Current thoughts on circumcision?

| We get a post like this every once in a while I know but what are your thoughts on this?

Did you know that selling baby foreskin and using it in beauty products is actually big business?

Also most of the reasons for circumcision are actually very weak so most people just try to stick with "it's healthier" but really anyone who keeps themself clean also keeps their dicks clean and so they live perfectly healthy lives with no issues because of their foreskin.

| Thought this was more /u/ but maybe someone will think it's political so it belongs in /new/?

| It is normalized child abuse that no one really cares about because it is done on males

| >>fdefff Nice ID!

I want my foreskin back. Let's get rid of circumcision entirely.

| I watched this video https://youtu.be/b7JzdcZPvzg and I just felt weird about the whole thing.

| It's outdated and who cares

| Circumcision doesn't have merit imo, unless your dick has a problem and it needs a surgical intervention.

Also dicks are a myth on /u/, so it makes sense we don't get many if these discussions.

| It's not practiced in northern/western europe so who cares

| fucking disgusting, also weird and possibly ritualistic of some sort?

| The only issue I have with it is botched circumcisions. With or without it won't make a difference if all goes right.

| Bad. I'm glad to be European

| I mean, its cool if Trump had one so whatevs.

| >>694190

| Tbh circurcision is just dumb, like there are literally no objective reasons for doing it at birth

Them we see woman who dont know
That dicks have foreskin

And foreskin feels nice and protects the penis, also helps in masturbation and lubrification, we have it for a reason

| Circumcision is bad, but on a personal level, I like how my dick looks circumcised. It's cuter and more feminine

| Circumcision isn't that bad. Usually it's performed before the person is even aware of the world. It prevents diseases and makes you masturbate/enjoy sex less. As a strong right winger I approve of these practices and I'm not saying that because I'm circumstanced myself. I had it done because my foreskin was too small for my dick.

| >>694462 nice bait, go shove your right wing left wing politics up your ass

| any sort of body modification done on children is morally wrong, no matter how insignificant it may seem. they can't consent and when they realize they wouldn't have wanted it if given the choice it's gonna be really upsetting when they realize they can't go back

| >>694684 yeah, In a thread like this I once said: I think most people who circuncise their kids nowadays are just trying to cope with their parents bad decisions and want to make their children do the same

| Personally I am never going to let my child be circumcised unless.
A. They are willing to go through with it as an adult of sound mind(a.k. 18 and not mentally handicapped)
B. Has thought about it since well,you are cutting part of your flesh off that serves an important purpose and it will cause sever nerve damage to your penis.
I had it done as a baby and still kind of pissed that it was done to me. Even with mytosis there are still options like stretching the skin that can help.

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