not a problem to me.
i don't really hate blacks, i hate blacks when they're settling in white countries. i know it's weird and risky thinking and not many people agree with me, but i guess that's where i'm at..

| >>695250 well if you cant separate race from culture and behavior thats your problem, as long as you dont do anything illegal in the name of it dislike or hate all you want, just make sure to not act on it and be polite and respect others
Thats all I have to say

We cant ban sweets just because someone dislikes them and wants it to go away

| >>695255
i'm actually starting to like you...
but misconception here: i'm not necessarily unable to 'separate race from culture and behavior', even if they are not directly linked. the reason i'm an ethnonationalist is that i believe each race deserves their own place, and each race deserves to exist.

| How about we make melting pots the majority of the places and them the people who are etnonatiinalist live in their own place? Cuz like, most people dont care about it and and since they are the mojority they shouldnt conform to having to be separated from friends and even family just because of race, also what would we do with mixed race people if the world was separated by race? There are a lot of things to think when going for such idea

| >>695262
ouch, i don't want races to get destroyed. melting pots are completely unnecessary and unnatural. Europe was already and ethnostate before immigration happened.
nah the USA can keep that shit, also look at the chaos it's bringing to their society...
also it's interesting that you talk about mixed race persons because i am mixed race. my own experience in my life and the pains it has brought to me made me 100% against race mixing. :L

| >>695264 if it was unnatural it would be phically possible to have mixed race people
The problem in us isnt because they have different races, its because they are going trough a political segregation and the midia is exagerating and adding fire to the fight while panderin to one side of 2 extremist ideologies that are ruining the country also notice how the midia and the extremeists are calling race while the people are just calling terrorism and chaos

| >>695264 you hating yourself because race? Like just race? Thats just your apperance, better yourself, aquire skill and you should be fine
You are your worst enemy, and recomend you do some therapy

| >>695267
a very confusing post, i'll just explain where i stand?
i'm totally against demographic/racial replacement of any race because that is fucking genocide. i believe Europe should remain white just as many people probably believe Africa should remain black. race mixing destroys races and i don't want that. call it biodiversity of a love for white people, idc.
i won't talk too much about my problems but if you say it's just appearance you don't understand anything.

| >>695269 mixing is not replacing

And if if its not your apperance thats why is being mixed race a problem in your life? Do people segregate you because of that? If so then you are just in a bad place and the problem are the people not the way you were born, tell em to fuck off

| You cant kill a race if everyone carries the gene of a race thats the whole thing about being mixed

Look theres isnt that many arguements you can use if your only reason is "preserve" genes and "mixed race bad", because its scientifically wrong if you have any debate worthy reasons we can talk about it

| >>695270
mixing is replacing.

none of my parents look like me. my dad got one culture, my mom another. i feel like i belong to none. i don't even belong in the country i grew up in. i feel like i'm being pulled apart in 3 directions and am homeless in this world, makes me feel very lonely. can't relate to anyone. and in i white society; i wish i was white instead tbh.
i'm basically the incarnation of racial treason to my ancestors. my children will be strangers from my ancestors.

| >>695274
yes you can. same thing that happened to Brazil. in practice the race itself dies out. i've debated you before.
>scientifically wrong
that's BS. and even if there was no reason for it i would still be for it. there is no reason for things such as justice and hope to exist in this world. i do not want the white race to die out and will not negotiate my opinions. i do not think they are silly and if you think so i don't care.

| Mixing is biodiversity also even in mixed race people do look different, and have many factors dictating how and wich genes they express

| >>695277
if all races in the world mixed eventually there would only be 1 race and all separate races would have been destroyed at that time.

| >>695275 ancestors are the past and they are already dead anyways,why care so much when you have the present and future to develop and grow into someone, you are not your race, you are you, nobody can be right about sying the contrary just stay strong and be yourself

| >>695278 no, thats not how it works, that would require for total gene expression wich is biologically impossible just because you carry all genes doesnt mean you express all of them people woul still be diferrent
Being short doesnt mean 100% of your kids will be short as long as there is one tall person in your liniage

| >>695279
it looks like i value History (and culture) much more than you do.
i am not my race but race is a part of me and has implications. i believe the things i believe because i like races as they are now and don't like the way things are moving (immigration, replacement etc)

| >>695280
you are right in theory but wrong in practice. in the reproduction process people's children do not suddenly come out white if some grandparent was

| i am the living example that if you mix your children will not have the same genes as you and nothing much can change that, except maybe in the children's children - *with gene editing*

| >>695276 theb dont debate, you are clealy and emotional prick that crying about problems that you invented for yourself because you decide to blame race for your problems

If you yourself adimited that you would still stand for your opnion even if your problem wasnt scientifically possible(wich is) this just shows how immature and illogical you are, and you should not be debating if you are willing to nagate reality itself

| eventually you're not convincing me otherwise, melting pots are unnecessary garbage and race mixing brings about more bad than good. it's natural for people to want to be among their own race.
and yeah, i do realize that it sounds like i think the world revolves around race, but not that much actually

| >>695281 no you dont value and history culture, you mix culture with race and uses history only when its convenient to you

| >>695285
i can be as much of a cheap shit as you are right now and call out your horrendous typos. you don't seem to understand a thing i was talking about and have several misrepresentations of what i actually believe. if you're going to start being a cunt i'll ignore you entirely, i don't have time to waste for haughty people like you

| >>695287
sounds like i was talking to a tree. you didn't catch a real understanding of my opinions

| >>695286 if you blame race for world problems then race is indeed the only thing in your head, there are so many other factors that you are willing to ignore and that is waht is clouding your views, you are not bad just lost

| you're so focused on thinking that what is scientifically supported means that it is good. you're provided no proof and used it as a whack-hammer to justify anything you believe in and call me retarded. you're gonna have to chose between what is real in practice and what is real in real life, and what is scientific versus what is good. we can act like middle schoolers if you want and just yell at each other. eh

| >>695290
i don't blame race for world problems. i was indeed talking to a tree.

| and here i thought i was debating a sensible person. alright, i'm out, got no time to waste for this crap. adios buddy, i hope to not talk to you again.

go ahead and say i'm giving up on the argument because i'm wrong, i dare you. you're probably that cheap.

| >>695289 just explain why in a logical sense that mixing is objecvely bad we can disscus it and explore the concep, you dont need to change your oppnion, you just need to understand and express your problem in a more clear way, because you are not explaining yourself properly here

| >>695291 science is what works in practice, logic is what works in practice if it wasnt then we would be all living in the stone age with people never even communicating between races
If people naturally had the tendencie to refuse other races then the world would not be the way it is now and we would not share resources, knologe and techniques the world eveolves with mixture life was born with mixture

| >>695293 you are not the sensible person, I showed you science, i showed you why I think what I think, and you dissmised everythign because as you said, even if you were wrong you would still stand for what you do, and I wasnt even trying to change you, I gave you motivanional speach and even tried to make you say what your problems are
Yet you refused to listen and even understand what I was saying

| You are the one disregarding reality for what you belive to be your world and yet you refuse to at least think about "what if it was different?" And when I tell you to think diferently for a few seconds show you other possibilities you call me stubborn and refuses to listen

| I understand how you feel, Im also mixed race and I suffered a lot of bullying in my teenage years, I know what it feels to not belong
I see why you think the way to do, you are acting only in your emotion and ignoring the real life and reality because you lost hope on people your emotions dont let you belive that races can live togheter because you spent you intire life suffering that way

| But your lif is not the inly life, there are places where race isnt an issue you were just unlucky and my recomendations is to do what I did and move away from the place I lived, you dont even need to change countries, just a neighborhood or a school/job can be an amazing change
Again the only one holding you is your self and I belive that you can do better screw the people who did what they did to you, they were wrong and you deep down know it

| >>695292 was all that explaining and attempt to ralating and understanding you cheap enough?

| >>695165 most likely bait but i'll bite, there's actually quite a few educated, mature, and respectful black people out there. and saying you don't contribute anything to society is straight up wrong because of the amount of black people that have contributed to society in positive ways. and all of my black friends are intelligent and cool people. a lot of them are talented too, so it feels like you're just self projecting

| >>695128 honestly i've considered that, and i feel it comes from the way a lot of people in my family and community act. i've been told that being loud is apart of being spanish by a lot of family members, which is something i feel is wrong. and there's a lot of negative stereotypes that some of us genuinely do, which just makes me embarrassed of my race. and i know that this doesn't apply to all of us, i just feel i'm not happy with the way some of us can act

| Steriotypes exist for reason just dont let it define you as a person

| >>c86db2
> and even if there was no reason for it i would still be for it.

I have heard this same argument from so many self-proclaimed "ethnonatialists" that it's starting paint a picture about how little they understand about the world.

| >>695335 its more how much some of them are willing to ignore about science and reason
>>fff010 is a good example of how not all etnonationalists are unwilling to talk and understand, we still disagree but he was very much respectful

| >>695178
The public attention on rich black people is pretty much determined by rap musicians, actors and other people from the show-business. But those aren't "the rich black people", just like paris hilton ore george clooney aren't representative for "rich white people". The huge majority of rich black people just behaves like everyone else who is rich.

| The only difference is that many black rich people are "new rich" and fewer in relation to poorer black people - which is because of historical, not biological reasons.

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