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Why is the extreme left so easy to bait?


| They always respond even when the extreme right doesnt. If you are ever bored just troll the sjws. No one else on the entire Internet is as easily manipulated as the extreme left.

It's almost as if they are so emotional tjat everything in their waking lives revolves around their way reactionary responses

| Why do those rightards always assume that every left wing sjw
Its almost as if everyone in their heads is blm, woke and feminist, some times it feels like they are the real sjws and why are so many of them pro capitalsm

| The extreme left never responds to bait. The racist trolls always gets their threads closed.

The extreme right on the other hand can't leave a slight untouched without getting emotional and reactionary.

| >>694474 nice and again go shove your left wing right wing politics up your ass foreskin eater

| >the reactionasists made a whole new thread less than 3 minutes after getting called out for being easily baited reactionaries

lmao so predictable

| >>694480 you got me, dude so uh im a reactionasist, racist, myssogenistic and a lgbtphobic also a closeted incel nazi any questions you want to ask or you are too scared to get corrupted by my internet right wing germs
starting my AMA righ here

| And thats my alt so im gonn this one

| >>694483
You're a proven reactionasist at least. A smart person would've just let it go.

Only people who take offense at OP would've tried to get back at her o disprove her lmao

| >>694485 im not letting it go because im tired of people being that salty about politics, does your life soley revolve around the fact that trump won an election and you cant get him out? Chill the orange bastard isnt even going to be elected this time according to public opnion at least, so why are peopel so goddamn slaty about politics?

| >>694490
>im not letting it go
LMAO you're so fucking baited

| >The extreme left never responds to bait. The racist trolls always gets their threads closed.

This is because retards doesn't know when to stop

| >>694492 ok. So why are you doing this anyways?

| >>694496
I literally spelled it out for you in my opening post, LMAO

| >>694498 again if you are just trolling then you are just sad

| >>ed2f9c
Why do you take this so seriously? Oh wait, because you're one of the extreme right wingers that so called out and made fun out for being predictable and unable to not recist bait rofl

| >>694500
He was bored and as he said in the original thread the extreme right takes 100% of baits.

You only served to prove him right.

| >>694501 nah im just bugged out because why go put of your way to troll people? Who bullied you? Do you have a good house? Is your family nice? Like at first I was mad but now Im just sad? What is so good about leeching on peoples negative emotions? I can hear you out, people should be more wholesome, if poeplt think about how others feel the world would be better

| >>694518
lmao why do you take this so seriously?

You're the only one emotionally invested in this(because you got called out and baited lmao).

| Right wingers will take 100% of the bait. It's good entertainment if you're bored(or useful fodder if you're rich)

| Well i guess its being toxic is your thing, no wonder you do what you do, just make sure you dont annoy the wrong type of people the internet can be very scary at times

| >>2bf041
lmao is that a threat?

| >>694527 no, why would it be? Im genuinly worried about you, like what if you piss of some kind of hacker and they end up swatting or doxxing you on a online grout and they raid you, some people are very salty
Trolling is fun until they do it to you or even worse they go after you

| >>694531
why do you take this so seriously lmao

| >>694532 because i am me what about you?

| >>694531
Whatever you need to tell yourself to cope with being trolled L O L

| >>694536 so what if im coping? I got trolled oh wow so not common on the internet
Im more curious about you tho, are you coping with something? Who are you? Do you enjoy your life?

| I'm rich, getting laid and whenever I'm bored on a thursday evening I bait easily baited right wingers while sipping IPA. What about you? What compells you to have a 100% respond rate for whenever people make fun of racists lmao

| >>694546 gee you really must be bored wih a life like that, no challange and no goals
Well i do what I do because i have a love for human psycology and I get annoyed when people make wierd preconcived notions and act as if every thing they thing is bad is bad when it has a much deeper meaning and reason beheind other it really gets me mad

| >>694549
Lol whatever you need to project to feel better about yourself rofl

100% response rate

| >>694550 what does rofl means?never got to get it

| Also of course my response rate is 100% its kinda rude to leave people hanging, unless you are busy with something of course

| >>694553
Yeah sure, you respond to bait aimed at racist people because you're alturistic and don't want to "leave people hanging".

OK lol

| >>694557 why would a racist person respond to this anyways, they know they are racist if anything they are too used to these respomses reply to something like this

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