The extreme right wants to oppress and kill you

| https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Far-right_politics

| Never stop punching nazis

| Punch nazis if you are 100% sure they are nazis

| Punch nazis

| Wonder when janitors will come

| Nazis all need a good punch.

| You guys sound like nazis. Time for some punching.

| i'm a nazi

| >>694664 who isnt?

| Step 1: find someone to punch
Step 2: Punch them
Step 3: When asked why you punched said person claim you saw them do a Nazi salute, say something racist, etc.
Step 4: Everyone will believe you because who would believe the Nazi?
Step 5: Profit

| >>694682 life be like that sometimes

| >>694682
1. Say or do Nazi stuff
2. get punished for it
3. protest and cry that you're not a nazi, but a centrist who is victim of an omnipresent leftist opression system (consisting of socialists/communists, liberals, some rich jews, muslims and feminists)

| Can we agree that rich jews and muslims dont give a fuck about all this left right shit?

| leftycucks who never punched anyone itt

| Both extremes left or right want to do these things. Its an extreme. Not exactly looking out for most people.

| >>694711 >Enlightened Neo-liberal cetrism
Both sides equally bad because socialists are just as bad as genocidal nazis dur hur

| >>694714 yes they indeed are

| >>694714
yup both are annoying

| Annoying is the same as systematically killing you for being LGBT or non white?

| Punches nazi g/u/rls

| >>694719 >>694724

| >>694719 yes pretty much, just as bad in my opinion

| extreme left want you to use your body for free

| To all of you people who say "punch a nazi", do you actually, for real, honestly believe it's perfectly okay to punch someone because they're a nazi?
I'm asking seriously

| >>694786 it isnt wrong to punch a nazi, I would punch one, but the thing is how do I know someone is a nazi for sure like 100% sure, you cant just point at some one that said something bad call them a nazi and punch them

| >>694788 what if your member of family was nazi, would you punch this person too? ^^

| >>694800 i mean yeah, what does being blood related has to do with being a bad person
And tbh I would much rather talk first, I guess punching is a very extreeme measure
I regret saying that I would punch a nazi, as a more intellectual individual I would rather discuss

| But ihe they were really being an asshole and I couldnt solve it by talk or even calling the police then yeah I would punch a nazi
Its just that violence is a last resort

| I'm not sure what you mean by last resort but unless they act on it, punching a nazi is still wrong.

| >>694801 if would you punch your grandgrandpa, i guess that it would be interest situation xd

| >>694810 cant punch the dead but at the same time what would a 80 yr old nazi do against me or other people anyways? At this point it could be dismised as him getting crazy by age right?

| Punch people espousing nazi talking points in public. Like that video of the nazi getting punched to the beat of Blue Monday lmfao

| >>694691 im central and I feel like lefts are more and more yelling I'm nazi too. At least right twats will acknowledge im not left..

| >>694802
>your opinions are so illegal that you must be silenced by force
who's the nazi you antifaget?

| >>694934 read>>694788 >>694801 >>694802 >>694812 then you can start talking to me

| >>694936
i read them all and are talking to you

why are you so robotriggered like it's your programming that you have to violently shut down people that happen to have different opinions? are you a fucking fascist maybe?

| it's funny how little idiots like this can't attempt to have an intelligent debate and resort to using violence because it threatens their world beliefs set in stone, DANGEROUS OPINION DETECTED, SHUT IT DOWN SHUT IT DOWN SHUT IT DOWN

| We can debate nazis in the marketplace of ideas, it just doesn't always work because they really love killing people. They drive into protestors, shoot up syndicates, shoot up churches full of black people, etc etc. Sometimes punching crazy people who want genocide is pretty pog

| >>694938 >>694939 well it seems you 2 dont really get what I said so and didnt even noticed the regret part so yeah, I feel like you are the braindead idiots who cant debate here

| We can debate muslims in the marketplace of ideas, it just doesn't always work because they really love killing people. They drive into the French at Nice, shoot up churches, shoot up places full of christian people, etc etc. Sometimes punching crazy people who want djihad is pretty pog

| >>694950
i read the regret part but i'm responding to the general idea that you put out because unfortunately a lot of wannabe violent retards agree with it.
to me it justifies nazism just a teeny tiny bit more, because if the opposition has no intelligent answer and resort to punching persons they don't agree with, that will make me think the nazis are more intelligent.

plus, anyone can be called a nazi nowadays and get repressed for it...

| >>694956 and thats my point, who am I to say someone is a nazi? I cant be 100% unless they say tobmay face, so evwn if I would punch a nazi Im not dumb enough to punch someone just cuz they were called a nazi by a mob on the internet or by 5 people who clearly dont know what a nazi is and even I knew a nazi I would debate them first as i stated before

| >>35adf7
I'm not sure what you mean by last resort but unless they act on it, being a nazi is still wrong.

| >>694956
lol, this is coping at its finest. Nazisms has been intelligently debated and debunked many times over, both in dialogue and in real life examples.

If people won't learn from it, won't listen to reason and will continue to either kill/or support killing of innocent people then they will be silenced by force.

Punching a nazi means preventing harm to another living creature and that is it.

What would you rather have? A beaten up nazi or a bunch of dead innocents?

| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1NsjukE2A0

| >>694960
according to you. according to nazis you are wrong.
how am i coping? and how is beating someone up intelligently debated? at least when have you intelligently debated nazis?

also, what would you rather have? a beaten up muslim or a bunch of dead christians? i'm pointing at the moon here, don't look at my finger.

it's called freedom of fucking speech you nazi.

| you're strawmanning hard if you think nazism is about killing people.

| >>694962
lol he looks so punchable
i think he should be punched because i disagree with him

| >>694963
The extreme right and nazism are inherintly violent ideologies and it's delusional to symphatize with them because they get a little tinsy winsy bit of their own medicine handed back to them.

They want to kill you, you want to punch them. Taking their dies is dishonest and downright dumb.

I also strongly encourage you to practice what you preach and intelligently debate the issue yourself instead of opening up with calling everyone who disagrees with you retarded, lol.

| The far right doesn't utilize intellectual debates to spread their agenda. They do so with propaganda and force. The fact that they start crying when that comes back to bite them in the ass is just hilariously dumb.

| >>694973
The islam and wahhabism are inherently violent ideologies and it's delusional to sympathize with them because they get a little tinsy winsy bit of their own medicine handed back to them.

They want to kill you, you want to punch them. Taking their dies(?) is dishonest and downright dumb.

I also strongly encourage you to practice what you preach and intelligently debate the issue yourself instead of opening up with calling everyone who disagrees with you retarded, lol.

| >>694973

>The extreme right and nazism are inherintly violent ideologies
>They want to kill you
nope, not inherent to the ideology.
>The far right doesn't utilize intellectual debates to spread their agenda
i'm debating you right now. am i too dumb for you perhaps?
>propaganda and force
i'll shut up about CNN and the MSM, but who's advocating for punching people here?

| I would burn all religious people "^^

| ...so the only way to fight fascism is if he violently repress people based on what they think. ???

eh this thread's stupid. let's stop the political BS everybody, i'm really damn tired of it.

| I'm a moralist. Fuck your left/right/enlightenment/hell shenanigans. What matters is that everything becomes good. We need to simplify laws, have a cabinet instead of a president, and give judges more power.
People need to strive to be like Phoenix Wright.

| >>695012
but he screams a lot... is very loud...

| Why cant people just see that extremism in general is bad? Oh yeah its because everyone is closed on their damn political bubbles that they think their side is the center fucking losers, can't even know what an extremist is even if they were in front of them, bunch of delusional retards fighting for their own meaningless utopia

| >>694976
Saying "no" over and over is not a debate lol

| >>694985
If you're tired of it then just don't engage. Don't expect those of us that enjoy and understand politics to follow you suite.

| >>695035
burden of proof aint on me lad

also punching people for their ideas is pretty extreme i think

you're enjoying this? sick bastard
probably masochist hmmmm

| >>695037
There's proof in OPs post lol. What argument do you have against it? Again, just saying "no" over and over and believing you're having an intellectual debate is just hilariously dumb.

| >>695038
okay debate me otherwise since you're so intelligent, smartass

| also if you love politics so much perhaps you could keep that garbage in 4chan where it belongs

it's really tiresome

| >>695042
Lol no

| >>695042
How out of touch do you have to if you genuinely believe what goes on in 4chan is politics...

| >>b004a4 >>0e528d
No one is forcing you to engage in these threads. If you don't like them then why are you even here?

Chosing to participate and cry about participating is nothing but sad and dumb...

Admit it, you're only finding this tiresome after making several posts because you keep getting proven wrong over and over.

| Congratulations, you described commieshit cunts as well.

| People screaming nazism and communism and Im just like "cant we all just move forward and come up with something new based on the current system and try to solve its flaws?"

| >>695088
There are no communists in this thread though. What kind of defense mechanism is this lol?

You mean like how the political process actually works? Don't confuse these peoples rambling with the political process.

I'm still waiting for you to answer my question in the post you referred to. Or are you just gonna flee the scene as soon as someone proves you wrong?

| >>694714
But at the same time, Nazis are very welcome if it's about protecting important neoliberal values against evil socialists.

| >>695058
how so? i don't recall being proved wrong at any time itt, you lying faget

| >>695116
any statement not supported by evidence can be dismissed without evidence. you posted a wild accusation and i just said 'no' and now you got your panties in a twist.
don't act like a boss, you just end up sounding stupid
>communists don't exist
it's only antifa cuckolds that talk like that though

| All this and I'm starting to prefer Nazis now actually

| >>695169
Still waiting for you to stop dodging the question.

| >>695171
This makes a lot of sense actually. Considering right wing sympathizers _never_ manage to come up with any coherent arguments it's pretty obvious they adopt their stances based on emotional knee-jerk reactions such as this.

| >>695233
any statement not supported by evidence can be dismissed without evidence.

| >>695235
>right wing sympathizers _never_ manage to come up with any coherent arguments
as opposed to people who would punch persons based on their ideological affiliations instead of debating them.

| >>695236
One does not need to provide proof that water is wet. If you claim such an obvious statement is false then then your extraordinary claim require extraordinary evidence.

Nazism, neo-nazism and the far right are violent in both ideology and practice.

Claiming otherwise is dishonest and believing otherwise is delusional.

| >>695243
"i'm right because i say so"
i reject your BS immediately

| >>695243 any far(insert political group) is prone to violence in both in ideology and practice thats why antifa, black lives matter and chaz are violent they are FAR left

Yall stupid, cant we just agree that any extremism is bad instead of only defending one side or ideology?

| >>695251
yes, i generally agree with you, but not with >>712e6f because i'm saying that there is nothing inherently violent *to the ideology*
some elements of any group can be violent, doesn't make the ideology of the group violent by definition.
see >>694975

| >>695252
Read https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Far-right_politics

| >>695251
Take antifa for example. It has 0 confirmed murders to its name.

The same can't be said about nazism, neo-nazism or the extreme right in general.

Comparing the two as equally bad is dishonest and downright false.

| >>695338 read>>694711 >>695032 >>695103 >>695251

| >>695339 0 because you just read the head lines instead of reading the whole article and reading multiple sources that are unbiased and dont try to manipulate contexct

Also funny how the articles talking about blm and antifa dont send the reporters to the protests and just use amateur footage that can easily be manipulated or taken out of context thats posted on twitter

| >>695340
Those posts doesn't disprove anything I have said.

Unlike the URL I linked you that disproves your claims. Everyone with half a mind can read it and understand. Why are you having so much trouble with it lol?

| And as far as I know a revolution shouldnt be backed up by the governament or the midia

| >>695341
Which article are you referring to?

| >>695342 trouble to what? I wasnt even discussing, just stating that any extremist grouo is bad, you disagreeing with it just shows how you are willing to be an extremist for your own ideology and you are just as blind a far right winger

| >>06e8a4
Which article that seemingly only you know of proves that antics had committed politically motivated murders and that is has been covered up?

| >>695345
I didn't disagree with it, retard. I did however disprove your claim because it's false. Can you even read?

| Isnt the arson and vandalism considered violence? Like many buildings and ruined buisness made by the peacefull protestors, the burned cars, the statues and monuments that were trashed, the people who wrote whole texts and made videos calling people aout for their violence? Arent those all violence in the name of end racism and end facism? Thats is just as bad as any extremist ideology

| >>695347 ok then just be more polite I cant see your reasonable arguements behind all that extremist talk, biases and rudeness

| >>695349
You're moving the goalpost. Murder is worse than arson. Hence why the group that utilities murder is worse than the group that vandalizes.

This is obvious and only sub 90IQ individuals will have trouble understanding this. It's not even up for debate unless you just want to wind down and make fun of droolers for a few posts.

| >>695350
Practice what you preach

| >>695352 what rudness? what bias? And what extremist ideals did I show? All I stated was that extremism is bad and that you seem to be an extremist person thats all

| >>695351 so I can burn and loot in the name of anti facism and get a pass just because its not as bad killing someone? Dude thats extreme as hell, imagine if a nazi burned you house and didnt get arrested just because he didnt kill anyone, look at what you are saying

| yeah but they can't so i don't care lol

| >>695356
>so I can burn and loot in the name of anti facism and get a pass just because its not as bad killing someone?

No one made that argument, retard. Holy shit learn how to read.

| >>695477 no counter arguments I see

| >>695488 the riots that have burned things larger than trash cans in the us lately aren't about fascists vs antifascist (directly), they're about the cops. Bad policing has always led to riots, in whatever country and time period you look at. I won't say people "should" burn things (though if it's a police or big corporate building i certainly won't shed any tears) but it's the inevitable result of bad social policy. Not "antifa"

| >>695500 thats terrorism you like it or not
Vilence to send a political message is terrorism and they arw not think about the innocent people who have nothing to do with this

Martin luther king would puke at the sight of blm and antifa

| all of you should fuck off back to 4chan

| >>695516 goes to news and politics
Sees news and politics
Gets annoyed

Way to go there budy

| >>695514 "Certain conditions continue to exist in our society, which must be condemned as vigorously as we condemn riots. But in the final analysis, a riot is the language of the unheard. And what is it that America has failed to hear? It has failed to hear that the plight of the Negro poor has worsened over the last few years. It has failed to hear that the promises of freedom and justice have not been met."

| "And it has failed to hear that large segments of white society are more concerned about tranquility and the status quo than about justice, equality and humanity. And so in a real sense our nation’s summers of riots are caused by our nation’s winters of delay. And as long as America postpones justice, we stand in the position of having these recurrences of violence and riots over and over again."

| As always the replies from right wing sympathisers are devoid of any tangible coherent thought. It just shows how incredibly lost these people are.

Why would anyone spend time and energy writing counterarguments for stuff that was never brought up in the first place?? Are you desperate or what?

| Its ok to attack and ruin lives and places just to be heard and spread the message that we are oppressed by a privileged group

Thats how nazis terrorists think think and thats how they justify their actions, go study history, this is the type of thinking that creates dictatorships and extremism

| >>695606 forget ok or not ok, look at even (non-us) police training and research. Bad policing *causes* riots at the level of policy. The same way bad public health decisions cause disease. In civilized places the government tries to keep that from happening; here they don't seem to

Anyway, that was mlk, isn't he an authority?

| >>695622 the police not doing a good job doesnt excuse rational human beings acting poorly and terrorising cities
Yes demand changes from the police and the governament but dont be irrational and start doing what you say your enemies do, be better and do better

| Y did i read all of this its just strawmen and a few rationel people

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