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Why are the extreme right so easy to bait?

| They always respond even when the extreme left doesn't. If you're ever bored all you have to do is troll the racists. No one else on the entire Internet is as easily manipulated as the extreme right.

It's almost as if they're so emotional that everything in their waking lives evolves around their way reactionary responses.

| Why do lefties always assume athat everyone who disagrees with them is a right wing reactionary racist
Its almost as if everyone in their heads is racist, biggoted and missogenistic, some times it feels like they are the real racists and why are so many of them pro communism

| >>694468
No one assumes that. The extreme right rarely hide their true intentions even if they try to. In everything they do they still try to recruit people so they're easily and recognized by everyone. Like your for example.

| >>694471 nice and again go shove your right wing left wing politics up your ass fore skin eater

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I catched a lot of fish today.

| Tbh im just tired of that one iser who keeps going on every thread just to say "hurjesiei im right wing so im baaaad dhdhehe" like if you dont have anything important then dont bring politics in a normal thread its just toxic and makes you seem like the salty reactionary that cant see anything besides politcs and gets emotional over lesser stuff

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Projecting much?

| >>694488 no not really, why are you like this? You are just ruining threads

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This is my thread and I'm on topic. You're the one getting all defensive LMAO

| >>694497 well why are doing this thread anyways? You wont get serious responses from actual extremists and if you are just trolling then your thread is offtopic

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You're still taking the bait, right singer LMAO

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| Because everything is the Jews' fault to them lol those dudes will believe anything if it involves a shadowy group causing the degeneration of The West from behind the scenes

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I think the driving force behind a lot of conspiracy theorists(and even occult people) is that for once they get to feel like they know more than everyone else.

Which is why they adopt such mindsets.

| >>47b829 hey wanna be my friend? Like im serious, if you wanna talk about life and whats troubling you i can hear you

| >>21a362
I have friends for that, sorry.

| >>694525 all right just dont troll too hard, you could end up attracting the wrong type of person on the internet

| >>694528
"Yeah, right"

| 100% response rate. <3

| https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Far-right_politics

| The right isn't all bad. The left isn't all bad. Both extremes imo are bad. That's how I see it.

| >>694587 reasonable

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