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What is your political alignment?

| I know its a simple one, but I wanna see what kind of viewa people here on DangerU generally have.

| I identify as 'leave me the fuck alone' type.

| Just a centrist who jumps from "leave me alone" to " if we ignore all sides and do just what is best we would be so much better" depending on how I feel

| LL leaning centrist

| fuckthe(left,right,center,etc)ism is my politics.

| The whole idea of creating "sides" is dumb. Politics shouldn't be a silly fight between random psychos, but an exchange or ideas.

| Anarcho-syndicalist. Any sort of right leaning ideology is a a malignant tumor on society.

| I always vote for the environment and the health of the people.

| Whatever lets me build industry in Vic 2.

| >>688215 anarcho-crazyism is better than ancap, which better than youse ideology son

| right-centrist, supporting progressivism, liberalistic, but with also sympathy for caretaker government or Benevolent dictatorship.. but not really fan of democracy.

| im left-futurist i support marsism, universal barely minimum ration for all the people, mainly potato from the red soil and ice melted water. only drones and rovers work, people don't need to work.

| >>688304 i'm sorry destroying for your ideology, but who will make these machines for goodness of world? and what if there was technical mistakes? will engineers free from works too, or they will be forced to works for goodness of world?

| >>688215

| I love sex.

| >>688346

| your politics is just a fashion statement. people need stuff to believe in... instead of religion, ideology has become the opium of the people...
sometimes i feel like White Juche, sometimes like right-wing libertaryanism...

| maybe unironic decentralised nazbol-ism

| I like money

| im left and i believe communism

ok u can fire now

| I want things to stay they way they are now

| I'm a liberal.

| Sinn Féin

| >>689019
Green ID!

| I'm a true communist and anticapitalist who values the theories of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky. Workers of the world unite! Don't let you rule and fool by capitalist propaganda and their fascist proxys!

| >>689067
lol nice bait

| Monarchist. Fuck all the corrupt politicians. One man shouldn't steal as much as many.

| >>689088
Hopefully it's no bait, and there still are some reasonable people around here.

| Left liberal here. Ngl tho every side is a shithole. There's the left bashing on others for unproblematic things and then the right just can't stop being greedy. The most political thing I get into is human rights and laughing at Ben Shapiro.

| Liberal but anti-communist because dumbfucks today don't understand it the way we did.

I don't believe in government as a one stop solution to just everything.

Communism can't exist without keeping people in, and the only way you're keeping them in is with authoritarianism.

| >>689318
out combo bait!

| >>689318 It's unbelievable enough to probably actually not bait.

People like these should fit in nicely at Xinjiang when expulsed from the party.

| >>688296 i feel sad that no one share my alignment :c

| Queer Anarcha-Communist

| being authoritarian kinda sucks for many reasons, for example most nations are either not authoritarian enough or not worthy obeying when they are...
i don't think i could come up with a solid example where there is a genuinely "good" authoritarian leadership in a government.
also people think you're evil/dumb/greedy

| center left, not too big on anarchism and not too big on authoritarianism, but i def want to dismantle capitalism

| This thread would've been so much more interesting if people didn't use words like centric, left, right or any isms.

Some people genuinely believe themselves to be centrists because they aren't extremists for example. At least put the bare minimum of effort into evaluating your stances.

| Im a bit of a libertarian kind of

| >>d565d2 isn't communism a left authoritarian ideology? I think that you're getting things mixed up.

| centrist, maybe slightly to the left. in reality, idgaf about politics, I'll leave that shit to the dogs

| centrist, i lean to the left socially and to the right economically

| Dark - chaos...

Wait this isn't a RPG


| >>689831 true good gang

| >>689617
which post are you quoting?

| >>57eb0d the one that's about communism???

| >>688177 i feel you...

| socialist

| Neutral chaotic

| >>689878
which post are you quoting?

| I'm centrist just like like Tim Poole!!!

| >>690521 *Tim Pool*

| I vote for neo-fascism, neo-Nazism, the alt-right, white nationalism, ultranationalist, chauvinist, xenophobic, theocratic, racist, homophobic, anti-communist, and reactionary views, oppression, violence, forced assimilation, ethnic cleansing, genocide against groups of people based on their supposed inferiority, their perceived threat to the native ethnic group, nation, state, dominant culture, or ultra-conservative traditional social institutions. But I'm totally a centrist.

| >>690530 what world do live in anyways

| >>690539
You're drooling while you speak

| >>690530
based i like it

| >>690554 haha no u TwT

| in terms of social politics I am at least smart enough to know that there is no 'scientific' answer (yet) as the american left and right claim. the right never seems to have an answer to the flynn effect and the left has never proven their 'diversity is our strength' claims, just as quick examples. in terms of government, small government>big government any day. Just look at the highest gdp per capitas in the world,its all small governments. nation states are a mistake.

| >>690557
>small government>big government any day. Just look at the highest gdp per capitas in the world,its all small governments.
The thing is that small governments aren't isolated on their own. With their tax policy financial sector, they benefit from big estates. I wonder what luxembourg or switzerland would do without money of rich people from other states who want to avoid paying taxes (or bypass sanctions because they are whacky dictators).

| >>689386
What does Xingiang has to do with Communism in the sense of Engels and Marx?

| >>688360
Are you me?

| itt: the dunning kruger effecr

| >>691394
wanna switch?

| An-chimp

| I'm more of Lib Centrism and Lib Right, and super pro transhumanism. And yeah, i dunno if it's better a democracy, anarchism or some sort of autharitarism

| I'm for whoever agrees that leftoids are a blight on human history and always will be until they're exterminated.

| I really don't know exactly where I fall in but if I had to put a label on me then I'd say I'm a bit of a natsynd

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