do you think the t should be in lgbt? why or why not?


| I don't see why not, denying trans people into the community is to deny LGBT history.

| Eh why not? Are you somehow saying that as soon as someone becomes trans they are basically that gender so they are considered cis and as such should not be included?

| This is a bait thread, please move along and don't feed anyone's need for attention

| >>693069 how is this bait? it's a genuine question.

| >>693062 eh, i don't see how not having the t is denying lgbt history.

>>693065 nah, i mean that lgb and t are 2 different things. lgb is sexuality, t is gender identity. they're not relevant to each other as sexuality is based around biological sex. personally it doesn't make sense to me for them to be connected, which is why i'm curious to see why other people think they should be.

| We took it away long ago and replaced it with another minority that starts with T.

>Nobody has noticed yet.

| yes i think it should be excluded, all it has done is propagate even more BS mental illnesses and political idiocy while alienating "normal" everyday non-insane faggers

| >>693079
oh my fucking god, THE TYRANNOSAURS!

| and actually yeah we should stop replying to such threads

| I would say no. Because lgb are sexual orientations while t is sexual identity (=gender)

| >>693079
Lesbian Gay Bi... Tard?

| Terfs fuck off

| >>693136
if you make sexual crap into your identity you must be a very sad and shallow person.

| >>693142 i love how whenever this topic is brought up the only response people like you can come up with is "terfs go away :((((" instead of a valid argument or point like some other people here

| People with this >>89c754 ID, fuck off.

| The only point in arguing against excluding trans people is if you think they're mentally ill degenerates who shouldn't be accepted in society. Otherwise, what? You would still advocate for their rights, just not allow them to be included with trans people? What's the functional point in this? What about huge amount intersectionality between trans people and sexual minorties, like lesbian trans women or bi trans dudes? This only helps the far right and it's idiotic to suggest.

| For*, not against
Damn it

| >>693211
very very narrow-minded thinking

| >>693213
How can banning trans people from LGB people benefit trans people?

| >>693214
very very narrow-minded thinking

| Then explain how barring trans individuals from the broader community helps them lol

| >>693216
very narrow-minded thinking still

| >>693217
That's it I'm taking a shit

| >>693219
as i thought you are disgusting

| >>693211 taking the t out only means that they won't be apart of lgb, if they're bi/gay/lesbian then they can that means they're apart of it. i never said anything about viewing them as mentally ill degenerates.

| It's such a pointless semantic difference then that there's absolutely no point in doing so. Keeping trans people as part of the overall LGBT community makes it easier to support them and rally for their rights

| >>693337
Then why not also include asexuals, intersexuals, bisexuals, etc.?

| So many fucking terfs and transphobes are in this thread i fucking hate this place

| >>693364
thats why its also called LGBTQIA+. also lole??? bisexual is the B

| this thread is two groups of delusional people choosing their group's social construct that they think is reality and fighting each other over it. lol i guess

| >>693337
but i don't want them to have rights

| >>693365
Get out then

| >>693508 very narrow-minded thinking

| >>693471 wow look the smartass is here to share his wisdom with us

| >>693525
Extremely narrow-minded thinking

| >>693365 then leave nigga smh if you can't handle other ideas you can't handle being here

>>693471 ok

>>693337 it's not a pointless difference tho, they're wildly different things that have no real connection with each other

| there should be no "LGB..." anything

it's just political bait

| Haha this really turned to shit!
Ye I guess that you could make that destinction between sexuality and gender identity. But people already associate LGBTQ+ with the wider community, including trans and NB people. If you really wanna narrow down a movement to just sexuality I guess the word pride would fit that bill.

Also literally every major medical institution recognises the validity of trans people so if there was any confusion about that there you go. Trans rights!

| Im pro trans rights(rights for everyone actually) but I do agree that its not sexuallity(its more of a gender) thus it should be on its own group, not on lgb wich are sexuallities
I guess people tend to mistake gender with sexuallity a lot these days since people love to twist meanings nowadays

| >>693651
pride about what? saving lives? serving your country? nah, being deluded fags. not very respectable to me. also, just as a sidenote, the vast majority of institutions back in the day factually stated that god sent jesus down for us all to repent on our sins... i don't give a fuck which 'authority' tries to tell me what to believe, i will much prefer to use my own brain.

they, still, should have no support, just as schizophrenics' delusions shouldn't be supported...

| >>693672 uses god as an arguement but says that they use their own brain, way to go dude

| >>693672 so, you prefer your own brain? how do you know YOU aren't delusional? maybe they're right and everyone else is crazy. their brains would certainly tell them that! they aren't respectable to you, but you most likely aren't respectable to them. who said you were right, other than you?

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