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Elon Musk says his AI brain chip company Neuralink will run a live tech demo of a 'working device' on Friday.

| https://www.businessinsider.com/elon-musk-announces-neuralink-will-do-live-tech-demo-2020-8

We may get to witness the future. What are your thoughts?

| Sounds cool cant wayt for friday

| I want one and would even sign up a guinea pig for the first generation.

| >>692249
as a guinea pig*

| I think there are around 20 stories describing why this is a bad idea

| *presses X*

| *think start to continue*

| Please stop him.

| Personally I would want one. Maybe not the early generations but once they figure out a way for you to easily upgrade without any issues.

I don't really care about the what ifs like getting hacked and mind control cause they said all that stuff when smart phones and PC's were made and people will keep saying that for everything new and scary.

| >>692433 minds control is not even possible, at most it should hipnotize you but like all ilusionists and manipulators know, you can force someone to do something they really dont want to do

| >>692394 nah let him do ot, that guy is carrying the scientifc progress of humanity on his own

| I'm waiting for Elon to turn into a cloud of nanomachines.

| >>692437 like the irl gay ghost troll anna?

| >>692438 She is no ghost!

| >>692441 her words not mine

| >>692433
but g/u/rl it did turn out bad, we just ignore the issues of social manipulation, loss of privacy, personal bubbles, escapism, echo chambers, social depression etc.

| >>692467 nah it was fine before the bubble algorithms and moderation bots were implemented, before that the social midias were just fine but then normies came, companies came and then they started to do what they did to real life, grab our freedon and sell part of it back

| >>692470

| It will be interesting to see what happens though. I wonder if he's made much progress...


it's happened for every communication tech. radio, television, and the internet have all been taken over by advertising. each time, the ads have become more invasive. companies will come to BCIs, far faster than they did to the internet, far faster than they did for any technology, because they know what its value is now. there won't even be much of a period when it's fine before the takeover.

| on top of that, most of the destructive effects of the internet are generated by the user. the level of access to information we have now already leads to conspiracy theories, factionalism, online cults, attention begging, low self confidence, anger over slow replies, and more. increasing our ability to access information and create information is also increasing our ability to create and access useless, false, or detrimental information. and for how much benefit?

| that all being said, musk is absolutely full of shit with regards to how close he is to making anything important, other than surgery machines. neuralink seems to still be about 80% publicity stunt.

| >>28de4b gurl
this is not some tron the legacy sci fi sht
this is to help with some brain fuckery

| >>692512 he is at least trying tho, he has be carrying all the new techs on his back this century

| >>692512 Give whatever company he has about ten years for there to be good results. Human to machine interface is a difficult tech to implement since no one's made much research into that area. For now I agree, can't see that it'll be ready for h2m yet, but there might be medical uses.

| >>692520 some people dont understand that even if he fails there will at least be some more research and even better, one less atemp for the next generation of geniuses to fail, in science it doesnt matter if we win or lose since any result is one step closer to enlightment and progress

| >>692515 have you read about what his end goal is for the project? like I said, they're nowhere near the original goal.

| >>692564

| So people still don't understand that Musk is just a joke?

| >>692660
I know he's a billionaire with multiple successful companies to his name.

No one's really evaluated his supposed joke status and I don't see him in that light myself.

| So the stream ended a while ago. You can watch it here on their YouTube channel https://youtu.be/DVvmgjBL74w

If you've already watched it what are your thoughts?

I think he proved a lot of people wrong with this and might have very well shut up a lot of haters especially in the scientific community that have just decided that innovative ideas will usually just not work because current scientific knowledge says so and as such they should not be pursued.

| >>692732 The guy only does either dangerous or stupid things just to get attention, is a pure asshole with no respect for human lives or dignity, and mostly did nothing apart from having luck and being an internet meme.

| >>693008 stfu, have you even seen his last stream?
Or the the reutilasable rocket?

| >>693008
You ignorant fool

| >>693008
>Elon accidentally became a multibillionere by trying to get attention on the Internet

You are irredeemably retarded. Here's your >you

| >>692971
They still didn't showcase neuralinks input capabilities. I still have no idea how they're gonna tackle that. How will it work? Like a second, low-res sight or what?

The output is still pretty cool. As long as I can regain complete control over all the source code and hardware switches then I want one.

| >>693305 And you are pitifully stupid to not notice that you're getting fanboy'd by any random guy with communication skills.
And yes, he only got rich because he bought paypal, even though he didn't think it would work at all as it did. So it's just luck, like it or not. Sorry little fanboy.

| >>693881 so what if he is lucky? The dude is investing on new technologies and is actually getting some progress he is using the money that he got by luck to invest in something that could actually improve society in the long run just look at all the things under his name, he is fine and is definetly an important person, even if his things fail the knologe will be just more info to improve researchs

| >>693881
Irredeemably retarded

| The dude did reusable rockets, thats stuff that you see on kids cartoons, imagine the savings and the resources that are being recycled, anyone who thinks elon is useless is very ignorant

| >>693881 You're a special kind of stupid, aren't you...

| >>693881
All the while you've been living in your anti-Elon defense mechanism I invested in Tesla stock. And you know what? It's gone up 800% since I started trading. 500% just this year.

I'm fucking rich because I knew what Elon was capable of and took the opportunity to invest.

It's something someone like you can never do. Your emotional baggage prevents you from seeing the truth and because of it you will _always_ be a _loser_.

| >>693995 for real I don't even know why people hate on him so much and they don't even have any valid reasons. People seem to be jealous of his success and luck so all they can do is point out some vague flaws

| >>694000 true, and he is not like the dumb rich people we see like the kardashihshshshs or some stupid celebrities, the dude got rich and is actually doing something great with his money, unlike some people who are accepted by society
I wonder why people are so anti-science nowadays?

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