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Right to privacy

| So personaly i know that some level of goverment control is needed to prevent terrorism, but i dont support putting up camera's in peoples bedrooms and toilets. whats your preffrence

| most terrorism nowadays comes from outside. rigorous immigration checks and strong borders will take care of most of it

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What about domestic right wing terrorism?

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what about daech?

| >>693509 you forgot left wing terroism, heck you even forgot that all terrorism is political and that it could come from all sides and that domestic terrorism as a therm doesnt exist

| >>693509 right wing, left wing, Christian, Islamic. Doesn't fucking matter when the extreme left are as much of a threat as the extreme right you nonce.

| People are such terrible human beings, unable to work with each other despite their differences.

Every year is a slow decline to the point of segregation simply because your opinion doesn't match the majority.

Perhaps in the future we'd all be headed for social totalitarianism because of how fucking righteous everyone is.

| Also this thread is kinda pointless, who would like to stay under constant surveilance, people have the right to have secrets and privacy especially when most of that info could be used to prejudice someone or even adulteration and fake acusations
Who would be qualified to have access to that info and whow would it be used? Its better to let people be free and deal with problems when they happen rather than chain and control everyone to prevent issues that are not that frequent

| >>693597 people have the right to privacy but it's pretty much made difficult with how lucrative it is to make money off your identity.

| Also some countries make it harder because muh freedom of press.

| >>693598 true and this is where we fight against them and set our boundaries

| okay let me rephrase. internal terrorism can get countered the same methods that have been used commonly which can always be improved with more effort and investment. but the externally fueled domestic terrorism type is much more aggressive and insidious. against those persons, the enemies of the state, should be used all means available.
in that case spying is a-ok, but i will never agree to for-profit intelligence work. private investigators... barely make it.

guess that's it OP

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So there have been multiple far right motivated shootings in the US, so yes, domestic terrorism is a thing. Also, while I can't speak for leftist motivated terrorism as a whole I do know that Antifa, which is a group often labelled as terrorist, is linked to zero murders.

But yeah I say no to surveillance and strong borders. Statistically terrorism is far less deadly than cars or disease. I think a better strategy would be to counter terrorism at its source.

| >>693644 weak borders are the source, if anyone can enter then what stops a bad person from entering?
Also strong borders dont mean banish everyone that isnt from a certain nationality it just means that the country has certaing requierments for who enters and who exits said country and that they enforce said requierments, it prevents terrorism, human trafic, criminal activity such as escaping or invading one country

| Who so many people think border security is bad? Its very much a necesity for big and rich countries

| And Im not even talking about antifa since if you belive it has zero body count you are clearly too derranged on the more extreem sides of the left

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OP here yeah i get ya.

well this kinda subject is related to the FE scandal in denmark and as a former citizen i may or may not have been spied on. due to these rumors a lot of personal data has been illegally sent to foreign nations

| >>693667 If an evaluation method which caught terrorists trying to enter with high enough precision, I'd agree. But I highly doubt that that is doable. Let's say that a method is developed that only gets a false positive 1% of the time. If a country gets 100 000 immigrants in one year, and they test each person, then 1000 people will be falsly flagged as terrorists, and denied entry.
Also terrorists can be recruited when they are already inside the country.

| >>693824 so we should just have no borders then? Countries have borders for a reason just look at history. Would you live in a house with no doors?

| >>693824 also it seems to me that you dont even know how borders work if you assume everyone is tested and automatically labeled a terrorist if they fail
Bro all they do is look at you, look at you criminal check and history, do an interview and decide if you are or not a good person thats it, and if you do have shit on you they either send you back or arrest you

| i prefer to not let people in than take a risk that they'll hit kindergardens

| Also if you try to skip the process thats called illegal immigration wich is wrong in all ways and they should send you back and most illegal immigrants do have a bad record thats whay they arent even doing it the legal way
Borders are cool and we should have them the only people that are negativelly affected by them are the ones who do illegal stuff

| >>693826 I don't think I, nor anyone else has ever said that we should have completely open borders. Of course we should have some checks. What I am saying, is that we could increase our border strength, to get those 5 terrorists who try to enter each year
But that would mean denying thousands of people who are just looking for a better place to live.

| >>693840 you cant fit everyone in one place, the economy would crumble, the overpopulation would increase inequality, crime would rise, people would die and like if we keep going this way then it would evolve on another issue wich is global inequallity

| And my arguement to that is that if people actually cared for these people they would actually help these countries to get better instead of putting a bunch of companies and doing modern colonization, they would put schools, invest i their small bussines so that these people wouldnt feel the need to move to another place

| there are around 3 billion people 'looking for a better place to live'

| >>693852 which is why we shouldn't have completely open borders.
>>693853 this I agree with. When I earlier said that we should counter terrorism at its source I did not only mean to have soldiers combat Isis, but also to do stuff like what you are describing. If less people grow up hating the US it will be harder for terrorist organisations to grow.

| >>693869 well I wasnt talking about the US(not american) but like strong borders are still a great solution and in a community sense I would very much prefer negating 3000 people from entering a country to prevent something since a country is alread a big thing to take care of, no country should be resposible for people from the outside, not that it is an excuse to not help other countries tho

| Helpeing others is the best way to prvent them from harming you and if they dont need help they dont even need to get to you

| To sum it up, turism is fine, imigration should be controlled and it is also fine, ilegall imigration is ilegal and should be heavelly controled cuz if someone cant go through the legal process them they probably shouldnt be traveling in the first place

| >>693872 haha I'm not American either. I think America is a good example since they have done a lot to make people in the middle east hate them (drone strikes etc.) Also I probably watch too many American political youtubers lol

| >>693877 heh I guess we have a lot in common

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